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If you benefit from Working Tax Credit, you’ll know that it can be a really important financial supplement for those earning lower wages. If you’ve ever tried to contact Working Tax Credit, you’ll also know that the process can be insanely slow, often leaving you on the phone for huge amounts of time. But when you call the number found here at Contact Number UK, you’ll be able to skip the queues and get through to an advisor straight away. That’s surely a great thing, isn’t it?

You might think that there’s a catch, such as our number being incredibly expensive, but there really isn’t. It is actually a low rate number, meaning that you won’t pay any massive charges – unlike many other companies, which use premium rate numbers when their customers want to contact them. Our aim is simply to help you get rid of the stresses associated with long waiting times, and the many people who use this site seem to think we fulfil this aim pretty well!

The number that you should ring to contact Working Tax Credit is 0843 506 0363. You don’t have to do anything special or sign up to a subscription before using it. You simply input the number into your phone, hit the “Call” button, and get ready to speak to an advisor in seconds. Contacting Working Tax Credit really hasn’t ever been easier.

About Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit is a benefit given to those on lower wages, to ensure that they are still able to maintain a reasonable quality of life. To be eligible for Working Tax Credit, a person must be in paid work and work a certain amount of hours per week. The basic amount of Working Tax Credit per year is £1,960, however circumstances will dictate whether you get more or less than this. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility for Working Tax Credit though, you should contact them as soon as possible.

Be aware that when you phone Working Tax Credit, you will probably have to provide them with a large amount of information – as is the case when you ring any governmental organization. Therefore, you should ensure that you have all relevant documents near to you when you phone, otherwise you’ll end up wasting time searching for them mid-call. Of course, if you just have a general enquiry, you won’t need to provide any information or details though.

It should be mentioned that Working Tax Credit is due to be replaced by Universal Credit soon, and this has already happened in some parts of the country. When it is rolled out nationwide, we’ll ensure that we have the best contact number for you, right here at Contact Number UK.

Call Working Tax Credit Direct

Should you call them?

There are many reasons to call Working Tax Credit and the calls being made are generally extremely important. After all, not getting the correct payment can lead to serious financial difficulties for those on this benefit. Because Working Tax Credit is incredibly important, it means that they get a huge volume of calls from people throughout the UK, and they often can’t deal with them in a timely manner. That’s why you need to call 0843 506 0363 when you need to speak with Working Tax Credit!

There are some more common reasons why people feel that they have to call Working Tax Credit though, and these are listed below…

  •         Enquiring whether they’re eligible for Working Tax Credit
  •         Finding out information about WTC
  •         Querying any incorrect payments
  •         Declaring that they’re no longer eligible for WTC
  •         Responding to correspondence received from WTC

Don’t forget that we also have fantastic contact numbers for a number of other governmental agencies as well, such as Job Seeker Plus, Child Tax Credit and HMRC. So, if you think that you might need to contact any of them at some point, why not jot down their numbers today?

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, if you need to contact Working Tax Credit, don’t delay – contact them today by calling 0843 506 0363. Once you’ve spoken to them, you’ll have all the answers you need to your questions, and won’t have those worries hanging over you anymore. And thanks to the number provided by Contact Number UK, you won’t have to sit in a queue for ages, waiting for the customer service department to answer your call!



Call Centre Opening Hours

Should you want to contact Working Tax Credit, you’ll be able to within the hours of 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. Their office is closed on Sundays, as well as Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. There is no quieter time to contact them, as they are generally always busy, which means that you should always contact them using 0843 506 0363.

How to can I contact Working Tax Credit?

It is possible to contact Working Tax Credit via email and post, with the addresses found on their website. Of course, both of these methods won’t lead to particularly fast responses though, which is why most people like to call Working Tax Credit instead.

What can this company help with?

Working Tax Credit is extremely important, so you should contact them whenever you have any type of query, question or complaint. Regardless of your reason for contacting them, you’ll still have to usually wait in a massive queue though – unless you call 0843 506 0363 and skip the queue entirely!

Speak Directly to Working Tax Credit Support Helpline

Now you know all the details about how to contact Working Tax Credit, isn’t it time you rang them? When you do, make sure you call using 0843 506 0363, so that you don’t find yourself waiting in a queue for ages.

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Explained: Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit is a benefit received by huge numbers of people throughout the UK, and represents a vital source of income for those looking to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Many more people could be entitled to this benefit though, however don’t receive it for one simple reason: they haven’t asked for it. This is usually because they simply don’t understand the ins and outs of Working Tax Credit, so are oblivious to their entitlement to it. This article should hopefully therefore open a few peoples’ eyes to Working Tax Credit, and give them the information they need to move forward with a claim.

While this article will provide a good amount of information about Working Tax Credit, it isn’t able to answer the more specific questions you might have – questions that pertain to your own personal circumstances. If you do have specific questions, the best thing to do is ring the Working Tax Credit contact number and speak to one of their customer service team. You’ll find it here at Contact Number UK, as well as a number of other useful numbers for other government agencies. It makes sense to read the article below as well though, just to pick up a few handy titbits of information…

What is Working Tax Credit?

Working Tax Credit is a benefit paid to those who work, but who have a low income and therefore need some assistance to make ends meet. Paid for by HMRC, it tops up an individual’s wage packet to a specific level, therefore meaning that everyone’s entitlement to this benefit is different. It should be noted that Working Tax Credit can be applied for even if an individual is already receiving Child Tax Credit – the two do not cancel each other out.

Those with a long memory will remember Working Families Tax Credit, and this was the precursor to Working Tax Credit. It is also important to mention that Working Tax Credit won’t be around for too much longer either, as it is going to be replaced by Universal Credit. In fact, there are many parts of the country where the change has already happened.

Who Can Claim Working Tax Credit?

Working Tax Credit is available to anyone from the age of 16 if they have a child or a disability, however those without children or a disability are only eligible to apply if they are 25 or over. As you might expect, there are a number of prerequisites that need to be met before Working Tax Credit can be received, and these are:

  •         You must work a certain number of hours per week
  •         The work must be paid work
  •         Your income must be under a certain level

These caveats change depending on your personal situation. For example, a person with no children will have to work at least 30 hours a week to qualify, however a single parent will only need to work at least 16 hours. It is also important to point out that working doesn’t just mean being employed by someone, as self-employed people can also apply for Working Tax Credit. The process might be slightly more complex though.

How Much is Working Tax Credit Worth?

Once again, this realty depends on personal circumstances. Everyone will have a basic amount paid to them, and these basic amounts are as follows:

  •         Couples applying together receive up to £2,010 per year
  •         Single parents receive up to £2,010 per year
  •         Single applicants receive up to £810 per year
  •         Those with a disability receive up to £2,970 per year

As already mentioned though, these are simply the basic amounts, and other payments can be added on to them. For example, those with a severe disability can get an extra £1,275 per year added to their Working Tax Credit, while those who need to pay for childcare can receive £122.50 per week (for one child), or £210 per week (for two children).

Money received from Working Tax Credit is paid directly into a bank account, and can either be paid weekly or every four weeks. Couples will have to nominate a single account to receive their payments to – most decide to use a joint account. These payments will then continue until you have a change in circumstances, which should always be reported to the Tax Credit Office immediately.

So, if you are looking into the possibility of applying for Working Tax Credit, hopefully you’ll have found the above information to be helpful. The best thing to do now is call about Working Tax Credit and find out more, using the number found here at Contact Number UK.