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0843 506 0360

Vodafone is the third largest mobile phone company in the UK, offering its customers a huge selection of different features and services. Because of its vast customer base, thousands upon thousands of people contact them every single day which means you’ll often be listening to the hold music for quite a while. We’ve sourced the most direct number available, ensuring you get the fastest possible answer when calling to speak to a customer service representative. Get in touch today on 0843 506 0360.

Getting Help and Support

You’ll hear a number of options when you call the Vodafone Contact Number. Once your call has connected, use your phone keypad to select one of the options here. This will allow you to skip past the recorded audio message:

  1. To speak to a customer service advisor for all enquiries
  2. For all departments or to contact a specific employee

If you’re calling from your mobile, you can also connect by dialling the code ‘191’. It’s not easy to find Vodafone’s contact number online as answers to many questions can be found within the help pages. Make sure you save this number to your phone as it could be useful to have in the future.

To use this number, simply type it into your phone and then get started with your call. There’s nothing complicated about it, and there are no catches. If you are a customer with a different mobile phone company, we also have a range of contact numbers for O2, EE and Three as well. We’ve listed them all in our directory to make sure you don’t waste hours of your time searching the internet.

About Vodafone

The network is the world’s second largest mobile phone company, behind only China Mobile. Despite this, it is only the third most popular mobile phone network in the UK, behind both EE and O2. It has around 500 stores throughout the UK, and customers can buy phone handsets and accessories from them, as well as sign up to mobile phone contracts. Customers can make use of their loyalty scheme, with which they can get some nice prizes and rewards.

Although known for providing good customer service however, during peak times you can expect to wait in a call queue. Some customers can wait for an incredibly long time before they have their call answered, especially if they want to make a complaint or leave Vodafone. We’ve cut out some of the time spent sourcing a reliable telephone number for you, leaving you more time to get on with other things instead.

Get in Touch

Do you need to get in touch?

Many calls are received every day relating to a wide variety of reasons, and all of them could lead to some long waiting times for those calling. When you call you’ll be directed to the relevant department to deal with you, and if you’re an existing customer you might need to answer some security questions before they proceed with the call. The customer service representatives are generally very efficient and they will often be able to offer you some good deals.

Some of the most popular reasons for getting in touch are:

  • Enquiring about getting a contract
  • Complaining about the service you have received
  • Discussing your most recent bill
  • Upgrading to a new handset
  • Informing them that you are switching to another network
  • Ending a contract

You’ll be able to do all of the above things, plus many, many more, when you call the Vodafone phone number on 0843 506 0360. This means that there’s no need to search around for the correct number anymore, and that there’s no reason to sit around in a queue for ages. Remember that if you’ve seen a great deal on offer then call as soon as possible – deals and special offers are often around for a limited time only!

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

If you need to call Vodafone, there’s no time like the present! After all, the quicker you call them, the quicker you’ll be able to get your hands on that new phone, or negotiate yourself a better contract. Thanks to the number found on this site, it’s never been easier to get in touch with Vodafone, so why not call them now? Just tap in 0843 506 0360 on your phone, and you’ll be connected with a Vodafone customer service representative in no time at all.


Call Centre Opening Hours

It is possible to contact Vodafone from the hours of 8am through to 9pm, every day of the week. It is always busier during the weekends and during the evenings though, however those calling via 0843 506 0360 won’t have to worry about that – they’ll be put through to an advisor straight away!

How to contact Vodafone

Vodafone have a live chat option on their website, however it is not great when you need to answer detailed questions or have specific queries. There is also the option to contact them via the post, or to email them, however calling them will allow you to get the exact answers you need, plus it is much quicker. Essentially, when you want to contact Vodafone, the best way to do it is by phone.

What can this company help with?

You should call Vodafone whenever you have a query about their products or services, ranging from an accessory you bought from one of their stores through to the phone contract they are providing you with. You should also certainly contact them when your contract is coming to an end, as an advisor might be able to offer you a better deal, or might let you upgrade your handset earlier.

Speak Directly to the Vodafone Support Helpline

Now you know the easiest way to contact Vodafone – by calling them on 0843 506 0360. It’s a low cost number and you’ll get straight through to them when you use it, so there’s really no reason not to call Vodafone using the number found at Contact Number UK!

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How Do Vodafone Reward Points Work?

Vodafone is one of the UK’s largest mobile phone companies, with millions of customers spread throughout the country. There are many reasons why people choose them as their network provider – including great reception and a choice of fantastic mobile phones – however one of the main reasons is the Rewards points that they offer. For those not already with Vodafone though, these Rewards points might not be too well known, so this article will explain how they work, and which rewards you could receive.

Should you decide that, after reading this article, Vodafone is the company for you, make sure you contact them straight away. You’ll find the Vodafone contact number here at Contact Number UK, along with the numbers for many other large UK companies as well. Before you can decide though, check out how the Rewards points work…

Top Up Your Phone

Rewards points are available to those using Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go scheme, and are really easy to collect. The first step to take is to top up your phone by purchasing a code online, or by visiting one of the many stores that sell top-up cards. It is also possible to top up by texting TOPUP from your device, or by calling them. It should be noted that those looking to top up via text message will need to register for the service first. You’ll now have credit on your phone, as well as the chance to start collecting Vodafone Rewards points.

Enter the Code

Once you’ve topped up your phone, you’ll receive a code via text message. This code is individual to you, and is the key to claiming your points. You now need to take this code and enter it on this page, along with your mobile phone number. The amount of points you’ll then receive equates to 10% of the value of your top up. If you happen to lose your code, there’s no need to worry. You can simply send LOST to 27822 in order to retrieve it.

Keep Collecting

Now all you need to do is keep collecting your points, and you should have enough to get a great free gift in no time at all. Of course, the more points you save up, the better your free gift will be though, so it is often worth skipping the smaller gifts and aiming for something a little bit better. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend your points on something better than some free data? If you find that you aren’t managing to collect Rewards points very quickly, Vodafone often also offer other ways to collect them, such as filling in surveys. Why not try doing some of these as well?

Spend Your Points

Once you’ve managed to collect loads of points, you’re going to want to spend them. But how exactly do you do this? Well, firstly you need to look down the huge list of different rewards to see which one you’d like. These can range from extra minutes through to a Spotify subscription, and from extra texts through to vouchers for mobile phones. Once you’ve decided on the reward you’d like, you’ll find the instructions on how to claim written next to it. The full list of rewards can be found here.

Is There an Alternative for Contract Customers?

There is no Rewards scheme for contract customers, however they will receive far more benefits than those using pay as you go phones. Some of the free gifts received by contract customers include NOW TV passes, Spotify memberships and Sky Sports Mobile TV subscriptions, which many people will find extremely appealing. You should make sure that you sign up for an eligible bundle if you want to take advantage of these offers though. The best way to check is by calling Vodafone and speaking to a member of their customer service team.

Contract customers also receive some other nice benefits from Vodafone, including 2 months’ free data, a free courtesy phone and optional insurance. Before you finally decide to sign a contract with Vodafone though, you should contact the other major mobile networks in the UK as well, such as EE, Three and O2. You can find numbers for all of them here at Contact Number UK.

So, hopefully you are now a little bit more knowledgeable about Vodafone’s Rewards points, and you’ll now be able to collect them up, before then trading them for a great gift. If you do have any issues surrounding your Rewards points, you can always contact the Vodafone team.