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Virgin Media is one of the UK’s most prominent companies, offering services to millions and millions of people throughout the country. From broadband through to TV, they advertise themselves as offering the best products and service to their customers – a claim that many people agree with. Like most big companies, their customer service department isn’t always up to the job of handling the high volume of calls they receive, and this leads to one inevitable outcome – long waiting times for most people attempting to get in touch with them.

Luckily for you though, there’s a way to avoid these long queues and get straight through to an advisor. All you need to do is call them via 0843 506 0367 and you’ll be connected instantly. It won’t cost you massive amounts of cash either, as this number is a low rate one, unlike some of the expensive numbers offered by businesses throughout the UK. There’s really no reason why you wouldn’t use the number found here at Contact Number UK!

Calling Virgin Media using 0843 506 0367 is incredibly easy, as there are no catches or caveats attached. If browsing using your mobile, simply click the number and your phone will call automatically. If you are looking at this site on your desktop, just tap the number into your phone and get the call started. The next thing you know, you’ll be speaking to a customer services representative, instead of spending ages waiting in a queue!

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a company providing TV, broadband, landline and mobile phone services. Many customers choose to bundle all of these services into one deal, so that they can benefit from the reduced prices that this leads to. They are based in the UK and can boast millions of customers, which is probably why they have profits exceeding £2 billion per year. The name Virgin Media was adopted in 2007, having previously traded under three names:, NTL and Telewest. They are now owned by Liberty Global.

When you contact the team, there is a chance that you will be put through to a UK call centre, however they also have call centres based in the USA and India. It seems to be pot-luck regarding which of these you will be put through to. Regardless of the call centre your call is routed through to though, calling via 0843 506 0367 will lead to the fastest response possible, as you’ll be speaking to someone in a matter of seconds. Why not try our number the next time you need to contact Virgin Media, and discover why so many people use our service?

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Should you call them?

Customers call every day for a massive variety of different reasons. Some of these reasons might be slightly more mundane, such as finding out about different packages and offers, while others might be urgent, such as disputing a recent bill or reporting problems with a service being received. When you call via 0843 506 0367 though, it doesn’t matter about your reason, as you’ll get through to a customer service advisor straight away, without having to join the queue populated by the company’s other callers.

There are some more common reasons for contacting Virgin Media though, as you might expect from a company of this size. Some of the more popular reasons include:

  •        Joining Virgin Media
  •        Speaking about a bill that has been received
  •        Asking about the various deals and special offers they have
  •        Paying bills over the phone
  •        Complaining about the customer service received

As we’ve already mentioned, the best way to contact Virgin Media for any reason is to call them using 0843 506 0367, as it won’t cost you loads of money and will ensure that you can speak to a member of the Virgin Media team straight away. There really is no need to contact Virgin Media using any other number!

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

Now you have all of the information you need in order to contact Virgin Media in the quickest possible way – so what are you waiting for? Type 0843 506 0367 into your phone right now and make that call, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be waiting around in a massive queue before talking to someone!


Are Virgin Media and Virgin Airlines the Same Company?

While Virgin Media sounds to most people like the latest smashing success from everyone’s favourite carnival barker, Richard Branson, Virgin Media is “Virgin” in name only. The company signed a very expensive licensing deal with Branson that allows them to use the mogul’s instantly recognizable “Virgin” name. Virgin Media is actually a subsidiary of Liberty Global plc, an American company headquartered in London that is one of the biggest broadband Internet service providers in the world.

Virgin Media (the subsidiary) is headquartered in Hook, UK and was brought into being by the 2006 merger of NTL and Telewest which created the new corporation NTL:Telewest. Several months after the merger NTL:Telewest acquired Branson’s Virgin Mobile (you knew he had more than a passing involvement with this story). Branson lost his company but gained a substantial stake in the new, much larger company (although not a controlling share). Some months after agreeing to sell his Virgin Mobile to NTL:Telewest Branson also signed the above mentioned licensing agreement that saw NTL:Telewest rebrand itself using the “Virgin” name and logotype.

Upon acquiring Virgin Mobile NTL:Telewest became the UK’s first ‘quad-player’ able to offer mobile and landline telephone services as well as broadband Internet and subscription TV. As of today Virgin Media have some 5 million subscribers to its TV and broadband services and another 1.5 million landline customers both residential and commercial.

Call Centre Opening Hours

Virgin Media have long opening hours, as it is possible to contact them from 8am all the way through to midnight, every day of the week. As you might expect, the busiest times are the weekend and the evenings, when many customers are not at work. When you call using 0843 506 0367 though it doesn’t matter how busy they are, as you’ll always get straight to the front of the queue and through to a Virgin Media customer service advisor quickly.

What can this company help with?

You should contact Virgin Media as soon as you realise you have any type of problem with your account, from an incorrect bill through to a certain service not working. You won’t need to worry about the call taking too much time, as calling via 0843 506 0367 will mean that you’re connected straight away.

Will I Be Speaking to Someone From Virgin Media or a Third Party Adviser?

Good question and one we hear quite often. The simple fact is our low cost 0843 number will put you quickly and directly in touch with Virgin Media customer service associates. There are no third-party ‘representatives’ masquerading as Virgin Media employees. You’ll be put directly through to a Virgin Media adviser just as if you were calling using any other Virgin Media customer care number.

Can I use this number to place a product order?

Our 0843 number can be used for a variety of purposes but if you are strictly interested in getting information on or ordering a particular product you should mention it to the Virgin Media customer relations person you speak with. They’ll be happy to transfer you to the appropriate sales department so you can place your order.

Can I Use This Number to Report an Emergency Situation?

If there is a problem with your product or service that requires immediate attention you can certainly use our 0843 number to report it. If need be they’ll send a field technician straight out to deal with the problem. If the emergency entails downed power lines or some equivalent situation we also recommend that you call emergency services after speaking with the Virgin Media helpline.

Will Virgin Media Charge Me Extra For Using this Number?

Another good question and another one with a simple answer: no. The number we supply you is not the number for some secretive premium service Virgin is running and you will not find a big unpleasant surprise from the Virgin Media team on your bill for using our 0843 number. In fact in 99 out of 100 cases contacting Virgin Media using the number we supply you here will actually save you money over using Virgin’s standard contact numbers.

How to contact Virgin Media

It is also possible to use a contact form on the Virgin Media website, or alternatively you can email them. Don’t expect to get a quick response though, which isn’t helpful when you are looking to get an answer to an important question. There’s also a Virgin Media community, which can provide some answers to questions, although these answers won’t be specific to your exact issue.

Can I Get in Touch By Post?

Of course. If you’re an admirer of the way things used to be done you can always pull out a piece of your favourite stationery and write a letter of inquiry or complaint in your best copperplate script and send it to:

Virgin Media,

PO Box 333, Matrix Court


Since receiving any sort of response from a written inquiry will take weeks or longer however the only question is “Why bother when you can ring them up?” We’ll leave the answer to you.

Are You Affiliated With Virgin Media?

Contact Number UK is in no way affiliated with Virgin Media. We’re an independent company that has identified a need for reliable, affordable contact numbers for customers of Virgin Media and act to fulfil that need. We’re customers ourselves and know how frustrating holding the line can be. As such our only motivation is to help you find an easier, faster method of getting through to the people who can make a difference.

Speak Directly to Virgin Media Support Helpline

All that is now left for you to do is call Virgin Media via 0843 506 0367 and get the answers you need. Virgin Media residential support and Virgin Media merchants customer services are standing by ready to answer your questions and address any problems you may be having with any of the numerous services they provide. Getting in touch with this company has never been easier, thanks to Contact Number UK so don’t delay. If you have a question about or problems with any Virgin Media product or service call 0843 506 0367 and get started down the road toward good old fashioned customer satisfaction.

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Virgin Media Plan New Set-Top Box to Rival Sky Q

Sky have recently launched their SKY Q service, which has added another element to their subscribers’ TV watching experience. Not wanting to be outdone though – and risk losing customers to their biggest rival – Virgin Media have now also announced plans for a new set-top box, designed to go toe-to-toe with the one offered by Sky. It should be available for customers in around a year’s time, however some are speculating that it will be available by Christmas. But what exactly will this set-top box do? Keep reading to find out…

The set-top box from Virgin Media will add another string to the bow for this company, which already offers customers a large range of different services, such as broadband. If you want to find out more regarding their new set-top box – or any of their other services – you should contact Virgin Media as soon as you can, using the affordable and convenient Virgin Media contact number found here at Contact Number UK. Whether you’re a current customer or not, why not pick up the phone and call them today?

What Will Virgin Media’s Set-Top Box Offer?

Details surrounding the new set-top box are sketchy at the moment, as it is still some time before it is released to the general population. As it is a response to the Sky Q service, expect it to share many similarities though, such as ultra-high definition and the ability to pause programmes, before resuming them on a different device (known as Fluid Viewing by users of Sky Q). Whether Virgin Media decides to use ultra-high definition (also known as 4K) really depends on whether they start to broadcast in 4K though. Sky have announced that they’ll start doing so later in 2016.

There will undoubtedly be a number of other features as well, however Virgin Media customers shouldn’t expect it to come cheap. They are likely to pay prices similar to those paid by Sky Q customers, who currently pay around £56 a month for Sky Q Silver, the most comprehensive package on offer. This is on top of the initial cost of the boxes, as well as any extra boxes requested by the customer.

Is There Any Other Competition?

The only other major competitor in the subscription TV industry is BT, however they have not announced any plans to introduce a new set-top box. There are rumours that BT plan to take full control of YouView though, which they currently share with Talk Talk. While this wouldn’t allow them to take advantage of things such as 4K, it would allow them to make further progress in the world of subscription TV, as they’d be able to introduce new features without first having to agree on them with Talk Talk.

With both Sky and Virgin Media introducing new set-top boxes, it means that BT will possibly become the service of choice for those looking for more affordable options within subscription TV – a position it is already starting to get a stranglehold on. Will customers be persuaded that the set-top boxes from Sky and Virgin Media are worth the extra expense though?

More Good News from Virgin Media

TV watchers aren’t the only ones getting good news from Virgin Media, as they have also announced ambitious new plans for their broadband service. This is because they have announced plans to install ultra-fast fibre broadband to one million UK homes, therefore challenging the traditional dominance of BT in this area. They hope to have these one million connections completed by 2019, and will then move ahead with plans to increase this number to four million in the following years. By the time they are finished, it will mean that they have connections to 17 million homes and businesses in the UK.

BT has recently resisted pressure to replace its aging copper wire infrastructure with fibre optics, and they have come under fire from both Sky and Talk Talk, who rely on access to BT’s network in order to provide their services. Whether they are glad about Virgin Media’s plans is debatable though – it could allow Virgin Media to steal a march on them, but it could also encourage BT to upgrade their wires.

With two pieces of big news coming out of Virgin Media, now seems to be a good time to contact them and speak about the services they are able to offer. Why not type in the Virgin Media contact number found here at Contact Number UK and speak to one of their team members today?

How to Haggle with Virgin Media and Get the Best Price

You probably know that you can haggle with market traders, and you’re also probably pretty happy to do it when you travel abroad. Many people aren’t quite so forward as to haggle with the UK’s big TV, phone and broadband providers though, such as Virgin Media. The thing is this though: according to a poll by MoneySavingExpert, 86% of those who tried haggling with Virgin Media got a better deal, so shouldn’t you be doing the same thing?

But how exactly do you go about haggling with a company such as Virgin Media though? Well, it’s actually easier than you might think. After all, the individual customer service representatives simply want to make a sale, so will do everything they can to get you to sign up. If this means that they have to drop their prices, it doesn’t impact on them personally. So, get your tactics right and you could see some big reductions in price…

Get Other Quotes

Before you even think about ringing Virgin Media, you first need to ring around all of their main competitors. This means calling companies such as Sky, BT and Talk Talk, and finding out what their best price is going to be – ensuring that you mention you’re thinking of leaving Virgin Media to join them. It’s important to get these prices, as you can then use them as not only a benchmark for your Virgin Media negotiations, but also as leverage – if another company offers a better deal, Virgin Media are likely to match it.

One thing to remember though is this: don’t lie and say that you’ve received a really low offer from another company, as the people working at Virgin Media will see through this straight away. This, therefore, will only end up weakening your haggling position.

Speak to the Right Department

Not all Virgin Media customer service advisors are created equal, as some have far greater power than others to offer the best deals. Speaking to a regular advisor will only yield moderate discounts, which is why you need to get through to the cancellations department – the people who will try to persuade you to stay with Virgin Media before you finally leave.

In a last ditch attempt to stop you jumping ship, these advisors will often throw out some insanely good deals. After all, Virgin Media would rather you have a really cheap contract than no contract at all. There’s no doubting that this tactic is essentially brinksmanship, so there is the chance that they simply tell you they’ll cancel your contract, but don’t worry if they do – you’ll almost certainly receive a call or email a few weeks later, offering you an even better deal.

Bring Up Your Problems

It’s more than likely that, at some point in your time with Virgin Media, you’ll have had to call them with a problem. Perhaps your broadband was down for a number of days? Or maybe you had issues getting access to some of the TV channels in your package? If this has been the case, you need to bring them up now and use them as leverage to get a better deal. After all, once they know that you have genuine reasons for complaint, they are probably more likely to try and persuade you to stay.

Of course, at this point, you should also remember the problems that you’ve had and question if you really want to stay with Virgin Media. After all, if you’ve had really slow broadband or not been able to use your landline properly, even a cheap deal from Virgin Media probably isn’t actually worth it. Wouldn’t it be better to try one of the other providers instead?

Be Polite

It’s often tough to remember that the people you are speaking to on the end of the phone are just like you – they don’t want to be shouted and sworn at, and when it happens to them, they’re far less likely to help you. If you treat them with some politeness and respect, you should find that they’ll take time to give you the help and deals that you want. You still need to be firm though, and unwilling to back down until you get the discount you want.

So, using the advice above, you should be able to get a great deal when you next contact Virgin Media. And if they are unwilling to give you a better deal? Simply head away and find one from a different provider instead…

Virgin Media TV Customers Set to Get Reality TV on Demand

Virgin Media has announced that it has reached a deal to bring the Hayu service to all of its TiVo boxes. This is thanks to an agreement made with NBCUniversal International, the owners of this reality TV channel.

Hayu is a really new service and has only been available in the UK for around a month, although it has been available in the USA for longer. It is normally a subscription service, with those wanting to watch it having to pay £3.99 per month for the privilege. This is not the case for Virgin Media TiVo customers though, as they will gain free access to the channel, as well as the chance to watch many programmes through the on-demand service.

As already mentioned, Hayu is a service dedicated to reality TV programmes, and it has an impressive array of them to boast of. Many are straight from the USA, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives, however there are some popular British shows as well, such as Made in Chelsea. For fans of reality TV, this could well be the TV channel they’ve always been waiting for, as there are over 3,000 individual episodes to choose from on their catch-up service.

Hayu also offers a unique experience in the way that programmes are watched, as the interface includes multiple options to interact with social media. Virgin Media TiVo customers will also get access to the Hayu app, where they can keep up to date with celebrity news and gossip, and this app is available for both Apple and Android users.

If you are already a Virgin Media TiVo customer, you will be able to find Hayu by switching over to channel 210, by pressing the red button, or by accessing it through the apps section. It should be noted that other Virgin customers who don’t have TiVo will get access to Hayu later on in the year.

If you are not currently a Virgin Media TiVo subscriber, perhaps it is time you added this service to your package? If you want to, you’ll be able to find the number of Virgin Media right here at Contact Number UK – which is far more convenient than looking through their website on the search for the Virgin Media contact number.

Virgin Media Now Offering 12 Month Discounts

It’s well known that different phone and broadband companies offer some pretty tasty deals to new customers, in the hope of attracting them to use their service. These usually come in the form of reduced charges for a set period of time, with the price then going up to its full rate when the deal expires.

It used to be the case that Virgin Media’s introductory offer saw new customers paying a reduced rate on their broadband and phone package for their first six months, however they have now sweetened the deal even further. They’ve done this by doubling the time in which these discounts are valid for, meaning that new customers can now expect to receive discounted charges for the first 12 months of their contract.

It should be noted though that this deal only applies to those taking out an 18-month contract with Virgin Media, meaning that all customers will still need to pay the full price for the final six months of their contract. Despite this though, the deal means that new customers could still save around £120 over the duration of their contract – which certainly can’t be a bad thing.

But what exactly does this mean for specific packages? Well, for those looking to simply get broadband from Virgin Media, it means that they’ll now pay just £8 per month for their SuperFibre 50MB package for the first 12 months, when this package should usually cost £19 per month. TV and broadband bundles also receive big discounts – the Big Easy bundle is now just £15 a month, while the Big Bang Bundle is now £24 a month.

All potential new customers should be aware that they will have to take out line rental with Virgin Media in order to qualify for these deals. This line rental costs £17.99 a month, however paying for a year upfront will allow you to bring this cost down by around £2.50 per month.

If you are interested in this latest deal from one of the UK’s biggest TV, broadband and phone companies, you should contact Virgin Media as soon as you can. After all, you never know when this deal is going to end. You can find their contact number right here at Contact Number UK.