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With so many people using Talk Talk’s services it’s easy to see how the company receives such a magnitude of phone calls and enquires. And with this volume of phone calls comes long and tedious waiting times. You could exercise your patients and become musically savvy with their two hold songs, or you can cut the waiting times and use Contact Number UK’s, fast and easy contact number.

Simply calling 0843 506 0368 will get you straight through to Talk Talk’s customer service department and connected with a friendly customer service advisor. If you wish to be passed through to another department just ask and someone will put you straight through. So stop wasting your precious time waiting on hold and make use of your day, using our Talk Talk Customer Service number.

Contacting Talk Talk at Contact Number UK is simple. Just tap in the number into your phone and call. You don’t need to sign up with us, or even give us your email – it really is that simple. Companies already make it difficult enough to contact them, and we don’t want to make it any harder. So, speak to a friendly customer service advisor today on 0843 506 0368.

About Talk Talk

Talk Talk is a company offering different services throughout the UK. While they are best known for their home phone packages, they now also provide Broadband and TV services to their customers, with many choosing to bundle all of these services into one package – which can often lead to some nice big discounts. With all of these services to offer, Talk Talk often received huge call volumes about their services which can really block up their phone lines.

Avoid these blocked phone lines by contacting Talktalk using 0843 506 0368. Get your call answered straight away – whether you are looking to join Talktalk, leave the company or query your recent bill, cut the queue and speak directly to a customer service advisor.

Call Talk Talk

Why Should You Call Them?

There are many reasons to contact Talktalk, thanks to the number of different services they offer. Existing customers will probably have to contact them at least a couple of times a year, if just to renegotiate their contracts or question their most recent bill. These existing customers will probably realise that they aren’t necessarily seen as priorities though, as companies prefer to concentrate on answering calls from potential new customers. That means longer waiting times – but not when they call using 0843 506 0368.

So what are some of the most common reasons for calling Talk Talk?

  •        Asking about a recent bill
  •        Enquiring about joining Talktalk
  •        Find out why there are problems with a service
  •        Complaining about the service that’s been received
  •        Leaving Talk Talk and moving to another company

If you need to call Talktalk for any of the reasons above, call today on 0843 506 0368. Our numbers are low cost and will save you money — unlike some of the premium rate numbers used by different companies all across the UK. Don’t forget that we also have numbers for many other companies similar to Talktalk, companies like Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

TalkTalk Services

Talk Talk are one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the UK. They offer a wide range of services for your home, keeping you connected with the ones you love. They offer broadband and fiber optic broadband TV, phones and SIMs and even security for your home. They do great business packages, saving you money if you have to get a number of different phones or use broadband for your office.

For Businesses


Fiber optic broadband is great for businesses and you can get great deals, leaving you spare cash to spend on the important things, like running your business. They offer power and fast speed on a low fixed price tariff, without cutting quality or connection. TalkTalk offer unlimited fiber optic broadband for your office keeping you connected for longer. You can let them know if you are a small or a larger business, tailoring to your needs. To find out more visit the Talk Talk website or alternatively, contact customer services on 0843 506 0368 to find out more.


TalkTalk offers cheap and simple packages that are great for businesses and tailored to your specific needs. They offer unlimited calls to all landlines and mobile numbers within the UK and free calls from the UK to abroad using Talk2Go. You will also be able to give your staff access to voice, email and internet data on the move on their fast 4G network. TalkTalk mobile offers up to 8GB of data on your mobiles keeping you connected for less. You can do video conferences on the go and upload videos and images anywhere, at any time.

To find out more about TalkTalk packages and deals for your business, simply visit their website. Or if you would prefer to speak to someone or have any queries, why not speak to a customer service advisor on 0843 506 0368

Online Security For Your Home

Talktalk value their customers and know that keeping little ones safe while surfing the web is an important part of a responsible telecommunications company. They offer online security with all of their broadband services and fiber optic broadband.

HomeSafe is offered with all broadband packages with Talktalk, monitoring and filtering your internet connection and protecting you from viruses and nasty malware that could harm your computer. HomeSafe can also be used to filter and block certain websites to keep your children safe when using the internet. This can be configured easily without slowing down your internet connection. With HomeSafe you can even block social media sites and game websites for homework time, to keep your kids focused until they have finished their homework.

Young people have access to lots of different devices and it can be hard to monitor what they are looking at online. With HomeSafe you can connect various different devices to the network keeping kids safe while online. Internet Matters has teamed up with Pocket-Lint and created s guide for parents on how to keep children safe online. To find out more about HomeSafe speak to an advisor today on 0843 506 0368.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, now you know how to contact Talktalk in the quickest, most convenient way, life is just so much better. Call Talk Talk today on 0843 506 0368 and speak to a customer service advisor straight away.


When can I contact Talk Talk?

The technical support division of Talk Talk is open 24 hours a day, however the other areas of the business have more limited hours. There is some disagreement over the actual times they are open, with many on different forums stating that they don’t actually open for their stated hours. This means that it is best to ring them during the day, when you know that they’ll be open, and using 0843 506 0368, of course.

How else can I contact Talk Talk?

Talk Talk can be contacted via email and post. Like most sites, they don’t advertise their contact methods too much though, instead preferring you to trawl through the “Help” section on their site. You won’t need to look for any contact options for Talk Talk once you’ve saved 0843 506 0368 into your phone though.

Why should I contact Talk Talk?

You should contact Talk Talk whenever you have any question, query or concern about their service. After all, you’re paying them a pretty penny every month, so you should be able to get your concerns and addressed by them whenever you want. To make sure you get through as quickly as possible, make sure you call Talktalk using 0843 506 0368.

Does That Mean I Can Use This Number for Questions About YouView?

YouView is a set-top box for ‘smart’ TVs that provides access to free-to-air DTT channels as well as on-demand TV content. The different types of content are accessed via a broadband connection or a standard TV aerial. Talktalk provide a free set-top box to certain “essentials” customers who have the option of paying for a ‘boost’ that allows access to additional related features for a minimum of 1 month at a time. If you need to contact a Talk Talk representative about their YouView service 0843 506 0368 is the perfect number to call.

I’m Having Trouble Receiving AOL Content

In 2006 Carphone Warehouse – TalkTalk’s parent company – purchased AOL’s UK business and began offering broadband services under the name AOL Broadband. In 2014 AOL Broadband shut its doors to new business and began phasing out the service altogether. Some AOL content is still available to Talktalk customers however and if you are an AOL legacy customer having trouble accessing AOL content call 0843 506 0368 and get through quickly to a Talk Talk repto ask what might be the problem.

Talk Talk Say I Used Up My Monthly Allocation, But I Never Got a Usage Alert

TalkTalk provides free mobile usage advisories to alert you when you’re in danger of hitting the monthly cut-off point. Still, some customers complain that they were cut-off without any warning and would like to speak to a customer service rep. It’s possible that you used up the last of your monthly allotment late at night, in which case you would not receive a warning from Talk Talk customer care (they don’t send SMS messages between 11pm and 7am out of respect for their customer’s sleep patterns). If you think however that you were cut off unjustly you’ll want to call 0843 506 0368 and talk to someone about it.

I’m Planning to Travel Abroad and Would Like to Take My Mobile Phone

If you want to activate international roaming there are certain conditions that must be met first and certain actions you’ll need to take before you travel. First off your Talktalk telephone account must be active for a minimum of 3 weeks before roaming can be activated. Second you’ll need to contact Talktalk before you travel to have a customer service adviser activate international roaming. You’ll need to decide what type of roaming service you want (date or calls and texts) and if you want to listen to voice mails you’ll need a security code. If you’ll be needing international roaming on your upcoming trip call 0843 506 0368 and talk to Talk Talk customer care.

I’m Being Bombarded with Nuisance Calls. Can Talk Talk Customer Services Help?

If you’re finding the number and substance of unwanted marketing cold calls is becoming too much the most common way to remedy the situation is by opting in to the Telephone Preference Service. When you register your number there all organisations will be forbidden to call you without your expressed permission. There are also Talktalk ‘boosts’ you can buy into that will help prevent nuisance calls including “Last caller barring” and “Anonymous caller reject”. If you’re interested in signing on for one of these Talktalk boosts call 0843 506 0368. You’ll be put through to the correct Talk Talk department in short order.

Can I Use This Number to Report a Lost or Stolen Phone?

Absolutely. Losing a phone or having it stolen is a traumatic event because so many people today keep so much personal information on their mobile phones; including family pictures and sensitive phone numbers. If you’ve lost your phone or had is stolen you’ll want to call 0843 506 0368 without delay so that they can institute blocks to prevent others from using it. Be as detailed as possible with the Talk Talk rep you speak with and don’t forget: if your handset was stolen you also need to notify the police and your insurance company (if the device was insured) and keep complete records of your interactions, including the crime reference number.

Is Contact Number UK Owned or Operated By Talk Talk?

No. We’re a private company and have zero affiliation with any of the companies for which we provide contact numbers; including Talktalk. We started Contact Number UK in order to help people get in touch with the companies that have so much influence in their lives in a faster, more reliable, more affordable manner than was previously available. There are no giant telecoms companies lurking in the shadows pulling the strings and certainly no connection between us and Talk Talk.

How Do I Sign up to Use the Numbers on Contact Number UK?

You don’t, and that’s the beauty of it. We ask nothing of the people that use the numbers we provide. We don’t want your personal information, you don’t need to subscribe to anything, you don’t need to pay a membership fee, we don’t even ask for your email address. We’re here to help you get through to the Talktalk helpline in the fastest possible way. And if you need to speak to someone at most of the other large companies in the UK we have numbers for them too, free of charge, for you, your friends and your family to use to your heart’s content.

Are There Hidden Fees Associated With Using Contact Number UK Phone Numbers?

No. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges associated with using any of the numbers we provide. Just the opposite in fact. Most large companies will refer you to a customer care number that is actually a premium number that comes at a premium price. While you’re listening to the awful muzak waiting for that elusive voice to say “Can I help you?” your bill is steadily ticking upwards. With Contact Number UK you’ll get through quick and at a low per minute rate that’s well below what Talktalk and other companies charge.

Speak Directly to Talktalk

So, now you know that it is best to contact Talktalk using 0843 506 0368, what are you waiting for? It really doesn’t matter what your question or concern is, as using the Talk Talk contact number found at Contact Number UK will get you straight through to the department you need to speak to!

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Talk Talk Lands BT Sport for TV Service

Talk Talk is one of the largest TV companies in the UK, although they are still some way behind the big three of Sky, Virgin Media and BT. In a bid to make ground on the top three, they’ve recently been looking at ways in which they can increase the allure of their TV subscription service, and they’ve managed to scoop a massive prize this week – the addition of BT Sport to their line-up of channels. This should mean that sports fans, who have traditionally shunned Talk Talk due to their poor offering, could now be persuaded to make the move to them.

Of course, there are many other considerations to make before making the move over to Talk Talk though, such as the other channels they offer, and the price that they can be received for. To find out these specific details, it is best to visit the Talk Talk website, or alternatively call Talk Talk, using the contact number found here at Contact Number UK. It’s a low cost number, so you won’t run up large bills, plus it’s convenient, meaning you won’t have to search the internet for the correct number ever again.

What Exactly Does the Deal Mean?

In a nutshell, the deal means that Talk Talk customers will be able to get access to all of the BT Sport channels. They’ll also be able to access the BT Sport mobile apps, as well as use the six red button streams found on the channels. This essentially means that Talk Talk customers will have the same access to BT Sport as those with Sky – apart from one important thing…

This important difference is the fact that Talk Talk customers won’t be able to access the HD channels, meaning that they won’t be able to watch the Premier League, MotoGP, or any other sporting events in high definition. This could prove to be a sticking point for many potential new customers, with many now seeing HD as an absolutely vital aspect of their TV watching experience. This is the same for the Sky Sports channels already offered to Talk Talk customers, which come in standard definition only.

How Much Will BT Sport Cost?

As yet there is no information surrounding the price Talk Talk will charge customers wanting to access BT Sport. Perhaps the easiest way to evaluate the possible costs is to look at how much competitors charge for access. Those with Sky currently have to pay £12/month for standard definition BT Sport channels, however it is possible for them to get the channels for £3/month – providing they are a BT Broadband customer. Those with Virgin Media pay £15/month for the standard channels, however this price comes with the HD channels – there’s no option to simply have standard definition with them.

Whether Talk Talk will align their prices with those of Sky and Virgin Media remains to be seen. With their prices already much lower than their main competitors, can they afford to offer these channels for such low prices?

What Else Does Talk Talk TV Offer?

Talk Talk offers a range of 86 other channels to their customers, however the vast majority of these are freeview channels. They offer two different packages: Essentials TV is their basic package, which allows you to pause and rewind live TV and access on-demand services, while Plus TV allows you to record around 200 hours of TV, ready for you to watch later. Both packages can also have extra channels added to them – called “Boosts” – however you’ll need to pay extra for them. It is almost certain that BT Sport will be an extra package that needs to be added on.

Perhaps the biggest draw to Talk Talk is the pricing, which is considerably lower than Sky and Virgin Media. Of course, those looking to change their TV provider will need to balance cost with the service they receive though, as Sky and Virgin Media customers have access to far more channels and features than Talk Talk customers. Those thinking about moving to Talk Talk should also contact BT as well, as they might find that they can offer competitive prices, as well as a competitive range of TV channels (usually including BT Sport completely free).

So, if you are currently a customer with Talk Talk, you could find that your options for watching sport are about to become much better. If you are thinking about switching to them though, you should certainly call around all the other TV companies before you commit to a contract.