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Swiftcover is one of the largest insurance companies in the UK, offering everything from car insurance through to home insurance. They have a massive number of customers, gained in part through their large advertising campaigns, and most of these customers have never had any reason to complain about the Swiftcover customer service experience. Of course, many people still have to call them for a variety of different reasons. This means that there can be a long wait when calling.

At Contact Number UK, we have the number you need to call Swiftcover, allowing you to speak with any department you need to. It’s not an expensive number either, as it is low cost. The result? You don’t have to spend ridiculously high sums of money getting in touch with a customer service advisor about things such as insurance renewals, address changes, and claims. Don’t forget that if you’re currently shopping around for a new insurance provider, we also have numbers for many of them right here, such as Hastings Direct and Zenith Insurance. Why not jot them down as well, ready to call later?

Using the number is easy because there is no need to give us any of your personal details, nor is there any need to sign up with us. The number is there for anyone to use, ensuring that absolutely everyone can get through and speak to someone in the easiest possible way. We just want to make sure you can contact companies as quickly as possible, and we think that we do a good job in that respect.

About Swiftcover

Swiftcover, as most people will know, is an insurance company. It offers a multitude of different insurance policies to customers, including car insurance, home insurance, and private healthcare insurance. It was formed in 2005 and is a completely online company, therefore meaning that you won’t find any Swiftcover outlets on your local high street. Those calling the company will be put through to one of two call centers, which are based in Tunbridge Wells and Teesside. The company’s headquarters are actually in Surrey, though.

While Swiftcover was originally started as an independent company, it is now fully owned by AXA, after they bought them in 2007. Over the years the company has won a number of awards, including the award for cheapest car insurance, and the Ecommerce National Customer Service Award. They have also received Which? Best Buy awards for their car insurance. Of course, Swiftcover won’t be the right insurance company for everyone, but nobody can know that until they’ve called and spoken to a member of Swiftcover customer service.

Call Swiftcover Direct

Car Insurance

Swiftcover offers car insurance to protect you against uninsured drivers to keep you safe when you’re out on the roads. They coffer a courtesy car for when you need it the most because they know how inconvenient having your car fixed or repaired can be. Whatever time you need them, Swiftcover has got your covered with their 24-hour insurance claim department who are ready to help if you were to have an accident or need to report any damage to your vehicle. They offer the uninsured drivers promise so you can rest assured that your car is safe and covered if it is hit by an uninsured drive. Simply contact Swiftcover on 0843 506 0384 and let them know the make, model, and numberplate of the car that hit you and Swiftcover will do all the legwork. Also, any repairs or work carried out by any garage nationwide will have a lifetime guarantee to rely on for as long as you own your car. If anything were to happen to your car and you are unable to use it, then you will be offered a courtesy car for up to 14 days while your car is being repaired.

Home Insurance

With Swiftcover home insurance you can get the cover you require. Its flexible to meet your specific needs and keeps your protected if anything were to go wrong. Choose from two packages, either Swift Made or Swift More and add any additional options and cover as you need them. This saves you money on your home insurance so you are covered for the things you need to be covered. Many essential features are covered as standard meaning you don’t spend lots on protecting your home.

Van Insurance

Swiftcover van insurance is provided by AXA Insurance UK plc. Whether your van is for personal use, business or commercial, there is a policy to suit your needs. With comprehensive cover giving you the lifetime guarantee on all repairs, courtesy van when yours is being repaired, minor damage repairs on your doorstep and replacement lock and keys. If there is anything else that you need covering then you can add additional options to keep your covered exactly how you need to be. To find out more then contact Swiftcover and discuss this further on 0843 506 0384.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is accessible for everyone, even if you don’t already have a policy with Swiftcover. You can buy it easily online completely hassle free. Because they sell their policies online they cut down on costs of opening and running a store. This means that Swiftcover can offer its customers low prices that they can reply on. You may even be covered for European Holidays if your car breaks down. You could also get:

  • Alternative transport
  • Emergency overnight accommodation
  • Caravan or trailers
  • Lost or damaged keys
  • Message assistance

Should you call them?

There is a multitude of different reasons to call Swiftcover, and all of them should lead to a really good response from the customer service team. When it comes to insurance, though, there’s no point in waiting for ages before you call, so why not take down the number here at Contact Number UK and give them a call today? Even if you don’t plan on calling them soon, there’s still no harm in saving the number in case you need it in the future.

But what are some of the more common reasons why you might choose to call Swiftcover? Below you’ll find five of them…

  • Asking about a current policy
  • Finding out about switching to them
  • Canceling a policy
  • Making an insurance claim
  • Complaining about an aspect of their service

You’ll be able to do all of the above, plus much more when you call using the contact number found on this site. As already mentioned, it is also a low-cost number, so there’s no need to worry about having to pay massive call charges whenever you ring. So, isn’t it about time you made that call to Swiftcover right now, instead of putting it off for yet another day?

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

Now you have the perfect way to contact Swiftcover, and you know the main reasons why people choose to contact this massive online insurance company. All that is left to do is pick up the phone, dial the Swiftcover number, and start speaking to a member of their customer service team.


Call Centre Opening Hours

Those looking to make general queries will be able to contact Swiftcover from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. On Sundays and Bank Holidays they are open from 10am until 4pm. If you are looking to make a claim though, you’ll be able to contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to contact Swiftcover

There is a comprehensive FAQ section found at the Swiftcover website, which is designed to answer all the questions you might have – although it might not always live up to this expectation. You can also contact them via email, although this isn’t ideal when looking to get a quick response. This essentially means that the best way to contact Swiftcover is using the phone.

What can this company help with?

You should phone Swiftcover immediately if you need to claim on your insurance, and you should also call them as soon as possible if you are thinking about changing your insurance policy, as they might be able to offer you a nice deal. In fact, you should contact them whenever you have a query of any kind, as the Swiftcover customer service team is very good, and should sort any problems out quickly.

Speak Directly to Swiftcover Support Helpline

So, if you need to make contact with Swiftcover, you simply have to type in the number found at Contact Number UK, and you’ll be through to an advisor in minutes. Why not call right now, instead of waiting until tomorrow, or the day after?

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Can An Internet Insurance Company Deliver Real World Satisfaction? Swiftcover Thinks So

Swiftcover was founded over a decade ago by former executives of Churchill Insurance. In 2007 the new company was acquired by AXA and now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the larger firm. Swiftcover advertises itself as an online entity and promotes the benefits of being able to manage your policy or policies through their website. They also promote the idea of using email and their online forms as a method of contacting the company with questions, claims or as a method of conflict resolution.  

In spite of the fact Swiftcover maintain call centres in Kent, Teesside and other areas they place a clear emphasis on (and clear preference for) conducting business through their website. By doing so however they run into a fairly consistent issue most online-only or online-only wannabes typically encounter; contact forms simply aren’t good at making judgement calls nor do they generate much empathy for those who they’ve wronged.

The Contact Form and Customer Discontent

The online-only business model is particularly problematic when disputes arise or judgement calls need to be made regarding circumstances that could go either way. In this regard online customer service like that practiced by Swiftcover doesn’t typically adhere to the basic rules of good customer service which are:

  • Listen – This has long been one of the foundation principles of good customer service and it’s one that a contact form fails at right in the concept stage. People don’t want to type out lengthy explanations when they’re feeling aggrieved about something. The want someone to listen to them.
  • Be consistent – As marketing has proved time and time again people don’t buy products, they buy into ideas and images that they want to identify with. If your marketing paints happy pictures but your customer service is cold and mechanically indifferent, the disconnect is going to result in lost customers at some point.
  • Help – People only reach out to customer service when they feel they need help. Contact forms don’t usually satiate this need effectively. In fact they often make matters worse by asking for irrelevant information and wasting time.
  • Go the extra mile – People remember being treated well. They also remember being treated poorly. While finding a solution is the most important thing, providing a little something extra at the end of the process can help bind a customer to a brand long-term.

Because contact forms and email strings do a generally poor job of providing the basics of customer service the human factor has yet to be completely removed from the equation. What’s happened instead is that the option to talk to someone has been made less attractive through the often purposeful introduction of long hold times and complex automated directories. In this regard Swiftcover is no different than most other companies today.

A Way Out of the Wilderness

While finding a number for Swiftcover is not as difficult as it is for some other companies you’ll still likely need to allocate a large block of time if you want to actually talk to a human at the end of all that directory navigation. Not only that but you may wind up paying a generous premium on your phone bill for the privilege of holding the line. But what if there was a better, more affordable way to talk to someone at Swiftcover about your important issues? With Contact Number UK there is.

The Contact Number UK Difference

The low cost 0843 number for Swiftcover that you’ll find at Contact Number UK will allow you to avoid the outrageous charges some customer service numbers saddle you with and put you in touch with the right people to answer your questions and address your concerns. You’ll forget all about the contact form nightmare and reintroduce yourself to the forgotten world of helpful human interaction. Whether you need to renew or modify your policy, submit a claim or change your address you’ll be able to do so quickly and affordably, and isn’t that what you want from customer service?

Contact Number UK is not a member’s only service. We’re here to help everyone step back into the light of customer satisfaction and to help companies retain their customer base through the maintenance of good relations. Maybe you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but you can enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction with the companies you choose to patronize by contacting them through the affordable, dependable numbers we provide you at Contact Number UK. Try us today and tell your friends.