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For many, the Social Fund is extremely important, as it allows them to get access to funds in the case of a financial emergency. Some of the costs it is able to help with include budgeting loans, funeral payments, and maternity grants, each of which will be assessed using a person’s individual circumstances. If you need to contact the Social Fund for any reason, you are probably already under high amounts of pressure, so searching everywhere for the correct Social Fund contact number isn’t something you’ll want to do. This is why we have a convenient contact number for them right here, which will get you through to the department you need to speak with.

When you use the Social Fund contact number found here at Contact Number UK, you won’t have to face absolutely massive phone bills either, as we’ve ensured that our number is a low cost one. Therefore, you can stay on the phone for as long as you need to, trying to sort out any problems that you might have. Of course, the most important thing about this number is that it gets you through to the department you need to speak with though, so you can get the financial assistance that you currently need. So, if you need to contact the Social Fund, why not pick up the phone and call them right now, using the number found at Contact Number UK?

Calling using the number found here is really easy, as there are no requirements made of you, such as having to provide an email or any other personal details. All you have to do is type in the number and make the call, and you’ll be through to a member of the Social Fund customer service team in no time at all. Don’t forget that we also have contact numbers for a number of other important organizations as well, such as Job Centre Plus, Universal Credit and the CSA, so why not save these to your phone too, just in case you need them at a later date?

About Social Fund 

The Social Fund is designed to help those with incredibly pressing financial needs, giving them one-one payments to pay for any crucial expenses. It is only available to those on low incomes, and certain criteria have to be met before a payment is granted. Some of the things that the Social Fund can help with are funeral payments, budgeting loans and cold weather payments. It should be noted that the Social Fund now offers community care grants or crisis loans, as these have now been replaced by different schemes. If you need to find out about any of the current types of payments, or if you need to know who else you can contact, you should call the Social Fund as soon as possible.

But who exactly is eligible for help from the Social Fund? Well, anyone on a raft of different benefits can apply, such as those on Income Support, Income-Based Jobseeker’s Allowance and Universal Credit. Some payments will take into account the amount of savings and capital you have, while others won’t. It is also worth remembering that you shouldn’t give up if you are refused help, as there is an appeal process you can go through. To get the appeal started, contact the Social Fund and they will be able to advise you further.

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Should you call them?

There are many different reasons for calling the Social Fund, and everyone will have their own specific reasons for needing to contact them. Whatever the reason though, it is likely to be an extremely important one, so there is no point in delaying it for longer than needed. There’s no need to be worried about calling, as the Social Fund customer service team is used to dealing with difficult or emotional cases, so will be able to help you with any issues you might have. So, why not call the Social Fund now and take the first step in sorting out any financial problems you are going through at the moment?

There are some more commonly seen reasons for calling though, which are more general than your exact reason will probably be. These more general reasons for calling include…

  •         Speaking about one of the payments they offer
  •         Discussing eligibility for a payment
  •         Complaining about the service received
  •         Providing bank details for a payment
  •         Appealing a decision that has been made

As already mentioned though, it really doesn’t matter what you reason for calling the Social Fund are though, as you’ll be able to get through to any department you need when you call using the number found here at Contact Number UK. So, why not pick up the phone and tap in the Social Fund contact number now? You should then be speaking to a customer service advisor in a matter of minutes…

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

Now you have all the information you need in order to contact the Social Fund. So, you simply have to use the number found here at Contact Number UK, and you’ll be through to the person you need to speak to in no time at all.


Call Centre Opening Hours

There are no details easily found regarding the opening times for those looking to contact the Social Fund by phone, which is not particularly helpful. Judging by the opening times of similar organizations though, it can be assumed that they are open during office hours every weekday. The quietest time to contact them is usually before 10am, on any day of the week, so those looking to avoid any queues should try to call then.

How to contact the Social Fund

It is also possible to email the Social Fund with any questions or concerns you might have, although this won’t lead to a particularly quick response. Those needing to discuss anything to do with the Social Fund can also speak to an advisor at Job Centre Plus on their next visit. Phoning is best though, as it leads to the fastest possible response.

What can this company help with?

You should call the Social Fund if you are currently on any benefit and are in need of emergency financial assistance. Many people call them every day, and find themselves getting the help that they need.

Speak Directly to the Social Fund Support Helpline

So, if you need to contact the Social Fund, make sure you call using the number found at this website, It’s not only convenient, but it’s also low cost, so you won’t run up really huge bills when you call.

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Could the Social Fund Help Pay for Your Home Improvements?

If you are unemployed or on a low wage and your home is in desperate need of work to improve it, there is a good chance that you can obtain a loan from the Social Fund to help cover the cost of the necessary work. Whether you qualify for a loan or not will depend on what exactly you want the money for and your current financial status. The fastest way to find out if you are eligible for help is to call the Social Fund office and ask them directly. They will be able to explain how applications are evaluated and the necessary conditions that need to be met before your application can be considered.

If you are interested in finding out more about the loans on offer from this fund, which are known as budgeting loans, you can use the Social Fund contact number on our site to get in touch with the people who have all the answers. You can find plenty of information about the loans scheme online but if you want to know for sure where you stand, it will obviously be easier to call the office that is responsible for administering the fund and ask them any questions you may have.

Questions You May Be Asked When You Call

To establish whether you are eligible to make an application in the first place, the team at the Social Fund office may ask you the following questions:

  • Are you in Receipt of Income Support? – If you are currently unemployed and have been in receipt of income support for at least 26 weeks, you will almost certainly qualify for consideration for a budgeting loan from the Social Fund. This does not mean that your application will automatically be approved but it will at least be considered. If you have been unemployed for a shorter period of time, your eligibility may depend on whether you were in receipt of any other income-related benefits prior to losing your job.
  • Are You in Receipt of Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance? – If the answer to the first question is no, you may still qualify for consideration if you are receiving income-based Jobseekers Allowance and have been for the last 6 months. What they are trying to establish is whether you are in a position where a loan from the Social Fund is really necessary. For those who are out of work and have been for some time, this may well be the case.
  • Do You Receive Employment and Support Allowance? – If you are unfit to work owing to illness or disability and you are therefore in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance, you may also qualify for consideration for a budgeting loan. The same period of 26 weeks applies to this particular benefit as well.
  • Are You Being Paid Pension Credit? – If you are in receipt of pension credit and have been for the last 26 weeks or more, again, you may qualify for a budgeting loan. Retired people who cannot manage on the state pension they receive are often able to use Pension Credit to top up their income to a level where they can look after themselves financially.

It should be noted that if you have been claiming income-related benefits for more than 26 weeks but stopped claiming them for 28 days or less at any time during this period, you will still be eligible for consideration as far as a budgeting loan is concerned. Furthermore, it may be that you were in receipt of one of these benefits for less than 26 weeks and another for less than 26 weeks but the time you have been in receipt of income-related benefits still exceeds 26 weeks in total. If this is the case, you may still be able to apply for a loan.

What Type of Home Improvements May Qualify for a Budgeting Loan?

If you are going to call the Social Fund to ask them whether you are eligible to apply for a loan, you might as well ask them if the work you have in mind would be considered as essential or not. Generally speaking, a budgeting loan will only be granted for essential home improvement and repair projects such as mending a leaky roof, installing an inside bathroom, plumbing for running water, and other similar necessities.  However, there’s no need to wonder or guess: pick up the phone and dial the contact number now and you will soon have all the answers that you need.