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The Best Way To Get in Touch With Sky

If you’re looking to speak to Sky, you are among thousands who do so every single day. Whether it’s technical support, sales or any other department you need to get hold of, the chances are you’ll be waiting for a long time to speak with an adviser.  Customers contact Sky to ask questions, sign up for a service or make a complaint on a daily basis. The result? Many people sitting by their phones for extraordinary amounts of time, waiting to get the answer that they need.

At Contact Number UK, we make it easy for you to get through to your desired department including general customer services, complaints and sales. By using the number found on this site, you’ll be put through to the helpful support team almost instantly, cutting your waiting time in half.

Using this process really is as easy. So, whether you’re looking to sign up or you need support with your existing subscription, get in touch using the direct telephone number above.

What Products And Services Are on Offer?

Sky are the biggest providers of subscription TV in the country and offer all manner of fantastic services, from exclusive sport through to the latest movies. Many also love their selection of documentaries and entertainment programmes, plus many of the channels are shown in HD. To upgrade, it is often necessary to call the helpline, which is where our service comes into its own.

You won’t just find TV on Sky’s menu though. They also offer a whole range of other services to customers including landline telephones, fiber optic broadband to name but a few. Those bundling all of their services into one package often find that they are getting the best deal possible. It should be noted that, in order to get the best deal on your package, a phone call is sometimes necessary. This is because customer service representatives have the power to adapt deals and lower prices – something that the automated online system can’t do. By calling the phone number listed above, you won’t have to wait for ages in order to get your hands on these great deals as we’ll get you connected as quickly as possible.

Sky are constantly releasing new products and innovations onto the market such as their Sky Go app for iPhones, iPads and other devices. Sky subscribers are always the first to experience these, which is a great reason to sign up today if you haven’t done so already.

Is Sky Available in my Area?

All services are available in most areas across the UK, however on rare occasions you may find yourself unable to get one or more of Sky’s products. Using the helpline provided, you can find out whether you’ll be able to receive TV, broadband and landline in your area, how to get set up with satellite TV in your flat and much more. You can hear about planned and unplanned maintenance, and also check out expected internet speeds at your postcode in order to help you make your decision before joining.

Call Sky Direct

Should You Call Them?

As already mentioned, Sky receives thousands of phone calls every day, and they are for a variety of different reasons. Despite the fact that they have a huge number of customer service representatives, contacting Sky can sometimes take a pretty long time, as they simply can’t cope with the demand for their services. You can skirt around this problem of waiting by using our Sky contact number though, which is 0843 506 0356. If you want to contact Sky, it could be for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons to contact them though are:

  •        Upgrading your Sky TV subscription
  •        Technical support regarding TV, phone or broadband
  •        Cancelling your Sky package
  •        Complaining about the service that has been received
  •        Querying any concerns regarding your last bill
  •        Finding out about any new deals they are offering
  •        Paying bills for any of their services

When you call Sky for any of the above reasons, you are first going to need to navigate their labyrinth of options. Whether you need to contact Sky technical support, Sky sales or Sky customer service though, you’ll find that the number here on Contact Number UK gets you where you need to go – without the long wait you usually associate with calling this huge company.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

If you are looking to contact Sky, it makes absolutely no sense to spend ages waiting. So, why not call them using 0843 506 0356 and get through to them straight away? You’ll then get the answers you need far quicker, and will be free to spend the rest of your day doing something useful – like enjoying your favorite Sky TV programme, or surfing the web on Sky’s ultra-fast broadband!


Call Centre Opening Hours

It is possible to call Sky between 8:30am and 11:30pm, every day of the week. Normally it is best to call them at around midday, as most people are at work then, so the switchboard isn’t as jammed. By calling 0843 506 0356 though, you won’t have to worry when you call, as you’ll get straight through to Sky every time.

How to contact Sky

Calling Sky is undoubtedly the quickest way to get a response from them, especially when calling 0843 506 0356. They can also be contacted via live chat though, by visiting any page on the Sky website, plus they also have email and postal contact options as well. Do you really want to spend ages waiting for a reply though, when you could get one instantly by calling?

What can this company help with?

There are many reasons for contacting Sky, which have been outlined further up the page. Most contact them to discuss the options open to them with regards to TV, broadband or phone though, as they’re looking to sign up, change their package, or cancel it altogether. Whatever your reason for calling though, you’ll be able to get through straight away when using the number found here at Contact Number UK.

Do I Have to Join Contact Number UK in Order to Use Your Contact Numbers?

There is no sign up list on Contact Number UK. We make no requests for personal information, there’s no membership fees and nothing to join. We provide helpful, hard to find contact numbers for Sky and other companies free of charge and no strings attached. While you’re here getting the contact number for the Sky helpline take a few minutes and pick up our contact numbers for other major UK companies. They’re on the house so enjoy!

Can I Get in Trouble With Sky For Using This Number?

We get this question more than you might imagine. Folks think that we’re providing them an internal Sky number no one is supposed to have and whoever picks up the phone on the other end will be upset. Nothing could be further from the truth. The number we provide you here is a straight-up Sky customer services number; just one that is not out in the open for everyone to see. We did a lot of leg work to come up with this number for you and hope you use it to make your life a little easier.

I Have Sky Protect Plus. Can I Use This Number to Arrange a Service Call?

Sky Protect Plus covers you in case any of your Sky viewing devices are in need of service. This includes TVs, laptops, tablets, Xbox and PS consoles and also covers your minidish, cables, remotes, router and all Sky boxes in your home at the time you purchase the coverage. While Sky Protect Plus offers a dedicated number for customers, that number is typically jammed and you’ll spend the better part of your day holding the line. Use 0843 506 0356 instead and get through to a Sky Protect Plus customer service adviser in no time.

Can I Use This Number to Book a Move of My Sky+ or Sky Q Service?

If you plan to move and take your Sky+ or Sky Q service with you, you’ll need to contact a Sky representative directly and arrange the details with them. It’s not always possible to set up Sky Q at a new address as the service is still in its infancy and is being rolled out incrementally. We encourage you to use 0843 506 0356 to contact Sky about your Sky Q questions so that you’ll be clear what your options are before you move into your new home. Please be sure to call them at least 3 weeks prior to your planned move date to avoid problems.

I’m Having Problems With the “Introduce a Friend” Program.

Introduce a Friend is a Sky promotional program that provides rewards for customers that refer their friends to Sky. It’s an incredibly popular program but one that has had its fair share of technical glitches that have generated plenty of customer complaints and calls to Sky customer care. If you are experiencing any type of problem with the Introduce a Friend program, including not receiving your unique reference number or problems receiving your referral reward, use 0843 506 0356 to talk to someone straight away and get the resolution you’ve been seeking.

Can I Use This Number for Questions About Sky Fibre?

Of course. This number can be used to speak to a Sky Fibre representative and ask anything from questions about usage allowance, to carrying unused allowance from month to month, to questions about bundling the service with a TV package, pricing, bill disputes, switching from another provider and more. Don’t waste time and money holding the line on Sky’s standard number, use our less expensive and more effective 0843 number to connect quickly and get the answers you need.

I Have Questions About Sky’s New Remote. Can I get Information Using This Number?

Sure. Sky has developed a new easy grip accessible remote for their customers who may have a weak grip or those who are visually impaired. The new remote has a more tactile feel that allows for easier handling along with raised buttons and easy to read large text. The Strap version of the new remote comes with a handle that slides over the hand and lets you keep a firm grip on the device even if your own grip is not what it used to be. Use 0843 506 0356 to talk to a Sky technical support adviser about whether you might benefit from one of these new accessible remotes.

Can I Receive My Bill in a Different Form?

Sky can provide bills in alternative formats for the visually impaired. If you would like to receive your bill in a non-standard format call 0843 506 0356 and speak to a Sky representative. Monthly bills, contracts, welcome letters, Sky terms and conditions and more are available in a variety of formats including braille, large font, easy to read print and audio CDs.

Will I See a Big Charge on my Bill for Using This Number?

Absolutely not. Our 0843 number is intended to save you money, not cost you money. In almost every instance the number we provide you here will get you through to a Sky customer relations adviser faster and for considerably less than Sky’s own customer service contact numbers. This number is provided by Contact Number UK because we’ve all been there, hanging on the line indefinitely while the charges add up. We became convinced we could provide Sky customers with a better, cheaper alternative and that’s what we provide you with here.

Is Contact Number UK Owned by Sky?

No. Contact Number UK is an independent company that came about out of a desire to help consumers find better, faster, more dependable ways to contact major UK corporations, including Sky, with questions, concerns, product orders,merchant complaints and more. We have no affiliation with any of the companies we provide contact numbers for. Our only goal is to help turn what can be an annoying, difficult and inconvenient process into one that’s fast and trouble free for you.

Speak Directly to Sky Support Helpline

So, you’ve seen the reasons why you should contact Sky using the number provided here at Contact Number UK. All you have to do now is tap in 0843 506 0356 on your phone now, and you’ll be connected to a Sky representative in no time at all!

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Explained: The Many Different Sky TV Bundles

Sky is a company with many different business interests, however perhaps their best known is the subscription TV service they offer. Its popularity can be seen when you walk down any street in the country, with Sky dishes attached to many homes, however what can’t be seen are the bundles that people are taking advantage of. Below you’ll find details of the different Sky TV bundles though, so you can better understand what is on offer to you.

Before looking at the bundles though, it is important to remember that the prices quoted aren’t always the ones you’ll pay. This is because everyone should haggle hard with Sky when they are arranging a new TV subscription. So, when you contact Sky, don’t accept the first offer they make, as they’ll usually come back with a much better one.

The Original Bundle

This is the basic Sky TV bundle, but you’ll still find that you get absolutely loads of fantastic channels when you sign up. These channels include Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and MTV, as well as all of the freeview channels you would usually get. As it is the most basic bundle, it is also the cheapest. This means that you can get the Original Bundle for £20 per month, plus they are currently also offering a free 32” LG TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, or £100 to those signing up (this is also the case with all other bundles as well).

The Variety Bundle

This is the next step up, and offers everything included within the Original Bundle, as well as some fantastic extra channels. The most popular of these are probably the Discovery Channel and the Disney channels. It’s also great for those with kids, as it had many different channels especially designed for them, as well as loads of kids TV on demand. It’s £32 per month for new customers, however you might be able to haggle with them slightly.

The Family Bundle

The Family Bundle has everything found in the Variety Bundle, but comes with a great added extra – subscribers will be able to have access to over 300 box sets of different TV programmes, meaning that they’ll never be stuck for ideas when looking for something to watch. These include some of the biggest series ever made, such as The Sopranos, The Wire and 24. What’s more, it also features Sky 3D, however this is only useful for those with a 3D set. It will set new customers back £38 per month.

The Movies Bundle

As the name suggests, this is the bundle for big movie fans. Sky is known for getting most of the world’s biggest movies first, and you’ll often find films playing there that have only finished their cinema run a few weeks ago. The movies package can be added to any of the above bundles, and will cost new customers £18 per month. You’ll get 11 different movie channels for this price, as well as the ability to download loads of other movies whenever you want.

The Sports Bundle

Like the Movies Bundle, the Sports Bundle can be added to any of the main Sky packages, however it is more expensive, coming in at £27.50 per month, plus the cost of your initial bundle. The price does go down to £18 per month if you also purchase Sky Movies though. When you get the Sports Bundle, you’ll find that you have access to major sporting events such as the Premier League, Champions League and Formula 1, so it is well worth it for those who love sport.

The Complete Bundle

The Complete Bundle is not cheap, however it is the most comprehensive TV bundle provided by Sky. It gives you pretty much everything they have, meaning that you’ll get all of the channels, including their sports and movie channels, as well as the ability to download huge numbers of different TV shows and movies. The starting price of £80 per month is enough to scare many people away, however there are usually deals available, and you should be able to haggle down the price.

Sky Q

Sky Q is a new service offered by Sky, and it is for the most dedicated TV watchers. It is more expensive than standard Sky TV, however it allows you to record much more TV to your Sky box, plus it also gives access to various apps. The Sky Q Silver Bundle is the best Sky Q package on offer, and has the added benefits of coming with a Sky Q minibox so that TV can be watched in another room, and the ability to watch Sky TV on two different tablets.

Now you should understand the different TV packages offered by Sky, which will give you the information you need before you make the call to them. So, why not pick up the phone right now and see what Sky can do for you?

Sky and Virgin Media Receive the Fewest Complaints

A recent survey by Ofcom has shown that Sky and Virgin Media received the fewest complaints of all phone, TV and broadband providers during the last quarter. It was Sky who took the top place in the survey, however they were followed extremely closely by Virgin Media – the rest of the competition were miles away from getting close to the performance of these two companies.

The news will be welcomed by customers of these companies, while the companies themselves will also be extremely pleased – surely this news will prompt more people to take the plunge and join Sky or Virgin Media when their current contracts end? Of course, the report wasn’t good news for everyone though, as the poor performance of some companies was completely exposed by the survey, which will undoubtedly cause worry in the boardrooms.

Of all the different services surveyed, it was broadband that saw the most complaints across the board. Sky performed best, recording just 6 complaints per 100,000 customers, with Virgin Media receiving 7. The next closest was BT, with a score of 28. It was EE who got the worst score in this department, as the survey showed that they received a staggering 34 complaints per 100,000 customers during the last quarter. The result was still an improvement for EE though, who have narrowed the gap between them and the rest of the field.

When it comes to both subscription TV and landlines, Sky and Virgin Media were once again at the top of the pile, while Talk Talk had the indignity of finishing at the bottom of both lists. It should be mentioned that EE and Plusnet both performed well in the landline category though, improving their performance significantly since the last quarter.

The final area that was assessed was mobiles, and it was Tesco Mobile who came top of the list, with just 1 complaint per 100,000 customers, which is a pretty impressive figure. Vodafone performed extremely badly though, with the poor results being blamed on the introduction of a new billing system, which confused a number of their customers.

So, it’s clear that both Sky and Virgin Media have come out of this survey looking very good indeed. If you’d like to speak with either of them about joining, why not find their numbers at Contact Number UK and ring them today?

What Services Do Sky Offer to Customers?

Sky is a behemoth of the UK entertainment and telecommunications world, offering a massive number of different products to their customers. Not content with simply offering these services, they also manage to be the number one in many different areas, most notably when it comes to the provision of subscription TV. But exactly which services can you get when you make the call to Sky though? That’s exactly what this article will let you know…

Before speaking about the individual services though, there is one important point to make: those who sign up to more than one of Sky’s different services should find that the costs come down. The reason for this is simple: Sky wants to provide an incentive for you to use more and more of their services, making them more money and taking money away from their competitors. So, if you’re thinking about joining one Sky service, it might be a good idea to look into the others as well.

Now it’s time to take a look at the different services they provide though, starting with undoubtedly the most popular one they offer…


Sky offers the biggest subscription TV service in the country, and you’ll see Sky dishes hanging from the sides of people’s homes from Scotland to Cornwall. There are many different TV packages on offer, which ensures that everyone’s interests and budgets are accounted for, and customers are able to add new aspects to their package at any point. Some of the more popular channels they have are Sky 1, Sky Movies and Sky Sports, with the latter showing the majority of televised Premier League football, as well as various other major sporting events.

Most people now have Sky HD, which leads to a higher quality picture, however there are still some people who opt for a standard Sky subscription, for which there are still many compatible channels. They have also recently introduced a new product – SkyQ – which allows people to store programmes on their mobile device, as well as pause live TV before then resuming the programme on a different television. Finally, they offer a large catch-up service, whereby people can watch programmes that they might initially have missed.


Broadband is another of Sky’s major services, and they are able to offer both standard broadband and fibre broadband, with the latter only available to those in compatible areas. All broadband contracts are for 12 months, and all but the standard fibre package have unlimited downloads. Those with a penchant for fast broadband speeds will certainly be happy, as their standard broadband boasts speeds of up to 17MB, while their fibre broadband can be as fast as 38MB.

When you sign up with Sky Broadband, they will send you a free router as part of the deal, however there is a £6.99 delivery charge for it. It should be noted that those looking to sign up with Sky Broadband will also have to get their landline from Sky, which currently comes with a cost of £17.99 per year.


Sky’s landline package is called Sky Talk and, as already mentioned, has to be signed up to if you want broadband from Sky. The basic charge is £17.99 a month, however they also offer a number of add-ons, designed for people with specific phone use habits. The main extra service offered is Evenings & Weekends Extra, which allows unlimited numbers of evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and mobiles for just £4 per month. It should be noted that these calls can only have a maximum duration of one hour, however to avoid this you simply need to hang up after 59 minutes, then call straight back.

There are some other features of the basic Sky Talk package that are worth mentioning. Firstly, it comes complete with automatic number withhold, which can be activated at any time simply by requesting it. They also offer caller display as part of their package. If you don’t have voicemail on your phone, you can also pay £1.25 per month to use Sky’s voicemail service – simply access it by calling 1571.

So, as you can see Sky offers a massive number of different services to everyone in the UK, and all of these services are certainly of the highest quality. Nearly everyone who signs up with Sky is completely happy with the service that they receive, and doesn’t ever leave. Isn’t it about time you found the Sky contact number at Contact Number UK and called them?

Sky Strikes Major Deal with Sony

Sky has just signed a major deal with Sony, which gives them the right to show many huge films up to a year before other broadcasters get the chance. This is clearly a massive coup for the Sky corporation, and is applicable for all of their services throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany and Italy.

But what does this new deal really mean? Well, it essentially means that Sky will now be showing films by Sony earlier than ever before, so those who don’t have the time to get out to the cinema will be able to catch their favourite films only shortly after others have seen them. These films will almost certainly be made available first on the Sky Store platform, before then being released on Sky’s major film channels. It isn’t known whether they’ll be immediately available to buy on DVD from Sky though, or whether this will happen at the same time as other stores.

The deal comes shortly after Sky introduced their newest package, which is named SkyQ. This allows customers to store programmes on mobile devices to watch wherever they happen to be, plus it also allows them to pause a programme in one room, before continuing to watch it in another. This new addition to the Sky line-up is one of the main reasons why analysts predict that Sky’s upcoming quarterly results will show an increase of around 80,000 new subscribers and, more importantly to the people running Sky, a profit increase of around 11%.

Of course, nobody should be surprised by Sky’s willingness to spend big to secure the best programmes and films for their customers. Just last year they spent a massive £4.2 billion in order to show 126 Premier League games per year until 2019, which is a sum no other TV company in the UK would be able to match. Even BT were only able to afford to show 42 matches a year, while those with terrestrial TV have to simply make do with highlights.

So, if you are a film fan and want to see the best films from Sony as quickly as possible, shouldn’t you contact Sky today and start a Sky Movies subscription? Sky offer deals on a regular basis, so you might be lucky and get films for much less than you otherwise expected…