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PayPal is the world’s biggest online payment service used not only by millions in the UK, but by tens of millions throughout the world. Because they deal with people’s money, you’ll probably understand that they have to field thousands and thousands of phone calls every single day, many of which are people complaining that they have been unfairly treated by a merchant, or by PayPal themselves. Before anyone can speak with a PayPal customer service representative though, they will almost certainly need to wait patiently in a long queue, but this final issue can be resolved by calling via 0843 506 0366.

0843 506 0366 is a number unique to Contact Number UK, and has one absolutely massive advantage – it allows you to skip the PayPal queue, and get straight through to a member of the PayPal customer services team. Yes, that’s right – no more boring waits, but instead a quick and easy phone call, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your day. What’s more, 0843 506 0366 is a low cost number, so it won’t cost you loads of money when you use it.

Calling PayPal using the number found at Contact Number UK is simple, and there are no catches – no subscriptions required, nor any requirement to even provide your email. Just tap the number into your phone and get calling. You’ll then be put straight through to a PayPal advisor, regardless of the reason you need to call. Why call PayPal using any other number than 0843 506 0366?

About Paypal

PayPal is the world’s biggest company for online payments, processing millions and millions of pounds of transactions every day. It used to be a part of eBay, and accounting for a huge percentage of eBay’s profits, however it is now a wholly independent company. It is used by customers in nearly every country in the world. As well as online payments, they also now offer offline payments as well, such as PayPal credit cards. Their profit totals nearly £1 billion per year.

Those calling PayPal from the UK will be put through to a customer service centre based in Ireland, and the representatives are generally extremely helpful. They certainly don’t have enough staff members to deal with the huge volume of calls coming into their customer service department though, which is why large queues are commonplace. As already mentioned though, you can avoid these queues by calling via 0843 506 0366, which is also a low cost phone number.

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Should you call them?

Due to the size of PayPal and the way in which they impact on the online world of man people, there are loads of different reasons why someone might want to call PayPal. The vast majority of them will revolve around money though, so the calls are generally pretty important ones, and need to be answered as quickly as possible – something that doesn’t always happen when calling using the regular PayPal number. That’s why you should absolutely ensure that you call using 0843 506 0366 instead, unless you want to waste a significant part of your day trying to get through.

Of course, there are some more common reasons for trying to get through to PayPal though – reasons that are given by hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. These include:

  •         Querying a recent account transaction
  •         Reporting suspicious activity on an account
  •         Complaining that a product hasn’t been delivered
  •         Finding out information about PayPal’s charges
  •         Changing details attached to a PayPal account

There are many other reasons why you might want to call PayPal though. Regardless of your reason though, PayPal request that you call via one number though, which leads to massive queues. Call using 0843 506 0366 though and you’ll have your call answered straight away. At Contact Number UK, we make your PayPal customer service experience that much easier.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, if you need to contact PayPal for any reason, the number you need to call is pretty clear – it’s 0843 506 0366. With low call charges and the ability to get you through to a customer service representative in a matter of seconds, it’s no wonder so many people choose to use the number offered by Contact Number UK every day!



Call Centre Opening Hours

It is possible to call PayPal between the hours of 8am and 10pm from Monday through to Friday. They are also open between 8am and 9pm on Saturdays, and 9am and 9pm on Sundays. You should be aware that if you’re calling about claims or limitations, the lines close at 8:30pm on weekdays, and 6:30pm on weekends. Whatever time you decide to call though, make sure you ring using 0843 506 0366, as this number will get you through to PayPal straight away.

How to contact PayPal

PayPal can also be contacted via email, however a reply using this form of communication can take up to 24 hours – not ideal when looking to get a quick response. There is also a postal address, however this will take even longer to get an answer. As with most sites, they’d prefer that you find out the answers on your own though, by looking through their FAQ section. The problem with this is simple though: it doesn’t give the answers most people want to know.

What can this company help with?

PayPal is a site dedicated to your money, and it has links to your bank accounts. Therefore, if you suspect that there are any problems with your account, you need to contact PayPal straight away and have them dealt with. When it comes to your money, there really is no stupid reason for making that call.

Speak Directly to PayPal Support Helpline

So, all you need to do now is type in 0843 506 0366 on your phone and call PayPal, avoiding the long queues and boring waits in the process. Why not make your call to PayPal today, and find out why so many people use the numbers provided here at Contact Number UK?

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What is PayPal Credit and How is it Used?

PayPal, the world’s best known online payment system, has recently launched PayPal Credit in the UK. While there has been much talk of this new feature, many people simply don’t know exactly what it is though, nor do they know how they can start using it. This article will guide you through the basics of this new service, before then explaining in simple terms how to get started with PayPal Credit. Once you’ve finished reading, you should have more than enough knowledge to use PayPal Credit with confidence.

Of course, it is impossible to provide answers to every possible question about PayPal Credit in this article though. Therefore, if you still have queries that need answering, you should contact PayPal and speak to one of their customer service team. You’ll find a PayPal contact number here at Contact Number UK, and it will get you through to the person you need to speak with.

What is PayPal Credit?

As the name suggests, PayPal Credit is a scheme that allows you to buy now and pay later for items when shopping online. This means that it is essentially the same as a credit card, without the accompanying plastic that has to be carried around. Unlike a standard PayPal account though, PayPal Credit isn’t open to everyone in the UK. Instead, those wanting to use it will have to go through an application process, much as they would when applying for a Visa or MasterCard. As soon as someone is approved, they will instantly have credit applied to their account.

But what about the things that really matter, such as fees and credit limits? Well, these are things that you’ll have to find out when applying, as they will vary from person to person. Generally speaking though, the APR isn’t astronomical, plus there are often promotional offers that can be taken advantage of. There are a few fees that are set though. The first of these is a £12 charge for a late payment, while the next is also £12, which is charged when you have insufficient funds to make a purchase. There’s also a flat £5 charge should you request a printed copy of a previous statement.

How to Start Using PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit is only available to those with a PayPal account, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to set one up. The process is free and doesn’t take long. You’ll need to provide some personal details, including a bank account, however PayPal is incredibly secure and your details will be safe when stored with them. Once you have set up a PayPal account, you can then start the process of getting PayPal Credit.

As already mentioned, you need to be approved for PayPal Credit, however it is easy to apply. The form is a short one and only requires small amounts of personal and financial information. Once you’ve completed it, just press the “Apply” button. You will then receive a decision straight away, although you will still have the option to accept or decline their offer.

Once you’ve been accepted for PayPal Credit, you are free to start using it. This payment option is available at most places accepting PayPal as a payment method. If you would like to use this as your preferred payment method, you can set it as this in your settings, or alternatively you can leave your preferred method as your bank account. As with a normal credit card, you’ll need to make monthly repayments, however you’ll get a handy reminder from PayPal when a payment is due. Don’t miss the payment though, otherwise you will be charged.

If you are concerned that PayPal Credit is not as secure as many other major payment methods, there’s no need to worry. PayPal offers comprehensive security to all its users, including their Purchase Protection program and their Zero Fraud Liability. The latter means that you will not have to pay anything should your account be used fraudulently. If you would like to find out more about the security offered by PayPal, it is discussed at length on this page. Suffice to say though, PayPal wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t offer the highest level of security to all of its users.

So, that should be enough to get you started with PayPal Credit, the new service recently launched by PayPal in the UK. If you want to find out more about it, why not contact PayPal using the number found here at Contact Number UK?