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Even if you aren’t planning on going abroad anytime soon, you should still have a passport. It makes for valuable ID in many different situations, and means that you can jet off at the last minute, without having to panic about getting one. In order to get your hands on a passport, you might well need to call the Passport Office contact number, in order to speak with one of their customer service team – but it can sometimes be quite tough finding the number anywhere online…

There’s no need to spend ages searching for the Passport Office contact number anymore though, as you’ll find it right here at Contact Number UK. Don’t worry about the cost of calling the Passport Office either, as the number on this site is a low cost number, therefore meaning that you won’t get a shock when your next phone bill arrives. It will also allow you to get through to any department you need, once you have gone through the automated system found on the Passport Office phone line.

If you are planning on going away, you might also need to contact a number of other companies as well, such as insurance companies, just to make sure everything is in order. It’s also possible you might need to contact your airline, and we have numbers for many of them on this site, including Ryanair and EasyJet. Why not store them in your phone, just in case you need to use them on the day you’re due to fly?

About Passport Office 

The Passport Office is a part of the Home Office, and is the organization that gives (and occasionally takes away) passports to citizens of the UK. Many people don’t know it, but since 2008 they have also been responsible for issuing birth, death and marriage certificates, therefore giving another reason why people might want to get in touch with the Passport Office. Of course, their main purpose is still the issuing of passports though, and this is why the vast majority of people contact them.

In order to get a passport, the majority of the work can be done online, however you will need to print and sign a form at the end, before sending it to the Passport Office. Despite this almost entirely online process, many people still have to contact them on a daily basis, to get help with the form or ask questions about specific aspects of it. What’s more, many people search for ages to find this important number, but that isn’t necessary anymore, as it can be found easily, right here at Contact Number UK.

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Should you call them?

If you need to contact the Passport Office, you are probably in need of a new passport, or want to get your hands on your first ever one. Regardless of the reason, speaking to the Passport Office will almost certainly be an important call, so you shouldn’t wait. Instead, you should call them today, suing the number found here at Contact Number UK. By calling them soon, you’ll get rid of any worries you have about your passport, and can keep planning for your next holiday.

There are some reasons for contacting the Passport Office that are more commonly seen than others though, but what are they? You’ll find five of the more commonly seen reasons listed below…

  •         Getting help with online forms
  •         Finding out when a passport will be delivered
  •         Complaining about the Passport Office
  •         Getting information about passports
  •         Ordering a birth, death or marriage certificate

You should remember that the Passport Office contact number can sometimes be quite busy, so you might have to wait in a queue when you call. This queue shouldn’t take too long though, so you should be through to a customer service advisor pretty quickly. Phoning them will still certainly be quicker than sending a letter or emailing them though.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, shouldn’t you contact the Passport Office today, and get any questions or concerns you might have out of the way? The number found at Contact Number UK will get you through to the department you need, meaning you won’t have so many concerns before you head away on your next holiday.



Call Centre Opening Hours

It is possible to contact the Passport Office between the hours of 8am and 8pm from Monday through to Friday. Those calling on a weekend or public holiday will be able to speak with them between 9am and 5:30pm. Weekends are usually the busier times, while calling early on a weekday should lead to the least chance of having to queue.

How to contact the Passport Office

Many people also choose to use the online contact form found on the HM Passport Office website, however you won’t receive a particularly fast reply if you choose to do so. It is also possible to send them a letter, and the address is found on their site. Once again though, this won’t lead to a fast response. The fastest response will be gained when calling them, so shouldn’t you use the phone when you next need to speak with the Passport Office?

What can this company help with?

You should phone the Passport Office if you have any concerns about your passport. You should also call them about birth, death and marriage certificates, as they are now also responsible for issuing these. Whatever your reason for calling, you’ll be able to get through when using the number found here at Contact Number UK.

Speak Directly to the Passport Office Support Helpline

Now you have all of the information needed in order to contact the Passport Office. So, why not pick up that phone today and speak to one of their customer service team?

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Hard Times at the Passport Office Could Ground Unsuspecting Travelers

The issuing of passports in the British Isles goes back more than 600 years to the Safe Conducts Act of 1414. For many years passports were signed by the monarch until, in the late 18th century, the job fell to the Secretary of State. Passports became standardised in 1855 and began to sport a photograph in 1914. Today British passports are fairly deluxe affairs that contain biometric information related to facial, iris and fingerprint recognition on a contactless smart card on the inside cover of the passport. There are currently some 49 million valid British passports in use.

A British passport can be issued to any person holding one of the various types of British nationality. If you hold a British passport you are entitled to either visa-free of visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories worldwide, which is tied for first with Germany in that regard.

If you’re planning to travel abroad in 2016 and need to either renew your passport or apply for a new one however, you may be in for a bit of a surprise as the Passport Office has yet to effectively clear what’s become a seemingly chronic backlog of applications first exposed in mid-2014.

Backlogs and the Blame Game

In 2014 many were keen to blame the backlog on the closure of 7 passport offices throughout the world and the transfer of their responsibilities to the Passport Office here in the UK. That notion however seemed to gloss over the fact that overall passport applications had surged in recent years. Union leaders were quick to blame the backlog and the attendant delays on the fact that 550 people were let go from the Passport Office and their workload assumed by the remaining staff who quickly became “burned out”.  While still others blamed the surge in applications on an improving economy.

Whatever the exact cause the fact is that the Passport Office is now all too often missing their target of turning around passport renewals within 3 weeks and new passport applications within 6 weeks of their being received. As a result many would-be travellers who put off applying for their new or renewed passport until the last minute are finding their travel plans have been put in jeopardy. And many who need to desperately talk to someone at the Passport Office are finding that delays are not exclusive to the issuance of passports but to the answering of phones as well.

What Can You Do?

If your passport application has taken longer than expected you need to talk to someone to find out what is going on and when you can expect to receive your new or renewed passport. Simply sitting back and letting the chips fall where they may is not an option when expensive travel plans are hanging in the balance. Although the passport chief has publicly apologised for the delays apologies won’t help you much when your departure date arrives and you still don’t have your travel documents in hand.

With so many people’s travel plans in limbo and so many others potentially affected by the backlog of unprocessed applications the Passport Office help lines have become even more jammed than usual. Extensive and even indefinite waits have become commonplace with many people simply giving up after waiting for an hour or more to get through to voice their questions and concerns. Fortunately today the published help numbers on the Passport Office website are not your only option.

Contact Number UK: Real Help for Anxious Travelers

If you need to speak to someone at the Passport Office Contact Number UK has a low cost 0843 number that will get you through so you can obtain the information you urgently need. If you’ll be needing to adjust your travel plans you’ll need to call your airline and others as well and we have dependable and affordable contact numbers for them too. While you’re here picking up the number for the passport office spend a few minutes more and get the other contact numbers you’ll be needing as well. It will help facilitate the speedy resolution of all your travel issues.

Contact Number UK was founded on the principles of convenience, effectiveness and affordability and we strive each and every day to provide you the contact numbers you need in accordance with those principles. Don’t spend another day wondering what’s become of your passport application, call them using our number and find out. We’re here to help you set things right.