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If you receive parcel deliveries regularly, you’ll almost certainly have had Parcelforce knocking on your door. Even if you don’t get parcels delivered often, you’ll still probably have seen Parcelforce vans on the road, eager to deliver their parcels to locations throughout the UK. As one of the largest delivery companies in the UK, Parcelforce are contacted by people on a massively regular basis, as they look to find out where a parcel is, arrange for a delivery, or speak to the Parcelforce customer service team about one of many different topics. Finding a number isn’t always the easiest task, but at Contact Number UK we’ve made that task a simpler one…

This is because we have a convenient contact number for Parcelforce, which can be used by absolutely anyone. It will get you through to the department you need to speak with, and it is also a low cost number, so you won’t have to spend huge amounts of money when you need to speak with this company. After all, why should it cost you lots of money just for the pleasure of speaking to a member of their team? So, if you need to contact Parcelforce, why not pick up the phone right now and dial the number found here at Contact Number UK?

Using the number is really easy, as there are no tricks attached to it, such as having to give us your email address or suchlike. All you have to do is copy the number from the top of the page into your phone and make the call. Once you’ve pressed the “Call” button, you should be speaking to a member of the Parcelforce team in no time at all. Don’t forget that we also have contact numbers for many of the UK’s other biggest companies, so why not look around the site and note down some of those numbers as well?

About Parcelforce 

Parcelforce is one of the UK’s biggest parcel delivery companies, and delivers a massive amount of parcels every day to locations throughout the UK. It also delivers parcels worldwide, using a delivery partner network. It is owned by the Royal Mail Group, and used to be called Royal Mail Parcels, until the name was changed in 1990. With a large number of depots, they are able to deliver parcels in an incredibly quick time. Recent investments have meant that even more processing centres are being opened, which can only be a good thing for those looking to get parcels delivered.

Certain groups of people, such as students, are able to get significant reductions when sending a parcel using Parcelforce, plus they also offer a Loyalty Scheme for regular customers, which can really help to bring down costs. With all of the services they offer though, combined with the high number of customers they have, it means that many people need to contact Parcelforce every day, which can lead to the lines becoming busy. If you call and get caught in a queue though, you shouldn’t have to wait too long before your call is answered.

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Should you call them?

You might need to contact Parcelforce for one of many different reasons, ranging from following up an urgent delivery through to simply getting some information about their charges. Whatever your reason for calling is though, you’ll be able to get through to the correct department when you call using the Parcelforce contact number found here at Contact Number UK. So, even if you don’t need to call Parcelforce right now, why not save the number to your phone, just in case you need to call them at any point in the future?

There are, of course, some more commonly seen reasons for contacting Parcelforce though, and you’ll find some of them listed below…

  •         Arranging delivery of a parcel
  •         Enquiring about the whereabouts of a parcel
  •         Changing a delivery date
  •         Complaining about the service
  •         Finding information about delivery costs

When you do call Parcelforce, you should find that you are dealt with by a friendly and knowledgeable member of the Parcelforce customer service team, and that any problems or concerns you have are remedied quickly. Of course, it might sometimes be the case that you aren’t satisfied with the answer you receive though, in which case you should ask to speak with a supervisor. Don’t get angry in this situation though, as it will probably lead to a less satisfactory resolution to your call.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

Now you have all of the information you need to call Parcelforce – including a convenient and low cost contact number for them. So, if you need to contact Parcelforce today, why not pick up the phone and make the call?



Call Centre Opening Hours

The Parcelforce customer service team is available to take calls between the hours of 8am and 7pm from Monday through to Friday, 8:30am and 5pm on Saturdays, and 9am until 5pm on Sundays. It is shut on Public Holidays and Bank Holidays though.

How to contact Parcelforce

There are a number of ways to contact Parcelforce, however none are as good as picking up the phone and calling them. The Help and Advice section of their site only offers answers to specific questions; emailing them will lead to slower responses; and contacting them via Twitter won’t allow you to ask particularly detailed questions. So, if you have a question, it makes sense to call Parcelforce.

What can this company help with?

You should phone Parcelforce if you have any questions about sending or receiving a parcel using their service. You should also call them as soon as possible if you are concerned about the whereabouts of a parcel.

Speak Directly to Parcelforce Support Helpline

Now all you need to do is contact Parcelforce using the phone number found here at Contact Number UK. Don’t forget: our number is low cost, so you won’t have to pay large amounts of money when you call this large delivery company.

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Checking Parcelforce Delivery Times

If you have a parcel that needs to be delivered as soon as possible, Parcelforce, with a national and global network of delivery partners, is sure to be on your radar. Part of the Royal Mail, they have been providing UK customers with a first-class parcel delivery service for decades and are undoubtedly one of the most reliable companies in the industry. You can visit their website to find out what sort of delivery services they have to offer and you can even find live service updates there too. However, if you have a parcel that simply must reach its destination before a certain time, the best thing to do is to call Parcelforce and check whether they can deliver!

The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with a member of the customer service team is to use the Parcelforce contact number we have saved for you. All calls are charged at the same low rate, no matter where in the United kingdom you happen to be, so you can spend as much time as necessary on the phone, establishing whether your needs can be met. Before you call the Parcelforce team, there are a few facts you should get straight in your mind.

Preparing for Your Parcelforce Call

To make sure that you are in possession of all the pertinent facts at the end of your call, you should have the following information to hand before you dial the number:

      1. Destination – If you have the full destination address, it will be much easier for the customer service team to check whether there are currently any  service issues that could cause a delay in the delivery of your parcel. The postcode is the most important component of the address but you should have all the details to hand before you make your call.

      2.  Weight & Dimensions of the Parcel – The best delivery service for your needs will depend to a certain extent on the size and weight of your parcel. The customer service team will need these figures so they can calculate the total cost of delivery and this information will also help them to recommend the most economical way in which you can guarantee the safe arrival of your parcel within your desired timeframe.

      3. Your Budget – Whilst some people may be prepared to pay whatever it takes to ensure their parcel arrives on time, others will have a budget that they cannot exceed. If you belong to the latter group, you should let the customer service team know just how much you are happy to pay so they can suggest an appropriate service that will meet your needs without exceeding your budget. In the event that it is not possible to deliver the parcel within the desired timeframe for the amount you are willing to spend, you will have to decide whether to increase your budget or accept a later delivery date.

     4. Your Location – Just as important as the destination is of course the address from which the parcel will be sent. It may be that you intend to drop it off at the nearest post office, in which case you should inform the customer service team of the full name and address of the branch in question. On the other hand, if you wish to book a collection from your home or business address, you should let the team know the exact location that you would like the parcel to be collected from.

Anticipating and Solving Delivery Problems

The nature of the goods in the parcel you wish to send may cause certain issues, whether you are sending it to another address in the United Kingdom or to an overseas destination. If, for example, you need to send a set of kitchen knives via the Parcelforce service, they will need to be packed in such a way as to ensure they do not pose a danger to the delivery team. If you wish to send foodstuffs or other restricted goods overseas, you will need to make sure you are not contravening any laws by checking first with the relevant authorities in the destination country and also with the HM Revenue and Customs office in the UK.

The Parcelforce team may be able to answer some of your questions regarding restricted goods but they may also ask you to make certain checks yourself, just to be on the safe side. Call the contact number now and make sure that you have all the information you need.