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My Hermes is a service provided by Hermes, which allows customers to pick their parcels up from specific locations, as well as have parcels collected from their doorstep and delivered to their specified destination. This service is used by a huge number of different people every single year, with the vast majority being incredibly happy with the service they receive. Of course, there are often reasons to contact them, which is why having their contact number to hand is often an incredibly good idea.

If you need to contact My Hermes though, you might find that you can’t find their contact number online. The result? You end up frantically searching around for it, often wasting much of your day doing so. You don’t need to have this problem anymore though, as you’ll find the number right here at Contact Number UK. What’s more, it is a low rate number, so calling My Hermes won’t lead to you being charged huge amounts of money. What more could you possibly ask for in terms of a contact number for this company?

Using this number really couldn’t be easier, as you simply need to type it into your phone and start the call. There are no catches whatsoever, which means that your next call to My Hermes will be as easy as possible. If you need to contact one of the other big delivery companies in the UK, we might well have their number as well, so why don’t you check through the rest of this site to see?

About My Hermes

Hermes is a German delivery company, however it also has a massive presence in the UK, delivering around 200 million parcels every year. Most of their couriers are independent, working for Hermes on a franchise or ad-hoc basis. The company is used by many of the UK’s largest businesses, including Tesco, Debenhams, ASOS, John Lewis and ASDA. The My Hermes service is an extension of their company, and it requires customers to pick up parcels from a specific location, thus cutting down on the hassle of getting a parcel delivered to a particular premise.

In order to facilitate this service, My Hermes has a network of over 3,500 pick-up locations throughout the country. They aim to add another 1,000 in the near future. The locations of these pick-up points are varied, ranging from local supermarkets through to petrol stations and shopping centres. The result is that there is almost certainly a My Hermes ParcelShop somewhere near to you. If there isn’t, you might need to use their standard parcel delivery service instead, which will deliver straight to your door.

Call My Hermes Direct

Should you call them?

My Hermes receives a large number of calls every day, from customers wanting to find out information regarding a parcel they have sent, or one that they are waiting to receive. This means that they can often be quite busy, thus resulting in people having to wait in a short queue before their call is answered. The number found at Contact Number UK won’t allow you to jump these queues, but at least you won’t have to waste time looking for the number in the first place.

Of course, there are some more commonly found reasons for contacting My Hermes, and these reasons include:

  •         Enquiring about a delivery’s whereabouts
  •         Requesting a parcel be picked up
  •         Asking about costs
  •         Complaining about their service
  •         Informing them of a lost or damaged parcel

Like most companies, My Hermes has an automated system when you call, which they use to ensure that your call is directed to the right department. Once you get through to the My Hermes customer service team, you’ll find that they are generally pretty helpful and will resolve any problems quickly. They have been criticised in the past for having poor customer service, however this has been remedied in recent years.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

If you have any questions or concerns about a parcel or delivery – regardless of whether you are sending or receiving the parcel – you should get in touch with My Hermes as soon as possible. This process has been made even easier by the fact that the My Hermes contact number can be found here at Contact Number UK, so why not call them today?



Call Centre Opening Hours

My Hermes has reasonably long opening hours, with customers able to contact them between the hours of 8am and 8pm on weekdays, and between 8am and 6pm on weekends. There isn’t really a quieter time to contact them, as people are always sitting at home waiting for their parcel to be delivered. This means that there is always the chance that you’ll hit a particularly busy period and have to wait in a queue for a while.

How to contact My Hermes

There are two other ways in which you can contact My Hermes, namely email and live chat. Neither of these are as effective as contacting them via the phone though, as they don’t lead to the chance to discuss a problem in-depth. There’s also no personal touch, which is often vital when trying to get a complaint or problem resolved. So, ring My Hermes using the number found at this site, as you should get the best possible result.

What can this company help with?

You should call My Hermes whenever you have a concern regarding a parcel, plus you should also ring them whenever you have a complaint. It is also worth ringing them when arranging to have a parcel collected, as you might find that you get a better price, or they might have a special deal available for you.

Speak Directly to My Hermes Support Helpline

If you need to talk to My Hermes for any reason, make sure you call them using the number found here at Contact Number UK. With low costs, it is a cheap and easy way to connect with My Hermes today.

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Can You Run a Package Delivery Service Without Phones? Ask myHermes

In response to the increasing popularity of online shopping and the demand this created for package delivery systems myHermes was brought into being in 2009 by the more traditional delivery company Hermes UK. It quickly leapt to the fore of online C2C delivery solutions with its two-day service which is conducted through its nationwide network of brick and mortar parcel shops and its three-day service which collects packages from the customer’s home. Today there are more than 4,500 myHermes parcel shops nationwide, typically open from 8-8, 7 days a week.

The New World of Business

Although myHermes deals in time sensitive and often expensive real-world parcel deliveries there is, perhaps surprisingly, virtually no way to call myHermes to complain about a missed pickup or botched delivery. The company maintains that its network of independent delivery contractors carry their own mobile phones in case of emergency but not for package delivery clients to get in touch with them. Because of this it’s no surprise that the bulk of complaints about myHermes focus on the fact that getting in touch with a human to talk about what happened to a specific package is nearly impossible.

The company’s own website washes their corporate hands of the whole talking-to-a-human issue by stating that that if you want to talk to myHermes about a problem you’re welcome to utilize their webchat system or send them an email. They then, perhaps just a tad disingenuously, pose the question “How would you like to contact us”. (By phone would be nice.)

Brick and Mortar Business Meets Virtual Customer Service

myHermes then is a fairly good representation of the new world of hybrid businesses that operate almost exclusively in the real world yet aggressively tout their 21st century credentials and try to direct customer attention to their virtual business tools. “Have a problem with our package pick up? Send us an email!”

Because myHermes is a well-funded offshoot of an established delivery company (the aforementioned Hermes UK) they’re almost able to pull off this high wire act simply by being dependable enough that most packages get delivered on time like they should. It’s when the real world of lost packages and missed pickups intervenes however that the virtual customer service system is exposed for what it is: a largely inadequate way to handle time sensitive issues.

Identifying the Need

If there were an easy to find, dependable way to contact the company in the event of a package delivery emergency their primary focus on webchats and emails wouldn’t be much of an issue. But trying to find a number, any number, to use to get in touch with the company more often than not winds up being a needle-in-the-haystack exercise. Some have found contact numbers buried deep within third party websites like PayPal but these have a reputation for creating long, often fruitless periods of holding the line.

What customers want more than anything else when it comes to companies handling their valuable packages is accountability. It’s great to know that a company has thousands of drop off locations and a long list of delivery options, and it’s nice to know they have a commendable on time delivery record. But none of that is a substitute for taking responsibility for other people’s property during the delivery process. And accountability is best expressed by the company being willing to match an aggrieved customer up with a knowledgeable staff member who can help.

Enter Contact Number UK

The good news is that Contact Number UK is here to provide you an easy method for obtaining a number to call myHermes – as well as most other large public and private business entities in the UK – and get your issue straightened out. We’ve put in the thousands of man-hours needed to uncover little known but effective contact numbers that will allow you to leave the frustrating world of webchat and emails behind once and for all. Best of all our 0843 number is typically far more affordable than other customer service numbers, (if you have the good fortune to actually find any).  

myHermes has rushed in to fill the package delivery gap created by the surge in online retailing. For the most part they’ve done an outstanding job and deserve credit for identifying and filling a pressing need. Now, with Contact Number UK on your side you can do business with myHermes confident in the knowledge that you’ll never be left out in the customer service cold should something go wrong with your package delivery.