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Job Centre Plus is an absolutely huge UK organisation, helping people throughout the country get back into work or claim the benefits that they’re entitled to. Of course, work and benefits are two of the most emotive subjects around though, so they often receive huge numbers of call each and every day, leading to massive queues as people try to get through to speak with them. Queues are the last thing you want when you have a vital question to ask though, so why not skip them altogether by calling using 0843 506 0365? This number will whisk you past the queues instantly, and get you straight through to the department you need to speak with.

There’s no need to worry about calling 0843 506 0365 costing you loads of money either, as this is a low cost number, and not one of the insanely expensive numbers touted by some other sites out there. The result? You can get through to a Job Centre Plus customer service representative both quickly and cheaply, and get your question answered or problem resolved. Is it any wonder that so many people visit Contact Number UK each and every day?

You might think that there’s going to be a catch when you call 0843 506 0365 – something that gets in the way and makes the process either more expensive or more awkward. There isn’t though. We simply want to give you an easy way to contact Job Centre Plus, so you don’t have to play the waiting game when it comes to your extremely important question or concern. Why not see for yourself though and dial 0843 506 0365 the next time you need to speak with a Job Centre Plus customer service advisor?

About Job Centre Plus

Job Centre Plus is a branch of the Department for Work and Pensions, and deals with offering support to those who are out of work. This comes in many forms, from arranging training programs through to assisting with finding work opportunities. Those claiming certain benefits have to meet with advisors at Job Centre Plus on a regular basis, and not attending these meetings (or completing the required steps) can lead to a person’s unemployment benefit being taken from them. This is perhaps the main reason why people need to urgently speak with Job Centre Plus.

Those contacting Job Centre Plus will be put through to an English call centre, however this call centre really doesn’t have the ability to deal with the massive amount of calls it gets every day. This means that waiting times exceeding an hour are not uncommon, and do you really want to be waiting on hold for this ridiculous amount of time?

Call Job Centre Plus Direct

Should you call them?

The reasons for call Job Centre Plus are long and varied, ranging from cancelling an appointment through to querying a recent decision made by them. These calls can also be about anything from Universal Credit through to ESA, and from Jobseeker’s Allowance through to Income Support. Whatever the reason for calling though, it is going to be important, as Job Centre Plus is vital when it comes to the standard of living of many people. So, if anyone feels that they’ve missed out, they’ll certainly be calling as soon as they can. Of course, there are some commonly seen reasons why people decide they need to contact Job Centre Plus though, and these include:

  •         Finding out if you are eligible for benefits
  •         Informing Job Centre Plus about a change in circumstances
  •         Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment
  •         Querying a recent payment
  •         Responding to correspondence received from Job Centre Plus

Regardless of your reason for placing a call to Job Centre Plus though, you should ensure that you call using 0843 506 0365. The number they offer on their website is only going to lead to long waits and more frustration, whereas the number at Contact Number UK will get you through to them instantly. So, make sure you store it in your phone today!

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

It really hasn’t ever been easier to contact Job Centre Plus, thanks to the number you’ll find right here at Contact Number UK. So, don’t ever sit in queues when trying to contact Job Centre Plus again – instead, ring them by calling 0843 506 0365, regardless of why you need to speak with them!


Call Centre Opening Hours

You are able to contact Job Centre Plus between the hours of 8am and 6pm, from Monday through to Friday. For some reason though, they are not open at all on weekends, which clearly only adds to the queues experienced on weekdays. Of course, you can avoid these queues altogether though when you call them on 0843 506 0365.

How to contact Job Centre Plus

Contacting Job Centre Plus can be done by emailing them or sending them a letter in the post, neither of which lead to fast replies. It is also possible to visit your local Job Centre Plus office and speak with a staff member, however this isn’t possible for everyone. This means that the easiest way to contact them is to get on the phone and make a call – something that is made easier thanks to Contact Number UK.

What can this company help with?

For many, Job Centre Plus is the difference between being able to live and being completely penniless, which is why their service is so important. If you feel that you haven’t been treated properly by them, or if you feel that you aren’t getting the payments you deserve, you should definitely contact them as soon as possible.

Speak Directly to Job Centre Plus Support Helpline

Now that you know the easiest possible way to contact Job Centre Plus, you simply have to pick up the phone and make the call. By calling them using 0843 506 0365 you’ll get the answer you need, without having to spend ages on hold.

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How to Make the Most of Job Centre Plus

For many people, visits to Job Centre Plus are seen as a necessary evil – an inconvenience that has to be endured in order to keep receiving benefit payments. The fact is simple though: Job Centre Plus is there to help, and those who use it correctly will find that they are offered a great service, which can help them in a number of different ways. This article will look at the ways you can get the most from your time at Job Centre Plus, and what you can expect to receive from them in return for your time and commitment.

Should you have any questions about Job Centre Plus, it makes sense to contact them as soon as you can. You could ask your advisor when you next drop into one of their offices, but you’ll get a much quicker response to your question if you call them. You’ll find a handy Job Centre Plus contact number here at Contact Number UK, so why not use it to call them today? It’s a low cost number, so you won’t run up huge bills when you make the call.

What Does Job Centre Plus Do?

Most people who visit Job Centre Plus do so for one reason: so that they can meet with one of the team and discuss their job prospects, and then still get their JSA paid to them. Those who are signing on will find that they have to visit Job Centre Plus at least once every two weeks, and they will have to complete certain tasks in between, such as searching for jobs (and providing proof that they have). This isn’t the only thing that the staff at Job Centre Plus can help you with though, as they can also help with:

  •         Finding out about setting up a business
  •         Finding different work experience schemes or apprenticeships
  •         Getting travel expenses paid for travelling to interviews
  •         Understanding which benefits you’re entitled to
  •         Any other questions you might have about work or benefits

It is also really important to mention that Job Centre Plus isn’t just for people who are currently out of work, as they can also help those who have a job, but are looking for a new one. Whether you nip in and search the jobs on a computer, or go in for an appointment with an advisor, they will definitely be able to give some advice, and might even be able to point you in the direction of a few good career moves.

How You Can Make the Most of Job Centre Plus

It’s all very well and good that Job Centre Plus offers all of these services, however it is your job to make the most of them. If you use them correctly, you’ll find that your financial state and work prospects improve massively, however simply seeing Job Centre Plus as a hurdle to getting your JSA is the wrong attitude to have.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is this: the tasks that are set all jobseekers are there for your benefit. So, instead of simply writing down fictitious accounts of jobs you’ve applied for and places you’ve looked for employment, actually do the tasks properly. They might take a bit of time, but they’ll definitely be worth it, as you could find yourself with a fantastic job before too long. Also, never miss any of your interviews. Not only will this harm your chances of getting JSA in the future, but it will also annoy your advisor.

Speaking of your advisor, it really pays to keep them on your side. This doesn’t just mean actively looking for work though – it also means treating them with respect and really listening to what they are saying. They are able to help you in loads of different ways, and you’ll find that they are far more likely to help if you treat them well. What’s more, being pleasant and polite is a good quality in a staff member, so showing them this side of you might lead to more job opportunities.

Finally, make sure you explore the different possibilities open to you at Job Centre Plus. Ask the staff questions; take leaflets; and generally show that you are really interested in getting off JSA and back into work. Job Centre Plus is paid for by your taxes, so it makes sense to use it to its full potential, doesn’t it?

So, stop seeing your visits to Job Centre Plus as a burden, and instead see them as a fantastic way to get back into employment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the staff at your local Job Centre Plus, or alternatively contact them today by phone, using the number found here at Contact Number UK.