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About JD Williams

JD Williams are a very well known retailer of women’s fashion. They offer a broad selection of outfits and clothing which will appeal to the unique fashion sense of most individual customers. But it isn’t just clothes which JD Williams have used to make themselves so well known: they also offer quite a few other fashion accessories and products. Their selection of beauty products is likely to hold just as much appeal as their selection of clothes and customers who buy some of their clothing may find that the beauty products compliment them fantastically. They also offer several different types of fashion accessory which also might go very well with a lot of the clothes they’re selling. Basically, if you like fashion, you’ll almost certainly like JD Williams.

But while the business’s main focus may be fashion, their selection of products actually extends beyond it to quite an extent. Not only do they offer all of that, but they’ve also got a lot of products for everyday use around the house. You’ll find that there are products for your kids, so that you can keep them happy, products for the home and garden to help make your living space as pleasant an environment as possible and then there are also  electricals too. They really are quite comprehensive at JD Williams. Back on the subject of fashion, they do also have a range of clothing for men, which helps to further increase the appeal of the business. They accommodate just about everybody and offer products for all aspects of life. It’s easy to see how they have been able to enjoy so much success.

Women’s Clothing and More

JD Williams offer more than just women’s clothes, though that is a big part of their product selection. If you want a clearer idea of everything you can buy from them, take a quick look over this list:

  • Women’s Clothing: This is the most obvious one. You’ll find all kinds of different outfits which are appropriate for many occasions. Whether it’s jeans, tops, jackets or anything else you’re after, you should be able to find something you like from JD Williams.
  • Accessories: The perfect things to cap off any outfit you put together from their clothing range. Also great for standalone purchases.
  • Shoes: If you’re looking for footwear, you will be happy to find that JD Williams also offer an extensive range of shoes.
  • Lingerie: Along with their other clothing, they’ve also got quite an extensive selection of lingerie. If you need to stock up, a visit to one of their stores could be a good idea.
  • Men’s Clothing: Yes, JD Williams like to try and appeal to everybody. While they primarily focus on women’s clothing, they also have clothes for men which are worth checking out.
  • Kids Clothing: To help make their clothing selection as inclusive as possible, they’ve also got several types of kids’ clothes for sale, including dresses, shoes, schoolwear, hoodies and more. Stock up your children’s wardrobe while you stock up your own.
  • Home & Garden: Like to do a bit of DIY? Need to redecorate your home? Well then, the selection of home and garden products that they sell might be just what you need.
  • Gifts: Are you buying something for somebody’s birthday? Maybe you’re doing your Christmas shopping? Or maybe buying gifts for a different occasion? Either way, JD Williams have a large selection of products designed to make excellent gifts.
  • Wedding: Need to get your outfit sorted for a wedding, either your own or somebody else’s? Well, they’ve got plenty of options available for weddings.

These are all based on the different sections of their official website, but it’s worth remembering that individual stores sometimes have products which are not available on official websites. Visiting one of their stores will likely have you finding even more.

Delivery Options

If you order from the JD Williams website, there are several delivery options available to you. Take a look over them to decide which of them will be most appropriate for you, if and when you order:

  • Standard Delivery: This is the most popular choice among their customers. It costs £3.50 and will ensure that you get your item within three to five days. Ideal for customers who are in no particular hurry.
  • Nominated Delivery: Do you want your order to arrive on a very specific day? In that case, you can choose this option for £6.50 which allows you to choose when your product is delivered.
  • Next Day Delivery: Do you need your product tomorrow? Thankfully, JD Williams offer next day delivery to ensure that their customers are never left in a tight situation. Could be ideal for last minute birthday and Christmas presents!
  • Click & Collect: You can actually have click and collect for free if you spend over £40 on your order! If you just have to go to the shop to collect your products, that will make things quite a bit easier for you.
  • Sunday Delivery: If you need to get your order on a Sunday, this can be arranged. You can pay £6.50 to ensure that you get a Sunday delivery.
  • Supplementary Charges: It is important to keep in mind that if you are ordering an especially big item, it is possible that supplementary charges will be incurred.


Have you ordered something from JD Williams, only to find that it defective in some way or that you have been sent the wrong thing, here are the possible options for returns:

  • By Courier: You can either call the courier via the number on your parcel or you can arrange online for them to collect your returns.
  • At the Post Office: Just print off the Royal Mail Returns Label and stick it on your parcel. Once you’ve done this you can leave it at the post office and they’ll send it off.
  • Via myHERMES PARCELSHOP: There are several myHERMES PARCELSHOP locations throughout the country. If your parcel is properly addressed and sealed, you can drop it off with them and they will ensure the return is carried out smoothly. Click here to find your nearest myHERMES PARCELSHOP.
  • 24/7 Parcel Lockers: This is another simple way for you to drop off your parcel at your soonest convenience. You just need to seal and address your parcel correctly and then drop it off at your nearest locker. If you have any confusion about this method, click here to find an instructional video.
  • Promotional Purchases Returns: If you get a product in a special offer, for example “buy one get one free” then you will have to return all items that were got as part of the same promotion. This is very important to keep in mind as many might send only one product and then find that they are not eligible to return it.

As you can see, JD Williams are sure to provide their customers with as many options for returns as possible. They want people to be happy and so they like to make sure that it is simple for them to return their products in the event of accidental orders or broken goods.

Call JD Williams Direct

Contact JD Williams

If you would like to get in touch JD Williams in regards to their products or anything else, you can use the contact details below to reach them.

JD Williams Telephone Number

If you want to speak directly with a member of staff in regards to your enquiry, they have two phone numbers which they can be reached on. Here they are:

JD Williams Customer Services 0843 816 6263
Sales 0871 231 2000

You can use those numbers either to ask general questions or to make purchases. Being able to make sales enquiries over the phone is quite convenient and may well be ideal for those who do not have a particularly large amount of free time on their hands.

JD Williams Contact Email

If you don’t think your enquiry quite warrants a telephone call, then perhaps you’d like to send an email instead? They can be reached directly with the following email address: general.enquiries@jdwilliams.co.uk. To speed up the whole enquiry process, it’s best if you are sure to include as many details about your query as possible when you email. This will help them to provide you with an adequate response as quickly and easily as possible. They also ask that existing customers include their customer number within the email so that they can access all your information and provide an informed reply as quickly as possible.

Live Chat

If you’re enquiry is only small and you think that it could be solved quite quickly, then perhaps you should contact them through their live chat service. Often it’s easier if you can communicate with somebody in real time, but a phone call sometimes feels like too much. If you want to speak to a member of staff through the live chat service, then click here to reach their contact page, where you will also find the option to launch a live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact them, take a quick look over these FAQs to see whether your question might have already been answered.

Who owns JD Williams?

JD Williams is owned by N Brown Group plc who have been around since 1859. They are also the owners of Jacamo, Simply Be and other big names in the fashion world.

How do I apply a JD Williams Promotional Code?

If you’ve got a promo code and are shopping online, during the transaction process you should see an option which says “Add Promotional Code” which you use to enter your code. Once this is done, the offer will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Where do JD Williams Deliver?

JD Williams will deliver anywhere within the UK, including the channel islands. They are also happy to send orders to BFPO addresses.

How do I get a JD Williams catalogue?

As well as having stores and a website which you can use to purchase their products, there is also a JD Williams catalogue. You can order any of their products through their catalogue and you are even given the option to spread the cost to help make higher cost items slightly more affordable. If you would like to get a JD Williams catalogue for yourself, then you can arrange to get one through their website. All you need to do is enter your address and they will send one to your home, free of charge.

How long do I have to make a return?

You can make a return within 14 days of receiving your product. Unless you have made a special arrangement, if you return a product to JD Williams after that initial 14 days has passed, it is likely that they will send it back to you and charge you for the expense.

JD Williams on Social Media

If you might be interested in following the JD Williams social media feeds, then you can find the links to their accounts by clicking on the links below:

  • JD Williams on Google +: Check out their Google + page so that you can find all their latest posts. It’s a great source of information on offers, sales, products and more.
  • JD Williams on Facebook: If you’re a regular JD Williams customer, then you might like to ‘like’ their Facebook page so that you can keep up with all their new products and promotions.
  • JD Williams on Twitter: This provides customers with another easy option if they want a fast and convenient way to keep up to date with JD Williams.
  • JD Williams on Instagram: If you want to get a better idea of how good their clothes look, then check out the JD Williams Instagram account for lots of dazzling photographs.
  • JD Williams on Pinterest: This Pinterest account provides you with another source of great photographs of their products. Well worth looking at if you’re thinking of buying.
  • JD Williams on YouTube: If you prefer videos, you can check their YouTube account for their television adverts and other videos which show off the products that they sell.

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