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About Ideal World

Ideal World is a UK-based television shopping channel. Shopping through the television provides a rather unique experience for customers. When you shop in person, you have to actually go to the effort of leaving the house and finding somewhere, then you’ve got to muster the energy to interact with the staff who work there – not ideal for very introverted people. Meanwhile, shopping online can often be the opposite extreme. All you have to go on is a static image of your product and a short piece of text explaining what it is. This isn’t really the ideal context for you to find new things and to experiment. Shopping on TV, meanwhile, gives you live footage of somebody using the product and explaining its strengths. This is just like having a sales assistant talk you through the strengths of a product in a shop, only without having to engage anybody. For some, it’s the perfect balance!

Ideal World offers all kinds of products. If you’re in the mood for a new outfit, you can check their channel and find videos providing a fantastic showcase of the different items of clothing which are currently available. Need something nice for the kitchen? Well, they’re regularly showing off the latest items which can make your daily kitchen tasks a lot easier or even just things which would make wonderful decorations. Plus, they’re also good for the latest kids’ toys and the most recent pieces of tech too. It’s a useful way to find out about new things and, of course, also a useful way to buy those new things.

What They Sell

Ideal World like to try and keep their channel as appealing as possible and so sell quite a wide variety of things. Check out this list for an overview of all the sorts of things you can expect to find via the Ideal World website:

  • Home Products: They sell just about everything you could need to keep your home comfortable and clean. From mattresses and duvets to vacuum cleaners and irons. These are the kind of products which just about anybody could appreciate.
  • Kitchen: Whether you need pots and pans to help you make the food or are looking for bins or storage units, Ideal World will have it. They’ve even got some fine wines for you to use to stock up your cupboards.
  • Fashion: Everybody likes to feel good about themselves and the selection of women’s clothes available from Ideal World includes the most stylish, tops, jeans, skirts, lingerie and much more too. They even have a selection of top notch accessories which go perfectly with a lot of their popular outfits
  • Tech: There are impressive new gadgets coming out all the time and Ideal World can help you to keep up with them. A little piece of tech could really help to make your day easier and they can help you to keep up to date with what’s on the market.
  • Beauty: It’s wonderful to feel beautiful and something which they offer a lot of is beauty products. Whether you’re after some skincare products, haircare or anything else, they’ll have some nice beauty products for you.
  • Health & Fitness: Are you somebody who really loves to take care of themselves? If so, you might find that a lot of the products available on their channel are exactly the sorts of things which appeal to you. They’ve got fitness equipment, bikes and more.
  • Watches: Would you like a stylish new watch? If so, you should keep your eye on Ideal World as they always seem to have some fantastic pieces of wrist-wear for sale.
  • DIY: Are you a handyman? Are you a handywoman? If so, you’ll find that the DIY products that they have to sell could be just the things you need to fill up your toolbox.
  • Garden: Do you love tending to the garden? Whether you want to get some plants to make it look extra beautiful or if you need something to help you maintain it, Ideal World sells many garden products.
  • Toys: It’s not just things for the adults either – you’ll also find that they sell a fantastic selection of the latest toys. The perfect gifts for your children or for those of you who are still young at heart.
  • Lifestyle: Got any interesting hobby? Are you a musician? Do you collect anything? Well, it’s very likely that they’ll have something which caters to your particular interests.

As you can see, that’s a lot of different things. This list come from the different categories on their official website, but when watching the channel you might come across even more things and, of course, each of these categories is still very broad as well.

Ideal World Online

If you love the Ideal World channel, then you may be happy to hear about the Ideal World website. If you see something on the TV and don’t quite get a chance to order it, then you may well be able to find it available for order on their official website. They’ve got quite a broad selection of products, just as broad as you’d find on their channel and this allows you to direct your shopping based on what you’re looking for, rather than the programming of the day. It’s a slightly more easygoing option for anybody who feels there is too much pressure when buying directly from their channel. You still get to see the items showcased on the TV, but buying at a later date gives you a chance to properly consider and reflect on your decision. You can find their website at:

Call Ideal World Direct

Contact Ideal World

If you need to get in touch with the Ideal World costumer service team, you can do so by using the contact details below.

Ideal World Telephone Number

There are several different numbers to call for different types of enquiry. Take a look over this list which breaks down the numbers and what they’re for.

Department Number
Ideal World Customer Services Team 0843 816 6288
Order Tracking 0871 712 3456
Change of Address/Payment Details 0871 712 3456
Refunds and Returns 0871 712 3456
Deliveries 0871 712 3456
Order Cancellation 0330 332 1300
Place an Order 0905 648 4848
Complaints 0330 332 1300

While certain numbers serve the same purpose, this helps to give you a clearer idea of which to call for your particular query. If you’re still unsure of which number to use, then the best thing to do would be to call the customer services line, as they will be happy to pass you on to the right person if they are unable to answer your question themselves.

Ideal World Contact Email

If you would prefer to get in touch through an email, they do also provide two email addresses for customers to contact them through. If you are just asking a simple question or making a general enquiry, then the email address to use is: If you are emailing about a specific thing that has happened in regard to an order or something you’ve seen on their website, make sure that you provide them with as many relevant details as possible so that they have no problem providing you with an adequate reply. If you want to email them in regards to any job vacancies, you can do so by emailing Doing this could be a nice way to help yourself get an idea of what sort of jobs are available within the business at any time.

Ideal World Contact Address

If you like to get your enquiries down on paper, then you might like to send Ideal World a letter via the following address:

Ideal World

Ideal Home House,

Newark Road,




When writing, be sure to give them your own contact details and to let them know what your preferred means of communication is. Make your reason for writing as clear as possible and also state clearly what it is that you want from them. Doing all of these things will help to ensure that you get your reply in the shortest possible space of time.

The Ideal World App

In today’s world people are increasingly turning towards their smart devices for their shopping, but that doesn’t mean that Ideal World no longer has a place! While the channel is still popular, they also offer an app for those who prefer to use a different medium. This app allows customers to watch the channel live from their device and also to watch past shows. It’s a useful way to keep up to date with their latest deals. If you might be interested in downloading the app, you can do so via the following links:


If you like the idea of working for Ideal World and potentially getting your foot in the door to a career in television, then you might like to check out their careers page. Naturally, a comprehensive service like this needs lot of people to keep it running smoothly and so there are many different jobs within the business, all of which require people with different backgrounds and skillsets. If you’re looking for a job, this page might be worth checking regularly. If you can’t find any jobs which particularly appeal to you when you do check, just come back to the page a little later to find out about any new vacancies which may or may not have opened up.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to ask Ideal World something, you can save yourself from having to call up to make your enquiry by checking out these FAQs to see whether or not your question might have already been answered.

Which channels is Ideal World on?

You can find Ideal World on the following channels:

  • Channel 654 on Sky.
  • Channel 22 on Freeview.
  • Channel 747 on Virgin.
  • Channel 812 on Freesat.

Where is Ideal World filmed?

Ideal World is filmed in Peterborough.

What payment methods do Ideal World accept?

Ideal World will accept Master Card, Maestro, Visa, American Express and PayPal. This should help to assure customers that they will be able to pay via their preferred means.

How do I use the website?

Don’t worry, their website is no different to any other online shop. All you need to do is search through the products until you find something that appeals to you, then you can add it to your basket, check out and it will be sent to you ASAP.

How do I use my promotional code?

If you have a promotional code, you can use it when shopping over the phone or online. If you are making your order via a phone call, you can verbally tell them your voucher code and if you are doing it via the website, you are able to enter it as you get to the checkout. Don’t worry if you can’t see the reduction in the basket, the option to apply the code has not yet been provided.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, there’s no need to worry as the issue can easily be rectified. On the login screen, you will see that it says “Forgotten your password?” underneath the entry fields and if you click that it will start the process of getting you a new password. What they will do is send you an email with a new, temporary password and then afterwards you can set up a new password to use regularly from then on. If you ever forget it, you can do the same thing again.

Ideal World on Social Media

If you would like to find Ideal World on social media, then check out the links below:

  • Ideal World on Facebook: Check out their Facebook page to find out about all of their upcoming offers.
  • Ideal World on YouTube: Their YouTube page contains several videos which show off the many products that they have to sell.
  • Ideal World on Twitter: If you’re looking for a way to get quick and convenient updates from Ideal World, then look no further than their Twitter account.
  • Ideal World on Pinterest: Their Pinterest account provides a good source of photos of their broad product selection.

Useful Links

If you want to find out more about Ideal World, then the following links may prove interesting to you:

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