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Have you ever tried to contact HMRC before? If you have, you’ll know that the whole process can be a painfully slow one, especially during peak times. That’s why so many people choose to use the number found here, as it gets them straight through to a real person, without having to wait on hold. Don’t just take our word for it – why not give it a go today and see how much time you could save?

You’ll be able to get ahold of whichever department you need to, whenever you need to. This means you can quickly chat to someone about your tax, make a complaint about the way you’ve been treated, or clarify a particular point you’ve been worried about – all without having to wait in a huge queue.

Using the contact number is simple. Just type in the number to your phone and wait to speak to an advisor. It really hasn’t ever been easier to get the answers you need!

About HMRC

HMRC stands for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and it is the official body dealing with important issues such as taxation, the national minimum wages, and some types of benefits. Therefore, as you can imagine, it has a huge number of people calling it every single day! This high volume of calls means they have become renowned for slow service, and often encourage people to use the internet to find answers to their queries instead.

You might not be too familiar with HMRC, as it used to be two separate departments – Inland Revenue and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. They merged together in 2005, to create the huge organisation that now exists. You might not have the fondest of feelings for HMRC, as they are the ones who take your taxes, however they do a lot of good for the country. For example, they are the ones who catch tax-dodgers, as well as the ones who ensure that those on the national minimum wage are paid fairly.

In spite of all that though it doesn’t pay to get too misty-eyed and sentimental when it comes to HMRC. If you learn they’ve taken an interest in you, you’ll want to know why and what you can do about it. They are, after all, a law enforcement agency with an impressive line-up of criminal investigators at their disposal. Those investigators are empowered to conduct overt and covert surveillance and their Inland Detection officers possess wide-ranging powers that include search, detention, entry and, of course, arrest. They also have professional relationships with government intelligence agencies for whom they reportedly collect, analyse and assess information on individuals and companies. Not an organisation to be trifled with.

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Should You Call Them?

There are loads of different reasons why you might want to contact HMRC, and they are all equally as important as the others. In fact, some reasons for calling need immediate answers, as the problems are having an impact on daily life – which is where calling HMRC on 0843 506 0357 comes in handy. When you do, you’ll get through straight away and will be able to get that vital answer in a matter of minutes, as opposed to waiting on the phone for hours.

Of the many different reasons for calling HMRC, there are some that are more common than others though. Some of these more commonly cited reasons for getting on the phone and ringing HMRC include:

  •        Asking questions about taxation
  •        Discussing child benefit issues
  •        Talking about tax credits
  •        Finding out information about the National Minimum Wage
  •        Making complaints about an aspect of HMRC

Do bare in mind that certain times of the year can be busier then others. Perhaps because of tax deadlines – the day by which every self-employed individual has to submit their tax returns by. This means that hordes of people clog up the phone lines, desperate to ask specific questions about their return.

If you are self-employed and need to contact HMRC on this day, be prepared for an exceedingly long wait. Your other option is to call via 0843 506 0357 and get put through to an advisor straight away. Then you can spend the rest of the day working, instead of spending money on making long phone calls to HMRC. Just think how much money you could earn in the time you save!

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, if you are going to be contacting HMRC in the future, it makes sense to jot down the number on this site now, which is 0843 506 0357. Whenever you call you’ll get through to an advisor straight away, and won’t be one of the people sitting at home, getting frustrated by the huge amounts of time they are wasting!

HMRC helpline will be jammed most days and your hold will be a long one. Leave the canned muzak and interminable waits behind by using 0843 506 0357 to contact HMRC with your VAT questions.

I’m Not Sure What Department I Should Speak to

HMRC is comprised of dozens of departments spread right across the country and it’s not always possible to know exactly who you should be talking to. With our contact number that won’t be a problem. 0843 506 0357 will get you through quickly to the HMRC’s customer service centre. From there you’ll be asked a few relevant questions about the nature of your complaint or inquiry and then transferred to the appropriate HMRC department.

Can I Use This Number to Talk to HMRC About Pending Legal Action?

It’s important to understand that an HMRC rep will not make idle threats when it comes to legal action. If you’ve received notice that HMRC is preparing to take legal action against you, you need to take it seriously. Failure to do so will result in a series of escalating actions by HMRC that will ultimately lead somewhere you do not want to go. Call our 0843 number before things get out of hand and you’ll be put through to the people who can help you resolve whatever issue HMRC has with you or your business.

Can I Use This Number to Negotiate A Tax Settlement With HMRC?

It is unlikely that any representative of HMRC would be willing to negotiate a tax settlement over the phone. Such important and highly personal matters are typically handled face to face. Still, if you need to talk to someone about a possible negotiated settlement use 0843 506 0357 to get through to HMRC customer relations quickly. Ask the customer service adviser who would be best to speak to as far as arranging a negotiated tax settlement. Once you’re put through to the appropriate person you can arrange for a meeting in order to settle the matter as fast as possible.

I Haven’t Received My Child Benefits This Month

Child benefits are typically paid out every 4 weeks and deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account. They amount to £20.70 per week for your oldest child (or if your child is an only child), and £13.70 for each additional child. If you have several children you know this money can be of enormous assistance. If, for some reason, you have not received your normal child benefits payment you can call an HMRC representative on our 0843 number and find out what might be causing the delay. Because ours is a low-cost number that will get you through fast you won’t have to worry about wasting money hanging on the line.

What can this company help with?

Our phone number can be used to contact all departments within HMRC. You’ll simply be connected to their switchboard, and the switchboard will then direct your call to the relevant department. Getting through to the switchboard can be really tough, so calling 0843 506 0357 should save you loads of time!

Speak Directly to HMRC Support Helpline

Thanks to Contact Number UK, you no longer have to be like everyone else when you contact HMRC, sitting by the phone for hours, waiting for someone to answer your call. Instead, you can simply dial 0843 506 0357 and get put through immediately!

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Five Greats Tips to Use When Contacting HMRC

Contacting HMRC can be a nervy experience, but you are certainly alone. This is because huge numbers of people contact them on a daily basis, looking to find answers to a whole range of different questions. On the whole though, the customer service team at HMRC are always looking to help callers, and certainly aren’t looking to hinder or judge them.

There are a few tips that you can use when you contact HMRC though, which will help to ensure that your contact with them goes smoothly. Not all of the tips will apply to you when you contact them, however you should be able to find at least a couple that help you out…

Be Prepared

This is really important. Before you call HMRC, make sure you have all of the relevant documents and details close by, as they will almost certainly ask about them. Having all of your details within easy reach will also allow you to formulate a much more effective argument or make a much better point when speaking to someone. Also, make sure you have any correspondence received from HMRC close by, so that you can refer to it and double check anything that you are particularly unsure of.

Always Use the Phone

The days of writing a letter to HMRC are long gone, as the best way to contact them about anything is by calling them. This is for a few reasons, with the first being the fact that you’ll easily be able to ask specific questions, and then follow up those questions depending on the reply you receive. An equally significant reason for using your phone is the fact that you won’t have to wait for days to receive a reply – instead, you’ll get one straight away. If you are worried that you won’t have a record of what has been said – after all, you can send a letter via recorded delivery for proof of contact – there’s no need to worry, as you’re about to see…

Request a Recording

It is your right to request a copy of any recorded call made to HMRC, and they tend to record the vast majority of them. The Freedom of Information Act states that this has to be provided to you upon request, and it is also free to get a recording of what was said. To request a recording, simply head online and visit this page, where you can fill out your details. If you fill everything in correctly, you should be able to get a copy of your call within a couple of weeks. If you haven’t got anything after a month, start chasing them up by calling and speaking with a team member again.

Make Notes

This point doesn’t just apply to calling HMRC – it also applies when you are contacting any company about an important matter. Making notes means that you’ll be able to look back over them later and glean all of the information you need from them, as in the midst of a particularly long call you might forget some of the stuff that was said. The most important things to note down are the time of the call, the number you rang, the name of the person you spoke with, the basic issues discussed, and what the resolution was. You might not need to the notes, but they’ll be really useful if you do need to follow up the call in the future.

Get Your Accountant to Call

It should be said that you shouldn’t ask your accountant to call immediately, as they will probably charge a hefty fee for the service. If you don’t receive a satisfactory response though, it is well worth engaging them to act on your behalf. This is for a couple of reasons, with the first being that they should know exactly what they are talking about, and will therefore be able to argue your case or put across your point far more effectively. The other reason is that they’ll be able to get through to HMRC much more quickly, using a special number reserved solely for them. You might be able to find this number online, but there is no point using it – HMRC will refuse to answer calls on this number from those who aren’t accountants.

So, there are a few ways to make sure your call to HMRC goes smoothly. Calling HMRC can be a nervy experience, however most people are glad that they did once they hang up the phone at the end of their call. Why not make that call to HMRC today?