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The government help to provide people with a large range of services, from making it easier for the self-employed to complete their tax returns to providing essential state benefits for those who are less fortunate. These are all very important services and for some people, their livelihood will depend upon them. These days it’s easier than ever to get help from the government because of the convenience provided by the Government Gateway. Everything the government does for people is now handled online and can all be accessed through the Government Gateway. No longer will people have to toil around filling out lots of forms manually and then sending them off to different government offices. The Government Gateway is a real time saved and makes these vital services much more accessible to the average person.

It is very probable that everybody will need to use at least one government service at some point in their life and so it is also probable that everybody will have to use the Government Gateway too. What the government does encompasses so many things and so many lives are directly affected by their access to these services (or lack thereof.) This is why the Government Gateway is so important. Being able to sign up and apply for things online is so much easier than the older way of doing things,

Which Government Services are Available Online?

Many government services are available over the internet, but if you would like to get a better idea of what exactly you can do through the Government Gateway, check out this list for a useful overview:

  • Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council Citizen Account: If you live in that area, you can gain access to everything that the council provides for it citizen’s via the Government Gateway.
  • Child Maintenance Service: If you have a child and require a little bit of additional income in order to help care for them, CMS is something which might prove to be exceedingly useful and it can be easily applied for online.
  • Department of Environment for Northern Ireland: If you’ve got any environmental concerns which you’d like to raise or are looking to get planning permission for something, this might be the best government department for you to turn to.
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland: A service which is extremely important for any farmers living in Northern Ireland.
  • Department of Education: This is something which will have an affect on the lives of everybody. It’s one of the most important services and you can easily make applications and more online.
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: This covers a lot of things. If you’re a farmer, growing crops or raising sheep or cattle, this is going to be essential. All of their services, licenses and so forth can be arranged via the Government Gateway, helping to make things as simple as possible.
  • Department for Work & Pensions: You can get your state pension arranged online or you can just as easily use their Universal Jobsmatch site in order to try and find yourself a new job. It works from the employer’s perspective too as you can list vacancies which jobseekers might then encounter. It’s useful and very convenient.
  • Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency: Do you want to get a driving licence? Or book a driving exam? You can get it all sorted in a few minutes by using the Government Gateway.
  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency: From the other side of things, you can also use their services in regards to the standards of drives and vehicles. The kind of work a lot of people like to get into.
  • Environmental Agency: The government are, of course, very conscious of the environment and so they have made it as easy as possible for people to access the Environmental Agency’s services.
  • HM Revenue & Customs: This is, perhaps, one of the biggest departments available online. Not only does this make it possible for people to complete their tax return over the internet, but it also allows people to sort out their VAT, to meet the requirements of businesses who ar selling alcohol or providing gambling services and many other things too. That this is all online is an enormous timesaver.
  • London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council: If this is your area, then you can gain access to all of the council’s services via the internet. This helps to make things much easier.
  • Money Claim Online: If you need to make a monetary claim or you need to defend yourself from a monetary claim made by somebody else, these services well aid you throughout the process.
  • National Health Service: The NHS is the most important of the government’s services and the lives of very many people depend upon it (or, at least, owe thanks to it for their continued existence.) The NHS Total Reward Statements can be managed through the Government Gateway and it helps to reward their employees for their dedicated work.
  • Natural England: Another department which is dedicated to the preservation of the environment. Very important indeed and available through the Government Gateway.
  • Rural Payments Agency: Another of the departments which is very important to the farmers of the UK.
  • Scottish Government Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate: Farmers in Scotland will find this especially important and will be pleased to find that they can access it via the Government Gateway.
  • The Pensions Regulator: Pensions, of course, need to be regulated and agents and employers who are handling pension funds for employers will find that this is quite simple to use.
  • Welsh Government: Just as important as everything else. Being able to access the services of the Welsh government online.

This is such a large list of services and it highlights just how useful the Government Gateway is. These services will affect very many people and so it’s clear that the Government Gateway is going to help out quite a significant number of people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The phone lines for government services are always going to be quite busy. To save yourself from having to call them with your enquiries, take a look over the following FAQ to see whether your questions may have already been answered.

What do I do if I forget my User ID or password?

In cases where you lose your password, you can call up to have them resend it to you. You can do the same thing if you forget your User ID. They will ask you for some additional personal information about yourself as a security measure when you do this. If you lose, both you should still call them up and they will advise you on the next steps.

What do I do if my Activation Code gets lost or expires?

There is a different process to follow for each of these possibilities. If your code is lost, you can log in to your account, press “Activate” (under “Action”) and then “Request New Activation Code” and one will be sent to you via post within seven days. You then have twenty-eight days before your new code expires, so make sure to use it right away.

If you have allowed your Activation Code to expire, you can get a new one, but you will have to re-enrol. When you are logged into your account, click on the service which you wish to enrol in and then begin the process again. Do not forget that Activation Codes expire after twenty-eight days, so act quickly and do let it expire again.

Contact the Government Gateway

If you need to speak to somebody who works at the Government Gateway, you can use the methods below in order to reach them.

Government Gateway Telephone Number

If you want to speak directly with somebody, the number to call is 0870 183 0660. This will get you through to the Government Gateway customer services team and will make it easy for you to explain whatever problem you may be having. Keep in mind that government lines always tend to be quite busy, so you might not get through right away. This is also just the number for general enquiries. For details on how to reach all of the departments covered by the Government Gateway, check out the this link. Whenever possible, it is always best to call the specific department, rather than a general number a they are very busy and this can really help to speed up the entire process.. on Social Media

The government have some official social media feeds which can be useful for keeping up to date with the services that they provided, including any changes and new additions. Check out the links below to find their accounts:

Useful Links

If you still require more information about the Government Gateway or are otherwise looking to use any of the government services that they provide, then you might find the following links useful:

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