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The healthcare provided by the state in the United Kingdom is depended upon by very many people. This helps to ensure that poor and vulnerable people are given the treatment they deserve and that they are able to access health services whenever they need them. However, while the system is a good one, there are occasionally issues with doctors who do not behave appropriately – in cases like these, the GMC (General Medical Council) steps in to ensure that there is no wrongdoing afoot and to resolve any issues between doctors and patients. It’s organisations like these which help to ensure that the country’s health service continue to run smoothly and to provide the highest quality of care.

The GMC look at things on a case by case basis and if a patient complains that a doctor has behaved inappropriately, unprofessionally or incompetently, then they will carry out an investigation. This can help to ensure that doctors who are not fit for the job do not remain in that role (in extreme cases) while also providing guidance for doctors who had had minor complaints, to help them to improve their performance and to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. It does a good job of serving its purpose and its purpose is very important indeed.

History of the GMC

The GMC has a very long history behind it as healthcare has always been something the government takes very seriously. It was actually formed in 1853 and, back then, was known as the General Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom (GMERUK) and the fact that it has been able to survive for such a long period of time shows that the people behind it have been carrying out work which is deemed very important. Without the GMC, hospitals and GPs would be a little less safe. Regulatory bodies like the GMC are incredibly important as they help to provide people with the healthcare service which many are very proud of.

My GMP Guidance App

The GMC’s services provide help for patients who do not feel that their doctor has behaved professionally and also for doctors who are facing ethical crises. The “My GMP Guidance App” was designed to provide guidance for doctors in situations where they are unsure of the best and most ethical/professional thing to do. The guidance provided by the GMC through this app is likely to have come in very handy in more than a few situations. If you would like to download the app you can find it via the following links:

By offering the app in both Apple and Android devices, the GMC are doing a good job of increasing the accessibility of their services. When something is as important is this, it’s good to see that they make their services available via as many means possible. Doctors will be able to access their guidance, regardless of their chosen smart device.

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Contact the GMC

If you need to get in touch with the GMC, either as a doctor or as a patient, you can do so using the details listed below.

GMC Telephone Number

If you need to call the GMC to make an enquiry as a patient, here are the numbers for you to use.

UK Callers 0843 903 3784
International Callers +44 8439 033 784
Textphone 18001 + 0843 903 3784

This will get you through to the GMC customer services team and you can call them for any queries at all. This is a serious subject and it’s important that all concerns are put to rest as quickly as possible. You musn’t be afraid to give them a call, even if you consider your reason for calling to be small. They may be able to help put your mind at ease.

If you are a doctor, those same numbers can be used, however, they like to point out that many common enquiries from doctors actually involve things which could be easily sorted out online without the need for calling anybody. Click here to take a look over some of the common reasons for doctors to call in.

GMC Contact Email

If you would rather communicate with the GMC via emails, then you can use the following email address: When contacting them, make sure that you don’t forget to include as many details as possible – the more information they have, the more likely they are to be able to respond with something helpful. An alternative method is for you to contact them through their email form – this achieves pretty much the exact same thing as directly emailing their email address, but when you fill out the form you have to answer a few questions before you can write anything. This helps them to identify the type of enquiry right away, so they then pass it on to the appropriate person as soon as possible, which might speed up the whole process. Either of these methods can be use by doctors and patients alike.

GMC Contact Address

For those who would prefer to have a physical record or their correspondence, you might like to send a letter to the following address:

Regent’s Place
350 Euston Road

When writing to them, make sure that you are as clear as possible when it comes to the main reason for your enquiry. Don’t forget to include all of your own details (especially your contact details) as well as any information about what specifically has caused you to get in touch. The clearer and more detailed your letter is, the higher the chances that they will be able to provide you with a useful and helpful response. As the letter sending process takes a little longer than digital correspondence, it’s important to be as detailed as possible on the first try so that they can get everything sorted out as quickly as possible. If you forget to include any certain vital details, it is possible that they will just write back and ask you to provide those details. To help save time for both yourself and the GMC, make sure that your letter clearly conveys what you want. You can also let them know what your preferred means of communication is so that they can respond to you accordingly.

Working for the GMC

Working for a government body is always going to have its perks and the GMC is no different. If you are interested in working for the GMC then you can check out their careers page so that can see all of their latest vacancies. This could be the start of a prestigious career and it’s easy to see why somebody might want to work there. If you check their jobs page and don’t find anything appealing, then you could just keep checking back to see whether anything else has been added: it’s quite possible that some more appealing roles will become available in the near future. This could be an ideal way to get into the medical profession and if you’re interested in doing so, then you should definitely check out their careers page. This could turn out to be a fantastic resource for anybody who is either unemployed or looking for a new career path.

If you have any questions about current vacancies, you can email them at or you can write to them via the following address:

General Medical Council Recruitment Team
3 Hardman Street,
M3 3AW

GMC on Social Media

If you would like to follow the GMC on social media, then you can find their accounts via the following links:

  • The GMC on Twitter: Their tweets contain a wealth of information which is useful to doctors and patients alike. Well worth following if you work within a medical practise or if you find that you are frequently a patient.
  • The GMC on Facebook: Their Facebook page provides another useful source of information for things which are going on within the medical world. Well worh “liking” so you can keep up to date with what’s going on.
  • The GMC on LinkedIn: If you’re looking for all the facts and figures about the GMC (e.g. what they stand for, who their employees are) then their LinkedIn page may be the best place to check. This is also worth taking a look at if you are interested in working for them, as they sometimes use their LinkedIn account to share their latest job vacancies.

Useful Links

If you are still hoping to find out more about the GMC, then you can do so by clicking on the links below:

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