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First Utility is a gas and electricity provider, often seen as the best alternative to the big names in the industry. With promises of fairer prices and better customer service, they attract huge numbers of new customers every week, with many of these customers needing to speak with First Utility about a multitude of different reasons on a regular basis. If you are one of these people looking to contact First Utility, you’ll be able to call them easily, thanks to the contact number found right here at Contact Number UK. Why not call them right now and speak with a member of their customer service team?

When you use the First Utility contact number found here at Contact Number UK, you won’t need to run up huge bills, as we’ve made sure that our number is a low cost one. We’ve also made sure that the contact number will get you through to the department you need to speak to, so you can get any problems or questions resolved as quickly as possible. In a nutshell, we make contacting First Utility as easy and affordable as possible, which is exactly what you need from a contact number for this utilities company.

There are no hidden tricks or requirements to use this number, as you simply type it into your phone and start the call. You won’t need to sign up to any services, or even give us your email address. If you are looking to call First Utility to get a quote, why not also look at the other energy suppliers on this site as well, such as British Gas and E.ON? Then you can ring around all of them and make sure you get the best quote possible.

About First Utility 

First Utility was only formed in 2008, however they already have a customer base of around 800,000 people. This means that they are the largest energy supplier in the UK outside of the so-called Big Six. Their numbers also only keep growing, as they added a staggering 275,000 new customers in 2015 alone. These customers get their gas, electricity or both from First Utility. They don’t generate their own electricity though, unlike the larger suppliers. Instead, they purchase it from international markets.

First Utility are known for being early adopters of new technology, and were the first in the UK to offer smart meters to customers. These are now seen commonly in UK homes, and are provided by many electricity homes. They are also renowned for having really good customer service, which is great news for those looking to contact them about something. If you are one of these people looking to contact First Utility, make sure you use the number found here at Contact Number UK, as it is both cheap and convenient.

Call First Utility Direct

Should you call them?

You might need to contact First Utility for one of many reasons, ranging from getting a quote through to complaining about their service. Whatever your reason is for calling them though, you’ll be able to contact them via the number found on this site, which is a low cost way to speak with a First Utility customer service advisor. When you do get through to them, you’ll find that the service is very good, and you should be glad that you decided to call.

Of course, there are some more common reasons for calling First Utility though, as you might expect. Five of the more common reasons are listed below…

  •         Getting a quote for their services
  •         Querying a bill that has been received
  •         Complaining about an aspect of their service
  •         Paying a bill
  •         Leaving them for another company

As First Utility have a large number of customers, you might find that you are held in a queue for a short while before your call is answered. Don’t worry if this happens though, as our low cost number will ensure that you don’t run up a massive bill while on hold. It shouldn’t be too long until a First Utility customer service advisor answers your call either.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, now you have a great contact number for First Utility, you simply need to pick up the phone and make the call. Whatever reason you have for calling this company, you’ll get through to the department you need when you call with the number found here at Contact Number UK.


Call Centre Opening Hours

You are able to contact First Utility between the hours of 8am and 8pm from Monday through to Friday, and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. It is not possible to contact them on Sundays. As is the case with most companies, the best time to call is early in the morning, as this is the time when other people are at work or taking their children to school.

How to contact First Utility

It is also possible to contact First Utility via email or post, however these will not lead to the fastest responses. There is also a system on their site called Ask First, which is essentially an FAQ section. While this might help some, it won’t provide the specific answers that most people need. This means that contacting First Utility by phone is the best choice, as you’ll get answers that are both quick and pertinent to your exact question.

What can this company help with?

You should phone First Utility for a number of reasons, including getting a quote, complaining about their service, and paying a bill. Whatever your reason for calling them, you should definitely make sure you call using the number found here at Contact Number UK though.

What Services Do First Utility Offer?

First Utility are one of the new energy companies on the market, and they offer both gas and electricity to their customers. Perhaps more importantly though, they have made the process of choosing a tariff easy, as they only offer a limited amount. While a lack of choice would usually be seen as a negative thing, it certainly isn’t in the energy industry, as the huge numbers of tariffs allow customer service reps to bamboozle customers with facts and figures, making it tough to choose the right tariff.

First Utility customers won’t just have the chance to buy gas and electricity individually, as the company also offers a good range of dual fuel deals. These are when the price for gas and electricity are bundled together, often resulting in lower quotes. It is certainly well worth looking into these bundles, however make sure you also call around and get individual prices for both gas and electricity from other suppliers as well. To find contact numbers for many of the UK’s biggest utilities companies, simply look for them here at Contact Number UK.

What to Expect When Contacting First Utility for the First Time

First Utility boast that they are dedicated to looking after their customers, and use this as a way to mark themselves out from the larger energy companies out there. In reality, you’ll get much the same service at First Utility as you would at E.ON, EDF or anyone else. This means that the First Utility customer service team will be friendly, professional and courteous, however they will also be eager to sell to you. This means that you should be prepared to check any facts and figures they quote, and that you should never agree to switch to them without first thinking about the offer they have made.

In order to make you first conversation with First Utility an easier one, you should have all of the details regarding your current energy usage. It might also be a good idea to have other quotes close by, so that you can refer to them when the First Utility customer service rep gives you their price. Don’t forget that it is possible to haggle slightly with them over their prices from time to time, so it is always worth asking whether they can give you a better deal.

How to Find the Best Supplier

Finding the best energy supplier is often something that people dread, as the process can be both long and confusing. The best place to start is at a price comparison website, as these will be able to give a good overview of the market, and show you which companies are worth contacting. Do not accept an offer given on a price comparison website though, as they aren’t always the best options available. Instead, take the details of the most competitive companies and call each of them, using the initial quote as a base for negotiations. Also, don’t accept any quote until you’ve finished speaking to each of the companies, regardless of how competitive a quote might seem.

When searching for your new company, the main thing you’ll be looking for is price. You shouldn’t completely disregard other aspects though, such as the quality of customer service (an area First Utility is very strong in). After all, if you have any issues, you want to ensure that you’ll have your problem addressed in a professional and timely way. Once you have decided on the best company for you, you simply need to tell them you want to switch, and they should then do the rest on your behalf.

How to Make a Complaint About First Utility

First Utility customer service is extremely good, however even they make mistakes sometimes – meaning that you might need to contact them to make a complaint. Complaining can be done by calling the First Utility contact number here at Contact Number UK. Before you call though, make sure you are completely sure about what you want to say, and also have a clear idea of how you want your complaint to be treated. Do you simply want an apology? Or would you like to be compensated in some way? By having this goal in mind, you’ll find it easier to push your complaint in the right direction.

It is possible to complain to First Utility using email or post, however both of these options can take rather a long time to resolve matters. This is why contacting them by phone is always the best choice. If you are worried about incurring a large phoe bill when complaining, it is sometimes possible to request a callback from First Utility. If not, you’ll find that calling using the number on this site will stop your call charges from being too high.

What to Expect from First Utility Support

If you have a problem with your gas or electricity, you might need to contact the First Utility support team, and when you do you’ll find that they are able to help in the majority of cases. This help could come in the form of simple advice over the phone, or they could arrange for a member of their team to visit you and examine the problem. Regardless of the problem though, you should find that they are always helpful and friendly. If for some reason you don’t get the help you need, you should ask to speak to a supervisor straight away, as they might have more experience when it comes to resolving certain issues.

How to Report a Scam to First Utility

Scammers often like to imitate large companies, in the hope of conning unsuspecting customers into revealing their personal details. While First Utility aren’t targeted for this type of behaviour very often, it is still well worth being vigilant. Therefore, you should report any suspicious emails or phone calls to First Utility straight away, and should never give any personal information or download any attachments before they’ve confirmed that the correspondence was genuine.

Speak Directly to First Utility Support Helpline

Thanks to Contact Number UK, you can now contact First Utility without having to search around everywhere for the number. Now all you have to do is pick up the phone and call them today.

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