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As the internet becomes more and more prevalent, people are finding more and more ways to make effective use of it. One thing which people really enjoy using the internet for is online dating. Almost everybody has the internet at home, so that’s one thing that connects everybody and as there are a lot of people who are looking for a romantic relationship, this connection can be used to put those soul searchers in touch with one another. It’s a fantastic idea and eHarmony is one of the most well known and highly regarded online dating sites – if you’re interested in meeting someone new, maybe this is the tool for you!

When people lead busy lives with full time jobs, it can be difficult to encounter new people very often. Websites like eHarmony merely provide another avenue through which new people can be met. Some may look down on dating sites and regard relationships which start through them as somehow lesser than relationships which start when people meet through chance, but the testimonials from customers who have gone on to get married and have children with people they’ve met on eHarmony just go to show that online romances can blossom to much the same extent as any other relationships. At very least, it’s worth experimenting if you are hoping to go on a few dates.

History of eHarmony

It was in the year 2000 that eHarmony first launched. This was around the time that the internet was really starting to be taken seriously as something which could revolutionise everyday life. Neil Clark Warren the man behind eHarmony and as he came from a background in psychology (and was the author of several successful relationship guidance books) it made sense for him to make this venture into the world of online dating. While that wasn’t really a very long time ago, since then eHarmony has been able to amass thirty-three million users. The fact that it is used by quite so many people is a clear indicator that this is a service which is able to provide something substantial. Since the site’s initial launch, it has also been expanded upon in several ways, for example: the service is now offered in several international locations and they also provide apps for most smart devices, which allows customers to use their services in whatever is the most comfortable means for them.

eHarmony Success Stories

Nothing stands as a better advertisement for an online dating service, than a couple who have been happily married for years after meeting through it. If you’re in any doubt as to whether or not eHarmony really “works” then you need only look through the large selection of testimonials that they have up on their site. There are countless people who have been in their relationship for years, or who are married now or even who have gone on to start a family! This is a clear reflection of the fact that eHarmony are offering something which can genuinely help people who are looking for love. Click here if you would like to read through the countless success stories of couples who met through eHarmony.

eHarmony Labs

To ensure that customers get the best use out of their service, eHarmony go out of their way to try and ensure that customers get matched with people with whom they could have a happy relationship. When you sit up an account with eHarmony, they take several pieces of information about you then this all goes into a database along with information about all the other users. Then, using an intelligent algorithm which they created based on their relationship research findings, you will will be matched with somebody who they have determined is right for you. This helps to avoid the frustration of you going on a date with somebody who you have absolutely nothing in common with.

Not only do they go out of their way to try and ensure that their customers are getting matched with people who they could conceivably have a happy relationship with, but they also provide advice to customers to ensure that they are enjoying healthy relationships. This is important information, as unhealthy relationships can cause significant harm to a person’s mental health. As well as this, they offer advice for how to remain safe when taking part in online dating. Obviously, there’s a certain element of risk when it comes to taking part in online dating, as you will be meeting a stranger in reality, a stranger who may not be who they claim to be. eHarmony are aware that this is an issue and provide guidance for their customers so that they know to keep safe when using the service. Click here to find their dating advice.

eHarmony App

If you like the eHarmony service, then you may be happy to hear that they also have an app. In today’s world, the internet is seldom accessed exclusively from home computers and people do a lot of their online activities from their smart devices, so it makes sense that they have provided an option for people who prefer to browse on the go. If you are interested in downloading the eHarmony app, you can find where to downloading by clicking the links below:

By offering a specialised app for each of these different operating systems, they’ve gone a long way towards making their services as appealing and  accessible. A surprisingly large number of business fail to accommodate all smartphone operating systems and, as a result, they do not appeal to quite as many people. If you want to get into a romantic relationship, then it could be a good idea for you to download the app and get started right away.

Free Trial

As the eHarmony service is quite comprehensive, it is not actually available for free. They spend a lot of time trying to ensure that people are matched with others who they will be compatible with, rather than just pairing together random people as a lot of dating sites do. But if you’re not quite sure that you want to make a monetary investment in something which you’re not yet sold on, you might like to try using their free trial. This will allow you get a feel for what eHarmony is all about and give you an idea of how well it works – then, once you’ve been convinced, you can decide to go onto the paid package (if you want.) If you’re interested in going for the eHarmony free trial, then you can click here to get started. With nothing to lose, there’s no harm in experimenting.

Call eHarmony Direct

Contact eHarmony

If you want to get in touch with eHarmony, either to enquire about how the service works or even to ask specific questions about your account, you can reach them with the contact details listed below.

eHarmony Telephone Number

If you want to speak over the phone with the people at eHarmony, then you should call the following number: 0843 903 3781. This number will get you through directly to the head office and you can use it to make any enquiries you may have. The eHarmony customer services team are always happy to help and if you’ve got any question for them, no matter how small, they will be sure to give you an answer. Calling this number and then having a discussion with somebody about the benefits of an eHarmony account could be a useful think to do before committing yourself to a paid membership. Speaking directly to somebody will help to give you a clearer idea of all the finer details of the service – you’ll be able to ask any questions as soon as they come into your head.

eHarmony Contact Address

If you would like to write to eHarmony, then you can send any letters to the following address:

eHarmony United Kingdom.
P.O. Box 5904,
London WC1N 3XX

Feel free to use this address to send all kinds of correspondence, whether you are merely writing to let them know that you think that they do a fantastic job and that you love their service, or if you have a particular question or are curious about something. They will try to respond to you as quickly as possible and will hopefully be able to give you  satisfactory response. Most importantly, make sure that you let them know your own contact details and that you tell them when best to get in touch with you.

eHarmony on Social Media

If you might be interested in checking out the eHarmony social media pages, you can find their accounts by clicking on the links below:

  • eHarmony on Facebook: Check out their Facebook page for lots of posts about online dating, as well as updates to the services that they offer their customers.
  • eHarmony on Twitter: Their Twitter account provides lots of nice little posts, often quite jokey and humorous, about things relating to the world of dating and relationships. They also share customer testimonials.
  • eHarmony on LinkedIn: Find out about the number of employees they have, their vision as a business and any current vacancies via their LinkedIn page.
  • eHarmony on Instagram: Check out their Instagram account for photographs of couples who have shared happy relationships after meeting on eHarmony. It’s also a good source of nice inspirational (and funny) quotes about romance.
  • eHarmony on Google +: The eHarmony Google + page is another good source of interesting posts from the business.
  • eHarmony on YouTube: If you’d like to find a nice supply of videos about online dating and how eHarmony works, then their YouTube channel is probably the best place to go.

Useful Links

If you would like to find out more about eHarmony and what they can offer people who are looking to find romantic love, then you might like to check out the following links:

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