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EE is the biggest mobile phone company in the UK, with millions of customers throughout the country. This means that they also experience huge numbers of phone calls to them every single day, with people looking to upgrade, join, leave or complain. The majority of these people will have to wait in long queues before their calls are answered by the customer service team, but you won’t be one of them.

By using the number found at Contact Number UK, you can contact EE without having to sit in the long queues. What’s more, it’s a low-cost number, so you won’t need to spend huge amounts of money to get through to them. So, if you want to call EE for any reason at all, make sure you call on 0843 506 0361, and speak to an customer advisor.

Using this number is really easy, and there are no tricks or caveats to worry about. Just note the number down today, and use it the next time you need to contact the team about anything. Cut the waiting time and call EE today.

About EE

As already mentioned, EE is the largest mobile phone network in the country. It was formed in 2010 when T-Mobile and Orange merged together, and offers the largest 4G network in Europe. It is also notable for being the first company to bring 4G to the UK, with the network going live in 2012. 80% of the population can now receive 4G if they are with EE. An inability to get 4G, or any of the other types of internet connections offered, is one of the main reasons why people contact the company.

EE has a massive customer service team and it is based in the UK. Having a massive team doesn’t prevent queues from forming though, as the demand far outstrips their ability to handle calls in a particularly timely manner. As is the case with most companies, they seemingly prioritise calls that could make them money – essentially all the ones directed to the sales department – and can often make people looking to make complaints or cancel their contracts wait. This won’t happen when you call 0843 506 0361 though, as every type of call will be treated like a priority, with absolutely no waiting times at all.

Call EE Direct

Should you call them?

EE get huge numbers of calls every single day, as you’d expect when you consider how many customers they are able to boast. But what exactly are all these customers calling to talk about? Well, the answer is pretty much everything! There is one thing that all of these calls have in common though – they all run the risk of having to wait for an insanely long amount of time before they are answered.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

It is usually the case that, once you manage to get through to one of the the customer service team, you will need to answer a series of security questions. Don’t worry though, as these are generally pretty easy!

  • Complaining about the service they’ve received
  • Upgrading to a better phone or package
  • Cancelling a contract when it is finished
  • Starting a contract with EE
  • Querying or paying their last bill


Call Centre Opening Hours

EE are available to contact by phone between the hours of 8am to 8pm every weekday, while they can be called between 8am and 6pm on weekends. Weekends and evenings are usually the busiest times to try and get in contact, however you won’t need to worry about being stuck in queues when you contact EE by dialing 0843 506 0361.

How to contact EE?

EE can be contacted via email or post, with details of both available on their website. Of course, writing them and email or a letter will mean you have to wait far longer for a reply though. Unlike most other sites of the same type, EE doesn’t seem to offer live chat though. This shouldn’t matter though, as a phone call is always the best option anyway, especially when you’re able to get straight through to an EE customer service representative.

What can this company help with?

There are many reasons to contact EE, ranging from simple queries through to problems with your bill. It used to be the case that you’d put off the call, as you knew that you’d be stuck in a queue for absolutely ages, however this is now not the case, thanks to Contact Number UK!

What Services Do EE Offer?

EE are one of the biggest companies in the UK, offering a load of different services to their customers. They are best known for their mobile phone deals though, which range from affordable EE contracts through to EE SIM only deals. These contracts can be taken out online or in one of EE’s man stores, however the best way to get the best deal is to contact EE by phone and speak with one of their customer service team members. This is something you can do using the EE contact number found here at Contact Number UK.

Another of EE’s popular products is their home broadband. It might not be as popular as the services offered by, for example, BT and Sky, but it still has a large number of subscribers throughout the UK. Many people often take out broadband at the same time as purchasing their phone, as this can reduce their billing amounts. In addition to EE broadband, the company also offers a couple of other services, including EE TV and the chance to buy various products, such as cameras and tablets.

What to Expect When Contacting EE for the First Time

If you are phoning EE for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect from their customer service team. Well, generally they are really friendly but, like most sales representatives, they are paid to sell to you. This means that they’ll try their hardest to get you to upgrade your order, or add on extra features, such as EE broadband or EE TV. To stop yourself being swayed, you should decide exactly what you want before you start the call, and then stick to your guns when you contact EE. After all, only you really know exactly what you need.

When you call EE for the first time, you will almost certainly need to provide them with some personal details, even if you want to ask a simple question. You should be able to request that these details are not used for marketing purposes though, meaning that they won’t write to you, call you or email you with special offers and new deals.

Contacting EE About an Upgrade

If you are an existing EE mobile phone customer, you might be thinking about getting an upgrade. For many EE customers, the chance to do this comes earlier than they might expect, as EE often allow customers to upgrade early, with no extra charge. You’ll often be notified of this via a text message, and you’ll simply have to ring EE customer services to negotiate your new deal.

When you do contact EE about an upgrade, you’ll need to ensure that you have all of your account details with you, otherwise the call could take rather a long time. Like those contacting EE for the first time, it is also a good idea to have in mind the kind of deal you want, so that the chances of the sales rep influencing you to spend more are lessened.

How to Make a Complaint About EE

Unfortunately, if you are an EE customer, you might have need to contact the EE complaints department from time to time. This could be due to a number of different reasons, ranging from a package that hasn’t arrived, through to poor service being given by one of their customer service representatives. If you need to contact EE about a complaint, you can expect them to offer a robust and reliable procedure – and you can also possibly expect to get a free gift as an apology.

Before calling the EE Complaints department, make sure you have all of the details laid out in front of you, as they’re likely to ask for as much information as possible when you call. This could mean that the call is a long one. Don’t worry about racking up big bills when you call using the EE contact number found on this site though, as we’ve made sure it’s a low cost number.

What to Expect from EE Technical Support

EE technical support is generally very good, and is able to provide practical advice and solutions for problems including slow internet and a lack of mobile service. Many problems can be remedied while on the phone to them, however sometimes there is nothing they can do, and you’ll have to send your device away to be repaired. This will undoubtedly be very annoying for you, however sometimes it is unavoidable. To protect against this, it is always a good idea to back up all your information onto another device. That way, you won’t lose all your contacts if your phone happens to have an unexpected malfunction.

Calling technical support can often lead to incredibly long phone calls, which in turn can lead to large phone bills. To prevent these, it is sometimes possible to request a callback from EE technical support, so they are paying for the cost of the call. If you can’t get a callback though, your bill still won’t be too high when you call EE using the low cost number found at Contact Number UK.

How to Report a Scam to EE

Regardless of whether you are an EE customer or not, you might get a message purporting to be from them (the message could also claim to be from Everything Everywhere, however this should be a red flag, as they no longer trade under that name). This message could come in the form of a text, email, or even a phone call. If you suspect that you have received a scam message from someone pretending to be from EE, you should call the real company as soon as possible, in order to verify if the call was genuine. Remember: you should never reply or open any message that you have suspicions about. If you need to verify a message received, you can use the EE contact number found on this site to do so.

Speak Directly to EE Support Helpline

If you need to contact EE about absolutely anything, make sure you call them via 0843 506 0361. Why spend ages waiting for someone to answer when you can be connected almost instantly?

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How Useful is EE’s Super-Fast 4G?

EE say that they offer the fastest 4G of any company, and this isn’t just an idle boast: they really do manage to provide faster speeds to their millions of customers, leaving companies like O2 and Vodafone trailing behind them. In fact, they can offer a massive 90 Mb/s to many of their customers, which is enough to satisfy the demands of 99% of the population. But what exactly are the benefits of having incredibly fast 4G? That’s exactly what this article will be explore, and by the end, you’ll realise that having super-fast EE 4G has many different advantages…

Of course, there’s only enough room for so much information in this article. This means that, should you need to find out any specific information on EE’s 4G speeds (or any other aspect of their services), you should call them straight away. You’ll find an EE contact number here at Contact Number UK, and it will get you through to the department you need to speak with. Why not call them today?

So, what are the benefits of having fast 4G from EE? Keep reading to find out…

Fantastic Music Streaming

There are many different music streaming services now available, such as Spotify and Deezer, and most of them offer a mobile app for avid music fans to use. What’s more, these apps will often integrate with your profile, giving you access to all your favourite bands, artists and songs. Those with slow 4G will have trouble listening to their music though, as streaming requires a reasonably good internet connection.

This won’t be a problem for those with EE 4G though, as it is more than capable of streaming songs without that annoying buffering we’re all familiar with. So, with EE, you can simply put in your headphones and listen to anything you want, almost anywhere in the UK.

Great for Gamers

It used to be that gamers were restricted to plying on their consoles or PCs, meaning that they were always connected to a good internet connection at home. Nowadays though, gaming has gone mobile. From MMORPGs through to strategy games, there’s something for every gamer to their teeth stuck into on mobile devices. Games do require a really good connection though, unless you want to keep missing your turn or enduring terrible graphics.

With EE’s 4G though, you’ll be able to download games from places such as the App Store in no time, wherever you are. You’ll then be able to play them with no hassles, whether you’re on the bus, in a café, or in the pub. Of course, different games have differing requirements though, so some will still work better than others.

Shop, Wherever You Are

4G from EE is fantastic if you want to shop when out and about. eBay users will love the way in which they can monitor their bids and ensure that they never miss out on an item; savvy shoppers will be able to compare prices when they are in a store, making sure they aren’t paying too much; and those after though-to-get items, such as festival tickets, will be able to pounce on them wherever they are.

It should be remembered that many stores, such as Amazon, also offer their own app for mobile users to use. These are specially designed to further enhance the mobile shopping experience, and are usually free. Why not head to Google Play or the App Store right now and download an app for your favourite store?

Catch Up on TV

There’s no need to be sitting in your home any more if you want to catch up on your favourite TV programmes. Channels such as the BBC and ITV have their own apps you can use, which allow programmes to be streamed from anywhere, while Sky also has its own service, called Sky Go, which is available to all of its subscribers.

Back in the days of slow mobile broadband, it used to be the case that watching a TV programme on a mobile device meant loads of waiting, with the steam often needing to buffer at the most annoying time. This won’t happen with EE’s 4G though. What’s more, fast 4G will also allow you to download programmes to your device, so that you can watch them later.

So, there are clearly loads of great reasons for having super-fast 4G from EE. Now all you need to do is contact EE today, and discuss the different mobile contracts they could offer you.