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Do you need to contact DVLA Car Tax department, but really don’t have the time to wait around for hours in a long queue? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll usually have to do, even if you just need to ask them a simple question. But when you use the DVLA Cat tax contact number found at Contact Number UK, you’ll get through to a DVLA Car Tax customer service representative in seconds. So, you’ll be able to spend your day doing something useful, and not simply waiting by the phone for the DVLA to finally pick up your call.

Don’t worry if you think that calling 0843 506 0362 from Contact Number UK is going to cost you loads of money though, as it isn’t. The reason for this is simple: all 0843 numbers are low cost, unlike some of the other types of numbers businesses try to get you to use. There are no other catches either – we simply want to help you get through to the DVLA as quickly as possible, because we know exactly how annoying it is waiting in line for ages.

But how do you use the number at Contact Number UK? Well, it’s insanely easy. Just tap the number into your phone and start your call. Even if you don’t plan on contacting DVLA car tax anytime soon, why not take down the number anyway, just in case you have to ring them in the future? After all, you never know when you are going to need to call them next.

About DVLA

The DVLA Car Tax department, as you might have guessed, is part of the DVLA, which is based in Swansea. They deal with the taxation of all cars, and the vast majority of cars need to have tax in order to legally drive them on the road. They used to issue a tax disc to everyone purchasing car tax, however this isn’t the case anymore, as car tax records are now only held online.

Before you try to purchase your car tax, you must ensure that you have a valid MOT certificate, unless your car is under three years old. You might also need to have a valid reduced pollution certificate, although this isn’t as common. Those from Northern Ireland will also need to have an insurance certificate. When you call DVLA Car Tax, make sure you have these near to you, just in case you need to refer to them.

Call DVLA Direct

Should you call them?

There are many reasons to call 0843 506 0362, and they will, of course, all revolve around your car tax (or the car tax of someone else). It doesn’t matter what you are calling about though – you’ll still join the same long queue as everyone else, unless you use the number found here at Contact Number UK. The main reason why the queues are so long is simply down to the fact that they don’t have enough customer service advisors to cope with the huge volume of calls they receive all day, every day.

Of course, there are some more common reasons for ringing DVLA Car Tax, as you might expect. Some of these more common reasons include:

  •         Purchasing car tax
  •         Responding to a letter you’ve received
  •         Getting a SORN notice for your car
  •         Querying the price you are paying for car tax
  •         Cancelling your car tax payments

If you need to do any of the above things, or perhaps you need to contact DVLA Car Tax for a completely different reason, make sure you ring them using 0843 506 0362. It’s a low cost number, and it will get you through to their customer service team in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Contact Number UK, there’s no need to wait in queues ever again!

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

If you need to contact DVLA Car Tax, don’t delay, as not having valid car tax could be an extremely costly mistake. Call them straight away by ringing 0843 506 0362 and getting straight through to a customer service advisor, and don’t pay huge call charges for the privilege. That’s how Contact Number UK can help you save time and money!


Call Centre Opening Hours

DVLA Car Tax is open for phone calls between the hours of 8am and 7pm from Monday through to Friday. Those calling on a Saturday will need to do so between 8am and 2pm, while they are shut all day on Sundays. The quietest time to call is around midday, when many people are at work. It doesn’t matter what time you call when you use 0843 506 0362 though, as you’ll always get through to them instantly.

How to contact DVLA Car Tax

The DVLA CAR Tax department can also by contacting via email and post, however both of these won’t lead to very quick replies at all. Therefore, it is far better to phone them, especially if you have an urgent issue that needs addressing. There is no live chat available on the DVLA Car Tax website, meaning that phoning is the only way to get an instant answer.

What can this company help with?

You should contact DVLA Car Tax when you have any queries at all about car tax. After all, it is better to be completely confident that your car is taxed properly, rather than find out when the police pull you over one day. You should also contact DVLA Car Tax if you are taking your car off the road, so that you can obtain a SORN notice.

Speak Directly to DVLA Car Tax Support Helpline

So, if you need to contact DVLA Car Tax for any reason, call them today using 0843 506 0362. It’s a cheap way to call, plus you won’t have to spend ages waiting for them to answer!

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A Basic Guide to Car Tax

Car tax: it is something that nearly every driver in the UK will have bought before, however it is also something that is occasionally shrouded in mystery. After all, how many people actually know what their car tax is spent on? And how many people understand how the authorities know when you don’t have car tax? This article aims to lift the lid on these questions, and provide answers to the most commonly asked questions people have about this tax. Even if you think you already know about car tax, why not keep on reading? You might learn something if you do…

Of course, not every question about car tax can be answered on this page, as there are absolutely loads of different ones you might have. Calling the DVLA Car Tax contact number will get you the answers you need though, and you can find a low cost number for them here at Contact Number UK. So, if you have any important questions, why not contact the DVLA today? If you don’t, keep on reading to learn more about car tax…

How Is Car Tax Obtained?

It is really easy to get tax for your car. You should be sent a reminder in the post that your car needs to have its taxation renewed, however many now use a rolling monthly payment, which continues indefinitely – meaning there’s no need to update it. To get car tax, you’ll need to have a valid MOT for your car, as well as proof of insurance. Cars under three years old are exempt from the MOT requirement though, as they don’t need them. Car tax can be bought online, over the phone, or by heading to your local Post Office.

How Much Does Car Tax Cost?

The answer to this varies from car to car, as the price of car insurance is calculated by looking at either its engine type, or the fuel type and CO2 emissions (depending on when the car was manufactured). There’s a handy tool on the government website which can be used to estimate the tax payable per year on a vehicle, and it is certainly a good idea to use it before purchasing a new car. After all, you really don’t want to get home before finding that your new car is in the highest tax bracket, do you?

How Do the DVLA Know When You Don’t Have Car Tax?

Many different stories abound about the ways in which the DVLA catch untaxed drivers, however the world of espionage and high-tech spying is pretty far from the truth. Their main tool for finding untaxed drivers is their database, which will tell them whether a car has insurance. If it doesn’t they’ll want to see that a SORN notice has been applied to it, which tells them that the car is off the road and not being used. There are, of course, other ways to catch those with no tax as well, such as being pulled over by the police on a routine stop. The moral of the story is simple: if you have a car, make sure you have car tax, otherwise it will catch up with you in the end.

What is Car Tax Spent On?

This is actually an incredibly difficult question to answer. Way back in time (prior to 1937), there was something called Road Tax, and this was the olden-day equivalent to car tax. It was spent solely on the road infrastructure of the country, ensuring that there was a direct correlation between tax paid and improvements to the roads. This is not the case anymore though, much to the frustration of many drivers in the UK.

The reason so many are frustrated is simple: After 1937, the government abolished Road Tax and instead introduced Vehicle Excise Duty, which is the more official name for the modern day car tax. Vehicle Excise Duty is treated as a general tax, therefore it is bundled together with other taxes to form a huge pool of money, which is then spent on anything the government sees fit. This means that your car tax could be getting spent on road repairs, but it could also be being spent on a huge variety of other projects as well.

So, that should answer many of the questions you might have about car tax. Perhaps it’s a good idea to check right now if you have valid insurance for your car? If you are unsure, make sure you ring the DVLA straight away – using the contact number found here at Contact Number UK, of course.