Universal Credit Contact Number

0843 506 0387

If you are currently in receipt of jobseekers allowance and/or housing benefit, and you would like to know more about the new system that is slowly being introduced across the UK in stages, you can get in touch with Universal Credit officers to ask any questions that you have.

TV Licence Contact Number

0843 506 0378

If you are at all confused about licensing requirements in the United Kingdom, you can pick up the phone and ask TV License service agents to clarify the situation for you. They can also help you to make payments for any licence that you need once they have answered your questions.

Passport Office Contact Number

0843 506 0386

If you are having trouble filling out your application form or you are not sure whether it will be processed in time for your summer holiday, you can ring up the Passport Office support line and speak to a customer service agent about your concerns.

National Insurance Contact Number

0843 506 0375

The best way to find out how much your N.I. contributions are likely to be in the next financial year is to ask National Insurance officers directly. You can get in touch with National Insurance agents by calling their helpline between 8am and 5pm on weekdays.

DWP Contact Number

0843 506 0383

With the DWP customer service number, you can get through to departments dealing with payment issues, service standards, and eligibility for benefits, among others. If you have a pension problem that you need to solve urgently, ring up the DWP today and ask to speak a member of their customer service team.