Budgeting Loan Contact Number

0843 506 0371

Use this Budgeting Loan Contact Number to speak to a member of the helpful team at Jobcentre Plus. You can apply for a Budgeting Loan if you meet certain criteria, and it can be used to pay for essentials such as clothing, food and furniture. Get in touch today.

Social Fund Contact Number

0843 506 0409

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for a budgeting loan, help with funeral expenses, cold weather payments, or some other form of emergency assistance, you can ask the Social Fund directly by calling their support number during business hours. Don’t delay your call if it really is an emergency.

DLA Contact Number

0843 506 0388

Call DLA officials today to sort out your payment issues, to update your personal information held on file, or to request further information about the Disability Living Allowance in the United Kingdom. Lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, but are closed over the weekend.

Income Support Contact Number

0843 506 0393

The best way to sort out any issues you have with your benefits is for you to ring up Income Support and speak to a member of their team personally. You can ask Income Support service agents any questions you may have about your eligibility or the amount you are currently receiving.

Tax Rebate Contact Number

0843 506 0400

The simplest way to discover when the taxman is going to refund an overpayment is to pick up the phone and speak to the Tax Rebate team during regular office hours. They should be able to tell you how much you are owed and when you can expect to receive your rebate.