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The Child Support Agency (usually shortened to the CSA) is a government department concerned with ensuring that separated couples both contribute fairly towards their children’s upbringing. With divorces and separations now commonplace in the UK, it means that this department is contacted incredibly regularly, by parents up and down the country eager to ask questions, take action, or complain about the service they’ve received. Because of the demand for their services, it means that the CSA contact number can often become extremely busy, leading to some callers having to wait in a short queue.

The main reason why it takes parents a while to call the CSA though is simple: they aren’t able to find the CSA contact number anywhere. This problem is now solved though, as you’ll find a contact number for the CSA right here at Contact Number UK, meaning that there will be no more searching the internet to find it. We’ve also made the CSA contact number on this site is low cost, so you won’t run up massive bills when you have to call them. After all, a call to the CSA can be stressful enough, so you don’t want to be worrying about call costs as well. So, why not call them right now, using the number on this site?

If you are going to call the CSA using our number, it really couldn’t be any simpler. There are no tricks or requirements of you – you simply tap the number into your phone and begin the call. You’ll then be through to the CSA, and you’ll be able to choose where you want your call directed. Don’t forget that we also have low cost numbers for many other important organizations as well, such as Job Centre Plus, DLA and Universal Credit, so why not save them to your phone as well? After all, you never know when you might need them.

About CSA

As already explained, the CSA is the department that ensures both parents pay a fair amount towards the upbringing of their child or children. Of course, not everyone has to contact them, as the parents are able to agree to a child support amount amicably. Should this happen, the parents will have made a “family-based arrangement.” Unfortunately though, parents don’t always agree when it comes to their financial obligations, which is where the CSA comes in. They look at the finances of both parties and make a decision regarding child support payments, which is legally binding.

The CSA isn’t just there to settle payment amounts though, as they also have a huge number of other responsibilities as well. Some of the other responsibilities they have are: locating parents to obtain payments, sorted out disagreements regarding the parentage of a child, acting as an intermediary for payments, reassessing payment amounts regularly, and taking action should a parent fail to pay the agreed amount. When it comes to them acting as an intermediary, parents should be aware that they charge a fee for this service.

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Should you call them?

There are absolutely loads of reasons why you might want to call the CSA, and every single person calling has different circumstances and needs. Nearly all of the calls received by the CSA are incredibly important though, and will directly impact not only the parents, but their children as well. This is why anyone with a concern about child maintenance should contact the CSA as soon as possible, as waiting could only make any problems worse. If you need to call them today, you’ll find the CSA contact number listed at the top of this page.

While everyone has different reasons for calling the CSA, they can be broken down into more general reasons. Some of these include:

  •         Asking for mediation in agreeing a fee
  •         Disputing an agreed payment amount
  •         Reporting that a payment hasn’t been received
  •         Questioning the parentage of a child
  •         Complaining about the service provided by the CSA

Whatever you reason is for calling though, you’ll be able to get through to the people that you need to speak with by calling the number found here at Contact Number UK. What’s more, the number is low cost, so you won’t run up huge bills when you call this organization. So, don’t wait until tomorrow: call the CSA now and speak to a member of the CSA customer service team.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

So, if you have any issues or concerns about child maintenance, you should contact the CSA today. You’ll find the number at the top of this page, which will get you through to the person you need to speak with in a matter of minutes.



CSA Call Centre Opening Hours

The CSA Helpline has reasonably long opening hours, so parents should be able to contact the CSA at a time convenient to them. They are open from between 8am and 8pm from Monday through to Friday, while they can be contacted on a Saturday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. They are not open on a Sunday though.

How to speak to CSA

Aside from phoning, the only other ways to contact the CSA are by emailing them or sending them a letter. Of course, both of these methods will cause you to have to wait for a response though, which is clearly not ideal when you have an urgent problem to address. This means that phoning is the best choice for most people looking to contact the CSA.

What can this company help with?

You should phone the CSA whenever you have any concerns about child maintenance, particularly if you feel that you are not being paid enough, or if your ex-partner has not made their payments. When it comes to something as important as child maintenance, there is no bad reason to call the CSA though.

Speak Directly to CSA Support Helpline

Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and call the CSA right now. Remember that our number is a low cost number, and it will get you through to the department you need.

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A Guide to the Child Support Agency (CSA)

The Child Support Agency (CSA) is a government organisation concerned with ensuring that each parent pays their fair share of money towards the upbringing of a child. This clearly means that it plays an incredibly important role in society, as without it hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of single parents would have to bear the burden of paying for their child’s upbringing alone, which would have an adverse effect on the child’s quality of life. While most people know the basic facts about the CSA, most don’t fully understand what it is, or how to use it though, which is where this guide steps in. It will let you know what the CSA is used for and, perhaps more importantly, how you can get the process started.

Of course, this page can’t answer every question you might have about the CSA though, as some of your questions will undoubtedly be personal to your own circumstances. In this situation, you should call the CSA as soon as you can and speak to one of their friendly customer service team members. You’ll find a useful CSA contact number here at Contact Number UK, and you won’t need to pay loads of money to use it, as it’s a low cost number. So, why not save the number to your phone today?

An Overview of the CSA

The CSA is primarily designed to assist when separated parents are unable to agree on the amount of money that one should pay to the other. Most parents who have separated do not need to use the CSA though, as they are able to agree on a figure that is acceptable to both parties. Once the CSA has made a decision on the amount of child maintenance that should be paid, it is legally binding. This means that a parent who fails to make payments is liable for arrest and prosecution.

The CSA does provide some other important roles as well though, and these include:

  •         Locating a parent
  •         Sorting disputes over parenthood
  •         Acting as an intermediary for payments
  •         Reviewing the payment amounts each year, taking into accounts changes of circumstances
  •         Taking action when a parent fails to meet their obligations

It should be noted that the CSA charge some fees for their services, including an application fee. They also levy charges on those they’ve had to take enforcement action against, and charges also apply for parents who choose to use the Collect and Pay service, which is when the CSA acts as an intermediary. Most of these charges are quite low though.

Who Can Apply for Child Maintenance?

Any single parent with a child under the age of 16 is allowed to approach the CSA and request that their ex-partner pays Child Maintenance. Legal guardians are also able to request assistance from the CSA, and parents who don’t live with a child can contact the CSA to request assistance in agreeing a satisfactory amount.

There are a couple of situations when a parent can use the CSA when they have a child over the age of 16. These are if the child is under 20 and still in full-time education (up to A-Level standard), and when a child under 20 lives at home who is registered for Child Benefit.

How to Apply

The way in which Child Maintenance is applied for has changed recently, and new applicants must now contact the Child Maintenance Service. Those with an existing case can continue to use the CSA as their point of contact though. Applying to the Child Maintenance Service costs £20, and you will need to provide them with a number of details, including your National Insurance number and the name of the other parent.

Because so many details are required, it is best to call them and speak with a member of their team – emailing or writing a letter could simply lead to endless back-and-forth correspondence, which will delay the entire process. Once you have provided all of the relevant details, the person you are speaking to will be able to advise you on what the next course of action will be, and what to expect when it happens. Don’t forget to ask them any questions you might have as well, so that you fully understand the system.

So, that should be enough information to get you started with the CSA. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is this though: if you think you need to contact the CSA, do so as soon as you can. After all, waiting will only cause your current situation to go on even longer.