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BT is an institution in the UK, dominating the home phone market and also having their fingers in many other pies as well. Their huge range of services, as well as their massive customer base, ensures that they receive thousands of calls every day from potential and existing customers. On the whole they handle these calls very well, however most can expect a small wait before their call is answered by a customer service representative. Of course, calling the BT contact number at off-peak times greatly reduces the likelihood of having to wait.

If you are looking to contact BT straight away, you’ll find their phone number right here at Contact Number UK. This means that you won’t have to go searching through their site in order to find the correct number to call, as our number will get you wherever you need to go. What’s more, it is a low cost number, so you won’t have to pay massive amounts of money for the privilege of speaking to a BT customer service advisor. Even if you aren’t planning on contacting BT soon, why not jot the number down anyway or save it to your telephone, so you can easily find it in the future?

If you’re shopping around for deals and also need to contact other companies in the same industry, you’ll also find their numbers here at Contact Number UK. These include contact numbers for Sky, EE, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and O2. Why not visit their pages and note down their numbers as well, so you don’t have to spend ages trawling through their websites in search of them? All number are low cost, and will get you through to the department you need with the minimum amount of fuss.

About BT

BT is a huge telecommunications organization, employing over 88,000 people throughout the world and headquartered in the famous BT Tower in London. Founded in 1969, it has risen to become a company central to the infrastructure of the UK, and offers not only landlines to their customers, but also broadband and a TV service. The company also has a subsidiary called Openreach, which has responsibility for telecommunication network delivering phone, broadband and cable TV to people’s homes. So, even if you have a contract with another company, you might still find Openreach knocking at your door to help with the installation.

When it comes to BT customer service, they have just started a massive push to bring their customer service back to the UK. This means that 80% of their calls are now answered by advisors in the UK, with the other 20% being outsourced to India. This switch to UK- based call centres came after BT was judged to have one of the worst customer service departments in the industry by the regulator Ofcom. Hopefully you’ll benefit from this increased spending on customer service when you next call the helpline.

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Should you call them?

There are loads of different reasons why you might want to call BT. In fact, of all the different companies in the UK, they probably receive one of the highest volumes of calls, thanks to the way in which they impact on most people’s lives. Of course, different calls have different levels of severity though, ranging from simple inquiries through to a company’s vital broadband connection going down. Regardless of the reason for your call though, from the mundane through to the emergencies, you should find that the BT customer service team deals with your call in a pretty good way.

While there are loads of reasons you might call BT, there are some that are slightly more common than others. These reasons for calling BT include:

  •         Querying a bill that’s been received
  •         Paying an outstanding bill
  •         Discussing the different deals they have
  •         Leaving them for another company
  •         Making a complaint about their service

It doesn’t matter the reason why you need to ring BT though, as the number found here at Contact Number UK will get you wherever you need to go. As already mentioned, it is also a low cost number, so you won’t run up large bills while you wait in line to speak with a BT customer service representative.

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

All that’s left to do is for you to type in the number into your phone and make the call to BT. Whether you need to pay a bill, get a new contract or make a complaint, it’s best to make the call as soon as possible, so you can concentrate on more important things in life.


Call Centre Opening Hours

If you want to contact BT on a weekday, you’ll need to call them between the hours of 8am and 9pm. For those calling on a Saturday, the opening hours are between 8am and 8pm, while those calling on a Sunday need to do so between 9am and 6pm. Weekends are generally the busiest times to call, while the quietest is usually early in the morning on a weekday.

How to contact BT

When you head to their website, BT tries to encourage you to use their online FAQs first, before making a call. The problem is this though: they don’t provide specific answers to your questions, just generic ones. That’s why it is better to phone them, as you’ll be able to tell the advisor your exact issues and get a response tailored to you.

What can this company help with?

You should phone BT whenever you have reason to be concerned about any aspect of their service, from a low broadband speed through to an incorrect bill. You should also regularly phone them in a bid to renegotiate your contract, plus you should also call before signing up with them – signing up via phone can often lead to better deals.

Why Are The Customer Service Queues at BT So Long?

BT is a company of enormous reach and scope. Over the years they’ve not only expanded their native businesses, but they’ve acquired a slew of competitors as well. The unfortunate truth is that when BT acquire another company they also acquire that company’s problems, but that doesn’t mean they hire extra customer support advisers. The result of having a bigger company with a proportionally smaller customer service department is that lines get jammed and people wait. And wait. To be fair if you’re able to get through to a BT rep they do a pretty good job handling your complaint or answering questions. But getting through today using their standard contact numbers is a more time consuming and frustrating experience than ever. That’s why you need to use 0843 506 0376.

The Speed of My Broadband Fluctuates. Can I Use This Number to Ask BT About That?

In the past BT broadband like just about every other broadband company around used a traffic management system on their broadband lines during peak hours. That meant that between the hours of say 4pm and 1am Monday thru Friday you probably experienced some fluctuations in your broadband speed. Today, BT is proud of the fact that they don’t engage in traffic management with any of their broadband services which means that if you’re experiencing a slowdown there must be something else going on. You’ll want to call 0843 506 0376 and ask to speak to someone in technical support. You’ll be put right through.

I Heard BT Has Bought EE. Does This Affect Who I Should Call?

In February of 2015 BT announced it would be acquiring EE. On January 15, 2016 the proposed merger received final approval from the government’s Competition and Markets Authority and the merger became a reality just weeks later. BT has stated that they intend to make EE a separate division in the now larger corporation, though exactly what shape that division will take remains to be seen. For the foreseeable future the BT customer relations setup is not scheduled to change meaning you can reach them with any questions or concerns by using 0843 506 0376.  

Will BT Technical Support Help With 4G Problems?

When BT bought EE they also bought EE’s problem child; their 4G service. When first launched the company admitted what it called “teething problems” with their 4G and many customers migrating from T-Mobile and Orange were frequently left in the lurch. While things have improved in the past year or so 4G still represents a bit of a headache for EE (and by extension BT) and a major generator of calls to BT customer services. If you need to speak with someone at BT customer support, call 0843 506 0376 and give them a general view of the 4G problem. They’ll be happy to transfer you to the right support people.

Do I Use This BT Contact Number if I Have a Problem With my Service Plan?

BT offer so many different service plans today it’s enough to make your head spin. It’s also enough to generate a lot of confusion amongst their customer base. If you have questions about your broadband, landline, Internet or TV service plans, you’ll want to call 0843 506 0376. You’ll do a side-step around the often outrageous queues that attend their widely published contact numbers and get through to a BT representative who can help you in a time efficient manner.

Is Contact Number UK an Affiliate of BT?

No. Contact Number UK is a private company with no affiliation with BT or BT customer care. The fact is we’re customers just like you and like you we’ve spent far too much time holding the line waiting for someone from a large corporation to listen to our complaints, address our problems or simply answer our questions. We decided to do something about it and started Contact Number UK to provide people with better, faster, more reliable ways to contact the companies that impact their lives. BT has nothing to do with our company in any way, either publicly or behind the scenes.

Do I Have to Become a Member of Contact Number UK?

Of course not. We provide our contact number for the BT helpline free of charge and with no obligation on your part. You need a contact number. You come to Contact Number UK. You get the number you need plus any other numbers you think you might need in the future. You go back about your busy day. No questionnaires to fill out. No email address required. No joining or subscribing to a newsletter or anything else. Just get your contact numbers and go. What could be simpler?

Will I be Slammed with Hidden Charges When I Use Your Contact Number?

Absolutely not. Whilst BT charges customers a pretty penny for the privilege of waiting in long queues to complain about poor products or services the number we provide you with (0843 506 0376) is an inexpensive, rapid access number. You’ll get through faster and pay less than if you took a spot in the queue with the thousands of others who call BT customer care at any given time and you’ll never be hit with hidden charges or secret fees.

Are There Other Ways to Get in Touch With BT Customer Services?

BT retains an active snail-mail centre so if you’re of a mind to do things the old fashioned way you can still write out a letter long hand and mail it in to them. Typically they’ll get back to you within 10 business days. If you’d like to try something just a tad quicker we would recommend you try their Live Chat option or try sending an email.  Regardless of how you decide to get in touch, you’ll want to make sure you include your phone number along with your account number. If you want to write to BT here are the addresses:

Residential Customers:

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

Business Customers:

BT Business Accounts

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

Speak Directly to BT Support Helpline

So, if you have any reason for needing to speak with a BT customer service advisor, isn’t it best to do it as soon as possible? Just tap in the number found here at Contact Number UK, and you should be speaking to a member of the BT team in just minutes.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and the Call Centre Blues

Whenever a large company expresses an interest in merging with or acquiring one of their competitors they tout how much more productive they’ll be, how they’ll create “economies of scale” and how they’ll put the expanded resources that will come under their control to work for you.

What they don’t say is that “you” means the shareholders, “economies of scale” means outsourcing and “increased productivity” means half the staff will be let go and the rest will be asked to do twice as much. Love it or hate it it’s the new normal and British Telecom – or BT as they’re known today – is not immune to the phenomenon.

Value Does Not Always Equal Convenience

Without a doubt, BT is not the only large corporation that has decided to make asking for help more difficult. Publicly traded companies are all about generating value for the shareholders and few things put a damper on value like an increase in costs related to customer service. In the past when competition ruled the marketplace companies needed to be responsive. Today, a few large companies have swallowed up the competition that used to keep them on their toes and as a result the need to be sterling corporate citizens has been, let’s say, de-incentivised.

Holding the Line: The Downside of Diversification

Back in the day mum or dad could have easily found a contact number and called British Telecom to discuss an issue or order some new service. Following BT’s privatisation, rapid expansion and acquisition of other companies however it moved the bulk of its call centre services offshore; particularly to India. Recently, after having their corporate wrist slapped by Ofcom for the poor quality of that offshore service BT has repatriated most of its call services to the UK; though getting through is still a challenge.

The following list of the BT Group’s subsidiaries gives you some indication as to why that is:

  • BT Global Services – Serves the telecoms needs of other multinational corporations.
  • BT Business – Serves the telecoms need of UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • BT Consumer – An umbrella company in its own right serving the communications needs of consumers. BT Consumer is subdivided into:
    • BT Total Broadband
    • BT TV
    • BT Wi-Fi
    • BT Infinity
    • BT Sport
    • BT Mobile
  • BT Wholesale – The subsidiary that oversees BT’s various networks.
  • Openreach – Openreach controls all the telephone cables and other infrastructure that connect consumers and businesses to the nationwide broadband and telephone network. BT’s Openreach is also tasked with ensuring competitors have equal access to this network.

And those are just the outward facing divisions of BT. BT also has several other divisions including R&D and Operations groups that design, test and build BTs vast communication networks.

How Contact Number UK Can Help

With so many enterprises now falling under the BT umbrella – and with some like Openreach generating their fair share of customer complaints – it can be tougher than ever to get any BT customer service rep on the line, never mind the right one with whom to air your complaint or request. And as if holding the line isn’t vexing enough you’ll likely be paying premium rates for the privilege of listening to recorded music over your phone.

At Contact Number UK we provide you a low cost, dependable alternative number to call that will get you through to BT with minimal delay at the lowest rate possible. No more hours spent sifting through website directories for the appropriate number. No more holding the line for extended periods of time only to be told your call is being redirected and having to hold the line again. We get you through. It’s as simple as that.

Mobile or Landline: Maximizing Your Savings

Anyone who’s ever bothered to compare costs will testify to the fact that calling from a landline is typically far less expensive than calling from a mobile phone. So using your landline to call BT on the 0843 number we provide makes sense no matter how you look at it. We understand that sometimes it’s just not possible. But if it is, we highly recommend you choose the landline route.

Mergers and acquisitions have helped drive costs down on a variety of products and services, including those offered by BT. However, they’ve also been responsible for the general decline in the quality of customer service for both businesses and individuals. Contact Number UK helps you bypass some of the most common and expensive customer service roadblocks and will have you reliving the days when service was a snap.