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Air BnB allows travellers to rent properties and rooms throughout the globe, from New York to Dubai, and from Delhi to Cape Town. Huge numbers of people use this site to book the accommodation for their next holiday or business trip, and its popularity is only growing each and every day. This popularity means that large numbers of people need to contact Air BnB, in order to speak with their customer service department. This could be for many different reasons, from booking a property through to making a complaint.

Finding the number to call when you want to contact Air BnB can be tough though, as you might spend some time looking for their contact number. This is no longer the case though, as we have a contact number for Air BnB at the top of this page. It won’t cost you loads of money to use this number either, as we’ve ensured it is a low cost number. What’s more, it will get you through to any department you need. So, if you need to contact Air BnB, why not give them a call today using the number here at Contact Number UK?

If you are heading away one holiday, you might also need to find numbers for a variety of different companies as well. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance we’ll have the contact number you need right here. These numbers include ones for Ryanair, EasyJet and National Express Coaches, so why not store them in your phone as well, just in case you need them at a later date?

About Air BnB

Air BnB is a pretty young company, having only been started in 2008. Since then though, it has managed to list accommodation in 191 countries of the world, and has helped over 60,000,000 people to find a place to stay. What’s more, it has over 2,000,000 listings on its site, so everyone should be able to find accommodation to suit their needs when they visit. Those using it for the first time will need to sign up before making a booking, however this is free and can be done via Facebook or Google if desired.

The company makes money by charging a small booking fee on top of the price quoted by the individual property or room owners. While most people using the Air BnB website have no reason to contact them, there are occasions when they will need to be called, and this is where we come in. By using the number found here at Contact Number UK, you’ll be able to get in touch with Air BnB in the easiest way possible, so you know that your accommodation arrangements will go smoothly.

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Should you call them?

There are many reasons why you might want to contact Air BnB, especially if you’ve just spent a lot of money on booking the accommodation for your next holiday or business trip. There’s good news though, as the Air BnB customer service is usually really good, so you should get a great response to any enquiry, question or complaint you might have. Of course, they are busy though, so you might need to wait in a short queue before your call is answer by a member of the Air BnB customer service team.

There are some more commonly seen reasons for contacting Air BnB though, and five of these common reasons are listed below…

  •         Making a booking
  •         Complaining about the service received
  •         Finding out information regarding an aspect of their site
  •         Querying a price that has been quoted
  •         Listing a property or room on their site

Whenever you call Air BnB though, you should make sure you use the number found here on Contact Number UK, as it is a low cost number, meaning you won’t have to pay loads of money to make contact. So, why not type in the number now and make the call to Air BnB?

Contact Number UK Have you Covered

Air BnB have really good customer service, so there’s no need to be concerned about giving them a call. Why not call them today and speak with one of their customer service team? When you do, you’ll be glad that you took the time.


Call Centre Opening Hours

Air BnB do not provide details regarding the opening times of their phone lines, however it is safe to assume that they are open during office hours. If you are going to phone, it is best to do so as early as possible, as this should allow you to beat the queues and not have to wait around for ages before your call is answered.

How to contact Air BnB

Air BnB try to make all visitors to their site find answers for themselves, by providing a huge FAQ section. Of course, this won’t give answers to more specific questions though. They also give people the chance to contact them via a form on their site, but this won’t lead to speedy answers – which is hardly helpful when you need a question answering as soon as possible.

What can this company help with?

While it is true that most of your communications will be with the vendor (i.e. the person letting the property or room), there are times when contacting Air BnB is important. You should absolutely contact them if there’s a problem with your booking though, and you should also call them if you don’t feel your overall experience was a good one.

Where Can Customers Stay?

There are many different places where accommodation is offered, as this is a company with a worldwide reach. From swanky guesthouses in New York through to basic accommodation in Mumbai, you’ll find absolutely everything you could possibly need at this site. There’s no confusion about prices or services, as they are all listed on the site, along with essential information about the accommodation’s location and surrounding attractions. To find out more, it’s easy to email one of the owners and request specific information.

Be aware that the more popular rooms on Air Bnb are snapped up really quickly, so it’s always a good idea to book a room well in advance of travelling. Most will accept reservations up to a year in advance, and the majority of reservations can be made without even needing to email the owner. If you need to alter a booking, it can be done directly via email, or alternatively you can give Air BnB a ring and do it over the phone.

Calling This Company for the First Time

Calling a company for the first time can be a slightly nerve-wracking experience, as you never know what the customer service will be like, and whether they’ll be willing to help you at all. Luckily though, the team at Air BnB are incredibly helpful, and will have all the answers you need to the most commonly asked questions. Remember this though: they are purely a company concerned with accommodation, so they won’t be able to help with any other travel-related issues, such as flights or visas.

The Air BnB contact number on this site will get you straight through to a customer representative, so you won’t need to worry about dialling the incorrect number when you need to chat with them. Remember that this is also a low cost number, so you won’t have to run up your phone bill just to have a chat with this company.

Are There Any Similar Companies?

Air BnB is one of the biggest names in the world of accommodation, thanks to the affordable rooms that they offer. There are some alternatives though, which you could certainly consider. At the top of the list is Expedia, which offers standard accommodation (i.e. hotels rooms) to its customers, plus you can also book flights and car hire when you use this site. Essentially, Expedia provides a much bigger range of services than Air BnB, but for a higher price. is also one of the biggest names in the industry, and they have risen to prominence thanks to their massive advertising campaigns. Like Expedia though, they are more of an online travel agent, meaning that everything can be booked on their site, or by giving them a ring. The accommodation is nowhere near as unique as the accommodation at Air BnB though, nor is it anywhere near as cheap. So, if it’s convenience you’re after, Expedia and fit the bill, but if you’re concerned about keeping prices low, it’s perhaps best to ring Air BnB.

How to Make a Complaint

Air BnB is an incredibly good company, and the customer service they provide is generally regarded as being some of the best in the business. There are times when you might need to make a complaint though, but there is one very important thing to remember: if there is a problem with your accommodation, you need to complain directly to the owner, and not to the site. You can do this by emailing, calling or writing to the property owner and expressing your disappointment, and then waiting to see how – and if – they reply.

Of course, if you are really dissatisfied with the service you’ve received though, or if you think that you are owed a refund, you can choose to phone Air BnB direct and speak to a manager. This will generally expedite any complaint you have, and get it resolved in the fastest possible time. The phone number we have for this company will get you through to them straightaway, and will therefore allow your complaint to be addressed without you having to wait for an email or postal reply. Just make sure you have all of your details handy when making a complaint over the phone, so you can easily refer to them when needed.

How to Book Accommodation with this Company

If you’ve booked accommodation online before, you’ll probably know the procedure. Well, you can throw all of that out the window when you use Air BnB, as they don’t operate like any other accommodation site out there. This is because they are simply a platform for individual homeowners to advertise their rooms, so when you want to book, you’ll need to contact these homeowners directly. This means that, for most people, there is never any need to speak with the actual site at all.

But how do you contact these accommodation owners? Well, firstly you’ll need to create an account on the site, which is completely free. You can then narrow down you search for accommodation to a specific area, before then looking through the options. Found one you like? Well, then it’s simply a case of emailing the owner or, in some cases, booking the room immediately. You can tell if you can book immediately by the presence of a lightning bolt next to the accommodation’s name.

How to Report a Scam to Air BnB

The vast majority of vendors on the site are completely honest, and will always honour any bookings you make. Of course, there is always a small minority that ruin it for everyone else though. If this happens, you should contact the complaints department at Air BnB and tell them exactly what has happened. They then have the power to refund you the money, by debiting it from the dishonest vendor’s account. They will then almost certainly ban the offending person from the site, so nobody else has to ring up to complain about them.

Speak Directly to Air BnB Support Helpline

Now all that is left is for you to pick up the phone, type in the phone number, and start speaking to the Air BnB customer service team. When you do call them though, don’t forget to use the number found here at Contact Number UK.

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How to Get Your Perfect Accommodation on Airbnb

Airbnb is fast becoming one of the most popular places online to book accommodation, offering everything from cosy rooms in Canada through to palatial apartments in Paris. What’s more, the prices of these rooms and homes is often much lower than you might expect, meaning that everyone is able to find a great place to stay, for a budget they can afford. As is often the case when a new way of doing things comes around though, some aren’t too sure about how exactly to use Airbnb – which is where this article comes in handy. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have all the information needed to go ahead and book the holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Should you run into any problems with the booking process at Airbnb, you’ll find that they have a really good customer service team. You’ll be able to contact them with any questions you might have about the whole booking process, and you can find the Airbnb contact number you need right here at Contact Number UK. Don’t worry about paying massive prices either, as we’ve ensured that the number is low cost.

Choose Your Location

Accommodation is important, but there’s no point booking a room in New York, when you really want to go to California. This means that you should first decide exactly where you want to go, before you look at the options for places to stay. Of course, accommodation costs should be factored in though, so there’s no harm in taking a look at prices before you choose your holiday destination. Just don’t book anything before you know you really want to visit though.

Head to Airbnb

Once you’ve decided on where to go (and, of course, checked there are available flights for your dates), you can head to Airbnb. Before looking around the different accommodation on offer though, it is a good idea to get signed up first. You can do so using your email, but most people choose the easier option of registering using either PayPal or Google. The whole process takes just moments, and you’ll then be able to make bookings with just one click.

Now that you’re a member, you can browse the different options open to you. On the homepage, simply type in where you want to go, along with the date range and how many people are travelling, and you’ll be shown all of the available accommodation in that area. You can then alter the types of accommodation and price range, which will provide you with a targeted view of accommodation that suits your needs. The map is a particularly nice feature, and allows you to see exactly where the accommodation is located in an area.

Individual Listings Explained

Seen some accommodation you like the look of? Before you book, you’ll first need to check through the listing and make sure it has everything you want. You’ll see all manner of information listed on the page, including safety features and cancellation terms, however perhaps the most important place to look is the review section. Here you’ll find impartial and honest reviews from those who have already stayed with the host, and you should read through them carefully. If the overall tone of the reviews is unfavourable, it might be worth finding somewhere else to stay. You might also find out some points that aren’t mentioned in the listing, which could sway your opinion.

It is also really important to check the pricing, which is found to the right of the listing. This is because you’ll then see the true price of the accommodation, including the fees charged by Airbnb (which vary from accommodation to accommodation, and are mainly influenced by price). Some accommodation also has other charges added, such as cleaning fees or taxation required by law.

Make Your Booking

Once you’ve done your checks, you can then go ahead and make your booking. There are two ways in which this can be done. Listings with a lightning bolt next to their name can be booked instantly, without having to speak with the owner, however those without lightning bolts require you to contact the owner of the property first, which can mean that they take longer to confirm.

So, you should be able to see that Airbnb really is an easy site to use, and it could allow you to sort your accommodation within minutes. Is it any wonder that so many people, regardless of where they’re heading to, are turning to this site for their accommodation nowadays?

Airbnb: What Is It, and How Is It Used?

You might have heard of Airbnb, perhaps through a friend, or perhaps due to a mention of it on TV or radio. It’s a site that is revolutionising the way in which accommodation is booked, as well as one that allows travellers to truly immerse themselves in a country to a level that suits them, from staying in a luxury penthouse, through to a budget room in someone’s home. This article aims to answer many of the more commonly asked questions about Airbnb, so you can then head off and book your dream holiday.

While Airbnb is a predominantly online service, there might be occasions when you need to call them. For example, you might be having problems with a host, or want to make a complaint about the service you’ve received. If this is the case, you’ll find an Airbnb contact number here at Contact Number UK, so you’ll have no need to hunt around the internet looking for one. If you’re planning on booking your accommodation via Airbnb, why not note down the number right now, just in case you need it in the future?

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a place where, in its most basic terms, you can book accommodation for your holiday. It is different from most sites though, as individual accommodation owners advertise their rooms, chalets and B&Bs there, and you won’t find many large, commercial hotel chains. This means that it’s the perfect place to find accommodation that is affordable, as well as accommodation that lets you experience the real city or country you’re visiting. Accommodation comes at all different price levels, and you can also see real reviews from people, telling you what they think about their experience.

How is Accommodation Booked?

When booking accommodation, Airbnb play no part – instead, you liaise directly with the owner of the accommodation. There are two ways to book, with the first being by sending a message through to the owner and waiting for them to reply and confirm your booking. The easier way is to book one of the rooms/chalets that has a lightning bolt next to the price. This lightning bolt means that you can book the accommodation immediately, without having to wait for the owner to get back to you.

Once you have booked, money will be taken for your account. The payments process is handled by Airbnb, and they will not give the money to the accommodation owner until two days before you are due to stay there. This means that, should you change your mind, you’ll have less trouble getting your money back (usually minus any deposit made). It should also be mentioned that Airbnb charge around 6-12% on-top of the reservation fee, with the percentage varying depending on price.

How Many Countries Are Covered?

If you’re planning a holiday, you’re almost certain to find Airbnb accommodation wherever you go. Of course, the more touristy hotspots have more accommodation, however you should still be able to find a selection of accommodation in pretty much every country. This means that, regardless of whether you’re travelling to Scotland through to the Seychelles, you’ll find accommodation that suits your needs.

Is Using Airbnb Safe?

This is perhaps the most important question many people have, and the answer is a categorical “yes.” Airbnb has strict standards when it comes to their listings, so you know that you are only going to get the very best from them, plus the user reviews will allow you to see whether other visitors have had any problems while staying at a particular listing. What’s more, Airbnb handle all transactions, so you can be sure that your money will be safe.

How Do I Add Accommodation to Airbnb?

If you have suitable accommodation that you’d like to rent, you might be wondering how to get it listed on Airbnb. All you need to do is head to Airbnb and create the listing for your accommodation, ensuring you fill in as much detail as possible. You will also need to give account details, so that you can get paid before your guests arrive. The Airbnb website has a large Help section for those thinking about listing their accommodation on the site, so it is well worth reading before you start to fill in your details.

That should answer most of the more commonly asked questions about Airbnb, and should therefore allow you to get started with your booking. If you do have any other questions though, make sure you contact Airbnb as soon as possible – using the contact number found here at Contact Number UK.

Letting Air BnB Know About Substandard Accommodation

Air BnB helps travellers all over the world to find inexpensive accommodation wherever they go. Most of the bookings that they facilitate, between guests and the owners of properties who are offering a B&B service, go very smoothly and there is no need for either party to get in touch with Air BnB after the stay has come to an end. However, there are certain circumstances when it may be necessary for you to call the company in person and report a problem. One of these circumstances is when the accommodation you are offered is clearly not up to standard.

Whether you wish to request a refund, arrange alternative accommodation, or simply let the company know that the host you stayed with is not making the required effort as far as hygiene and general standards are concerned, you can use the AirBnB contact number to speak to a member of their team about any of these issues. As a firm that relies on their reputation to ensure a continual flow of hosts and guests, they should act swiftly to resolve any problems that you encounter.

What Is the Likely Outcome of Your Complaint?

The likely outcome of any complaint that you make about the standard of accommodation offered by an Air BnB host will depend largely on when you actually make the complaint. If a refund is your main objective, you need to get in touch with the company within 24 hours of checking in to your room. If you just want to let them know about dangerous or unsanitary accommodation after the fact, timing is not so crucial.

Although it is a rapidly growing company with millions of satisfied customers across the globe, there are naturally going to be problems with some of the hosts in a network that has grown so large in such a short space of time. Air BnB basically operate a peer-to-peer service, matching hosts with guests, for which they charge a service fee, so the quality of the accommodation on offer can vary quite considerably from one city to another and, indeed, from one host to another in the same city. As they are not able to visit every single property that appears on their site, they rely on feedback from customers to prune the bad apples from their network. It is for this reason that it is important to let them know about substandard accommodation or hosts with bad attitudes, even if you are not interested in claiming a refund.

Do Local Regulations Count?

Hotels and guesthouses must abide by the rules and regulations of the countries and cities in which they are located. While Air BnB hosts may not feel they should be subject to the same scrutiny as establishments that are run by professional hospitality companies, there are certain standards to which they must adhere if they do not wish to run afoul of the law. Air BnB needs to know when local regulations are being broken because it can land them in trouble, as in 2014 when they were fined for breaching local tourism laws in Barcelona.

Cases such as the one mentioned above make headline news, partly because local hoteliers are very keen to discredit companies like Air BnB that represent stiff competition, but in reality, the vast majority of stays that are brokered by the online firm go without a hitch and do not involve any transgressions of local housing regulations or tourism laws. However, if you find this not to be the case when you stay with an Air BnB host, be sure to contact them and make them aware of the situation at the earliest possible opportunity.

Who Should You Speak to?

The best thing to do if you experience any problems with accommodation that has been arranged via Air BnB’s website is to call the main number linked to above and ask to speak to whoever deals with guest complaints. This will save you having to search through every page of their site looking for a particular number or extension to ring. As a company that relies on a positive global reputation to remain in business, you should expect them to take your complaint seriously and to follow it up without delay. If you wish to request a refund or alternative accommodation, you should of course mention this at the beginning of your call, so they can set the wheels in motion straight away. Be firm but calm, and you should get what you want.