About Us

About Us

We are Contact Number UK, and we aim to provide the most comprehensive selection of phone numbers around, for all manner of different businesses and organizations in the UK. We already have a massive selection of different numbers for you to find – complete with loads of information – however we’re always adding more. After all, if we don’t continually update our site, how can we claim to be the best contact number website around?

Who Are We?

Contact Number UK is a new site, as we’ve only been around since 2016. We’re based in the UK and all of our staff members know exactly what it’s like to have to search around for a company’s phone number, getting more and more frustrated throughout the process. That’s why we decide to start this site – so you, the customer, can speak directly to nearly any large company in the UK, with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

As consumers ourselves, we are constantly finding new companies to get frustrated with, and as soon as we find one, we add it to this site. Of course, if you find that there’s a company we’ve missed though, please contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll try to get the contact number for them on this site. If you need to contact us, our email address is info@contactnumberuk.net. You can also contact us with any other concerns or questions you might have.

Our Guarantees to You

When you use this site, we can make a number of guarantees to you, and it’s these guarantees that ensure we are the very best contact number website around. So, whether you are looking to contact Sky, Virgin Media, BT, HMRC or anyone else, you can always be sure that you are calling using the best number possible.

But what are these guarantees we can make to you? Well, you’ll find our three promises to you detailed below:

Convenience. Many different companies don’t want you to easily find their phone number, as they’d prefer you contact them via email instead. There’s no need to search high and low for a contact number anymore though, as you’ll be able to find the contact number you need right here at Contact Number UK.

Low Cost. You might think that we are going to have the highest priced numbers possible, however that certainly isn’t the case. This is because we’ve made sure that all of the numbers at Contact Number UK are low cost, so you won’t have to worry about your phone bill going up too much when you’re on the phone.

Effective. What exactly do we mean by “effective”? Well, we mean that you’ll be able to use the numbers found on this site to get through to pretty much any department you need to. So, whether you need customer service, technical support or the complaints department, you can get through using the company’s number found on this site.

Make Your Call Today

So, now all that remains is for you to take a look through the site and find the contact number you need. Once you’ve tapped it into your phone, you should be speaking to a member of their team in a matter of minutes.